e-Filing ITR Income tax returns online

2009 -10 ITR (Income Tax Returns) is now an easy job for any tax payer; Paying Tax perfectly is not just enough but it's simple and minimal thing from tax payer to submit his returns. Till last year it is only available for people who have earnings more than 40 Lacks but the year Income Tax India has given flexibility to all tax payers irrespective of their salary norms.

After receiving Form 16 from your employer; now there is no need to meet any consultant to file your returns. And you need not pay any special fees also. (Generally consultants used to charge 150 to 200 R/- to file this return previously).

Now the Govt. of India has given such a nice facility to all Tax payers to file their returns easily through online itself.

To file our returns online the process is just simple,

  • Open web site : www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  • Register yourself with your valid PAN number and create login and remember the password you entered. (Username will be just your PAN number itself)
  • In the home page of website find tab called "e-Filing A.Y.2009-10" Highlight this to see appropriate type of Tax payer. (Generally employees can choose "Indivisual,HUF").
  • Once you click on that option you can see 4 Kinds of ITR forms, choose the which is appropriate to you.(Generally If your earnings are only from your employer, "ITR-1 Excle utily" file is enough)
  • Now open the downloaded excel file after unzipping.
  • Try to map the fields that are visible in form 16 and ITR-1. Mostly the same names will be used in Form 16 as shown in ITR forms.
  • Fill all the details of your Total earnings, Total savings, Total Tax payable amount, Total tax paid and Balance Tax payable.
  • Try to give refunds amount incase if you have to get money from Income tax dept.(Incase if you paid extra tax). Mention Bank account details like MICR code and account number along with the refundable amount.
  • Mention your postal address, e-mail, PAN No clearly.
  • Mention the TAN number correctly by seeing from your Form 16 in the last tab of the excel sheet.
  • Once all the details are filled try validating all tabs of the excel file and Click on the Generate xml file.
  • Once the XML file is ready just login to the IT-India site and try to find tab called SUBMIT Return and select appropriate year.
  • Upload the XML file
  • Immediately an e-mail containing the receipt which is ITR-V of e-filing will be sent to your email address.
  • You can directly download the same from the same website and you can track the status as well.
  • Try to open the ITR-V which is in the form of PDF file. Password would be PAN number followed by Date of Birth EX : U'r PAN no is AJUPP5876T and your mentioned DOB is Aug 1 81 your password to open pdf file will be ajupp5876t01081981
  • Take the print of this receipt sign on it (applicable only for people who don’t have digital signature to append in the document) and send it to the address mentioned at the end of document through ordinary post.
  • Address is Income Tax Department, CPC, Post Bag No - 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore - 560100, Karnataka.

In case if we have a digital signature we will get digitally signed acknowledgement automatically which we can find in my accounts -> my returns. But for people who have sent it through normal post it may take some time to see acknowledgment in the accounts.

Don't you think it is easy process for a tax payer to file his returns online?

Note: While filling ITR-1 Excel utility you have to make macro priority to low to make all buttons like "validate" or "Generate XML" to work on that file. To do this Go to Tools -> Macro -> Security -> Security level; there select radio button LOW

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Airtel GPRS for ASUS,HTC, Pocket PC-Proxy settings

Best Pocket PC Free apps downloads 
I am totally frustrated with answers from Airtel customer care for my question-" How to use Internet on my ASUS P320 Pocket pc using Airtel Live ?"

But at last I got a solution to do so; now It is hassle free to configure and browse through internet on Pocket PC phones like ASUS or HTC using Airtel GPRS (Airtel Live) especially in India.

Here are the steps to configure settings to use internet in PDA browsers.

I tried it on Windows Mobile 6.1, and it worked like charm for me.
  • First Activate Airtel Live by sending the required SMS to 121
  • Assuming your airtel Live is now active for account.
  • Tap Start -> Settings.
  • Select Connections Tab and tap Connections.
  • Select Advanced Tab, tap Select Networks button to bring up Network Management.
  • Under "Programs that automatically connect to the Internet should connect using:" drop down, tap the New button.
  • In the General Tab, type the name of the settings as Airtel Live
  • Select Modem tab, tap New...
  • Type the name of connection as Airtel Live, select the modem as Cellular Line (GPRS) and tap Next.
  • Type Access Point Name as airtelfun.com and tap next.
  • Leave username, password and domain blank and tap finish.
  • Select Proxy Settings tab. Tap "This network connects to the Internet". This should enable the next check box option.
  • Tap "This network uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet".
  • Type the proxy server as: and then tap Advanced...
  • Tap HTTP, leave the server as and change the port to 8080
  • Similarly tap WAP, Secure WAP and Socks, type the server as but leave the port to defaults. These are optional settings.
  • Tap OK to close the Advanced proxy setup screen.
  • Tap OK to close the New connection screen.
  • The network management screen should now list the new connection you have created in the drop-down. Tap OK to close this screen
  • Tap OK to close the connection screen.

Here you go !! open your Internet explorer browser from programs and start browsing your favourite sites.
Vodafone(Hutch) users to use Vodafone Live on PDA phones can refer this link.
Reference :[1]
ASUS P320 Review 

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