Vellore golden temple, Kaanipakam

Next day we finished our break fast and had some photo session with newly married couple and proceeded towards Sri Kaanipakam via chittor.

Kanipaakam temple is so good. That time temple was under renovation, temple authorities totally failed to organize the pilgrims. They showed high affinity to VIPs. But I like the temple. The Lord Ganesh idol is in a well here. And it became a so trustful God for people. One of my friends in our crew has broken 101 coconuts here which was his desire since long time.

After this temple visit we moved towards Vellore, There after finishing heavy lunch we proceeded to Sripuram Golden Mahalakshmi Temple, Thirumalaikodi, Near Vellore, Tamilnadu. One should remind about Amritsar golden temple if he/she has seen that before while seeing this temple. This temple was built by Sri Sakthi Amma.

The best part of this temple is it is built inside the Sree chakra which is in Star shape. To visit the temple itself one should walk all through the star shape and has to enter into temple. While walking the star shaped corridor to enter to temple we will see many moral lines which will really raise our spirits. And the entrance look before the temple is almost like vaikunta entrance which generally we see in movies to showcase glory of Vaikunta. The temple looks so rich due to the fully covered gold plating. And the temple was surrounded by pond which makes our mind so fresh before entering the temple. As a whole I love this temple and those who can’t visit the Amritsar golden temple can visit this temple to get rejoice.

Once we finished this darshan we concluded our Pilgrimage and started towards Bangalore via Hosur. Reached Bangalore around at 9 PM. We got a nice welcome with cold breeze and nice sprinkles of rain.

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Vellore golden temple route map is below

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Gudimallam - Papanaidupeta, Kaala Hasti, Tirupathi

Three weeks back (I think it is on March 15th 2009) we have been to one village near Tirupathi to attend one of our colleague marriages. It was 4 of us including me started from Bangalore on March 13 09, night around at 11:30 PM to Thirupathi by Tata Indica cab. We reached Alipiri around at 4:15 AM on March 14th 09, with the help of a broker there we got the tickets easily with out standing in a big queue. We proceeded to up of the hill and quickly finished routine things. Two of us had their head shaved completely. Then we entered in queue as scheduled, at 8:20 AM. We had darshan very quickly around at 9 AM. We were very happy as every where God is with us and pushed us to front row till we come down. With out much pain itself we got enough extra laddos also.

Immediately we proceeded to Kalahasti from Alipiri. But on the way one of my friends proposed another temple called “Gudi mallam”. Gudimallam is a small village situated just 3 km east of Papanaidupeta, Chittoor District. It is seven miles away from Renigunta Railway Junction of considerable significance. Though a small village, historically it is very important, because it has a beautiful Siva Temple which is popularly known as "the Parasurameswara Temple." Gudimallam is just 30-km east of Tirupati.The main importance of the temple lies in the Linga which is housed in the Garbhagudi of the temple. This is supposed to be the earliest Linga discovered so far and it has been assigned to the 2nd or 1st century B.C.

The village contains ancient but beautiful temple of Parashurameshwara. This temple is said to have built by Pallavas. It has a remarkable lingam, which is 1.5m high, with a figure of Lord Shiva carved on its shaft. Inside the main enclosure there is a small temple, which has an attractive idol of 'Surya Deva'. The linga strcture and shape can be seen in the above image.

The name of the temple is mentioned as Parasurameswara Temple in the inscriptions. These inscriptions do not refer to the original builders of the temple. But they register the gifts made to the temple like land, money and cows for the conduct of daily worship in the temple.The Black and Redware sherds of the 2nd or 3rd century A.D. as been brought to light during the course of excavations conducted in 1973. Potsherds of the Andhra Satavahana period (Circa 1st century A,D. to 2nd century A.D.) and large sized bricks measuring 42+21+6 cms. Of the same period have also been found. Hence some historians assign the temple to the Satavahana period. GUDIMALLAM SIVA LINGA As for the political history and the name of the place there is no unanimity among the historians. In the temple there are several inscriptions on the walls of the shrine as well as on loose stone slabs located in the court yard of the temple belonging to the Pallava, Ganga Pallava, Bana and Chola periods. The earliest inscription belongs to the reign of Nandivarma pallava(802 A.D.).

All these inscriptions speak about the keen interest taken by the donors and their gifts to the Temple. But no where in the inscriptions there is mention about the name of the village as Gudimallam. The floor of the sanctum is at a low level compared to the floor level of the Antarala and Mukhamantapa. Secondly the figure of Siva carved on the linga resembles a vigorous hunter. These two names however are not mentioned in the inscriptions. The village is referred as Viprapita (Brahmana Agrahara) and Linga:—The Linga is carved out of hard indigenious stone of dark brown colour. It is about 5* in height and one foot in thickness. The nut of the linga is clearly differentiated from the shaft by a deep slanting groove cut near the Linga. A beautiful two handed image of Shiva in sthanaka posture is carved in high relief. On the front portion of the Linga the God is standing on the shoulders of the apasmarapurusha. The Deity holds a ram in his right hand and a small vessel in his left hand. There is a battle axe (Parasu) resting on his left shoulder. His head is adorned with Jatas arranged in the Jatabhara fashion. He wears a number of rings on the ears and a peculiar girdle with its central part hanging. Though the God wears a dhoti tied to his waist with a beautiful vastra-mekhala, the membram-virile lying down wards is clearly visible.He has no agnopavita. Some of the Copper coins obtained at Ujjaxn and belonging to the 3rd century of B.C. contain figures which resemble the Linga of Gudimallam. In the course of its conventionalisation and development, the Arghya was supposed to symbolise the female part and it was described, in many late texts of a tantric character. But originally in comparatively early times, the emblems of the male and the female deities were worshipped separately,, as the earliest specimens of the Phali and ring stone testify. The Gudimallam Shiva Linga or for that “matter the Shivalingas of the Pre-Gupta and the early Gupta periods did not show any real base in the shape of the latter characterisation of the arghya or pita. Even in latter representations of the emblem, the projecting section of the Pita really served the very useful purpose of draining off the water profusely poured on the top of the Shiva Linga to some distance from its base." This statement needs revision, for it is evident from the recent excavations conducted by the archaeological survey of India, South eastern Circle of Hyderabad, clearly revealed that Gudimallam Linga was originally provided with a pedestal.

After this we headed towards Kalahasti temple. This was really a wonderful temple too.It is famous for Rahu ketu pooja. People who have some curse with the rahu or kethu , they will come here to pray for Rahu and kethu. Here sarpa dosha nivarana pooja and Sani nivarana pooja will also be conducted. After this darshan we quickly headed towards the Pileru viallge. Sri kalahasti is sucha old temple with Devi and Shiva in one premises.

On the way we finished our fresh up things and reached the place by 6 PM. We crossed the A. Rangampet, Chittor Dist, where we can see big colleges on each side of the roads which is “Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Institutions” which is run by Dr. M.Mohan babu. As the marriage is next day we just spent all our time near the Kalyanamandapa just with chit-chat; all the non-sense. After eating many eatables and dinner we slept around at 1 AM.

(Cont ..) Vellore golden temple, Kaani pakam Click here 
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Who moved my cheese?? - Book review.

Who moved my confidence ??

Who moved my cheese book download
A Drive download link - Who moved my cheese?
Wonderful book!!! When I finished reading the book “Who moved my cheese?” the only question in my mind is “Who moved my confidence?”… I Was thinking strongly and deeply for an answer..sure I will find it soon .

First of all I should thank my colleague and friend – Mr.______ for suggesting me this nice book. Yesterday day we both were discussing about the drastic changes happening in our current project. Abrupt effects of recession-2009 in the market made many people laugh at themselves and sob in themselves. It’s not only a question to effected people but also to each individual tied to an organization. Is it the recession caused the abrupt changes in our organization?? Not only me, most of us know the recession effect on any organization is just 10 % but the prime reasons are some thing else. Prime reasons may be-“we are just not ready to accept change”. I feel recession is a change which we never think and now one should act according to it. But I surely admit myself one should be ready to accept CHANGE. That’s what we are seeing now.

May be this is my first review on a book! But I just want to share my feelings about this book rather than a mere review. This is really a nice book; that boosts our confidence and make us ready to run with the CHANGE. Author Spencer Jhonson has done great in selecting the character names as “Sniff”, “Scurry”, “Haw” and “Hem”. As the meanings of these character names itself speaks many things. And his way of representing Happiness with cheese is just wonderful. And the greatest part I like is – Spencor gave real picture of human psychology hence he has chosen Haw and hem as little people and sniff and scurry as mice. He presented his best about attitudes of humans and animals or small creatures in world. In the story mice characters and attitudes are better than little people. Once Haw realized the importance of accepting change in life he started learning lessons in his life just by laughing at himself. Haw character’s intention to help his friend Hem about the the lessons he learned when he is in troubles, and writing all those important quotes on the Maze walls is really interesting and makes us think about sharing things to neighbors.

Once Haw started exploring himself the narration of troubles and start accepting changes really inspires us. Unlike the other pure motivational kind of books this book is unique in his way with a little story lines it motivates any. When I started reading this book I felt its like a tale to kids but its more for Young and adults who really need motivation in the critical times.

When Haw found his old friends the way of hello and greetings make reader pleasant and reminds the value of friendship and hence Haw recollects his past time with hem. And the story ends after drafting the whole essence of Haw’s learning in life on a big cheese pie picture.As whole one should read to get motivated him to understand the need for CHANGE and how to move on with CHANGE. I feel “To make our life better we should move with change”

Last but not the least – The discussion between Rachel, Michel...Etc at some old student re union meet , pictures many facts in real life and their examples related to the characters remind us about our character mapping with the story characters. As Michel said in the story discussion “Some times we are not even aware that we are afraid”. So to get rid of this fact at least we should read this book to know the reality in the life.

And some of my favorite lines from the cheese pictures are as follows...
1. If you do not change... You can become extinct
2. When you stop being afraid you feel good.
3. Imaging yourself enjoying new life leads you to it.
4. Noticing small changes early helps adapt to the bigger changes that are to come
The story is so simple but there is so much philosophy involved in it. One need philosophy not only when he is in bad time but also when he need to grow with change. One will definitely relates his character and identifies himself in the cheese moved situations and how he adapted the changes. That’s the best part of this easy readable and small book.

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My quotes

In this post I would like to add the best quotes which comes from my heart and want to keep those in a best accessible place and hence placing here

Go on dreams ....
Do your best and leave the rest
I think, I got these lines in my mid some time very long back around year 2000. I think its my inspiration after reading "Bagavat geeta"[1] . After some years when I come across Abdul kalam's messages and his book "Wings of fire" I realized that almost my lines intenstion is same as of those.

To be master of life,not required to read Big books...
Just travel to great places...

This lines are in year 2009, After writing some travoluges I found my self a good learener. This is, all due to the best travels I had.

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bX-si9ejx bX-59z3vw Error blogspot uploading new template

Facing error like bX-si9ejx or bX-59z3vw ??? while uploading new template to your blogspot??

Is your telling some thing like this ??
We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

* Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
* Provide the following error code and additional information.

Solution for the above kind of problems is as follows

Solutions 1 :

If you get BX-error when you try to upload a template from my blog, so need to follow this --> Use Firefox browser --> from Menu --> Tools --> Clear Private Data there check Cache, Cooking and Offline Website Data --> Clear Private Data Now.

Solution 2 :

1. Download the template you want to upload

2. Get the XML file and open in a WordPad (right click --> Open With --> WordPad).

3. “Ctrl + F” and in the search box type widget id

4. In every widget line it will display something like this :
Example, if the widget says 1, erases it and place number 2 instead.
So you will have something like this now:

5. Do this to all widgets you find in you XML code. When you finish SAVE(Press CTRL+S)

6. Go to Blogger --> Layout --> HTML

7. Upload --> Preview / Save

Expected reasons for this kind of errors :

> Slow internet speed
> Browser cache is not cleared porperly.
>Small mistakes in HTML/XML code of our template.

Hope this helps us !! Happy blogging.

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Blogadda’s Spicy pick of the Saturday – Krishna’s page

Blogadda’s Spicy pick of the Saturday – Krishna’s page

Unexpected! But enthralled … Hard work never goes unrewarded.

“When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.”
I am glad that my post on google bots was selected as best technical post of the week by Blogadda team. While writing no body expects and imagines about the success and spread of it, it all happens in the quality of content we produce; hence it was the spicy pick of the Saturday.

“ order that a man may be happy, it is necessary that he should not only be capable of his work, but a good judge of his work.”
Thanks again to “Blogadda” for encouraging the unrecognized talents.

I promise to give more such interesting posts which help the internet users.

Thanks again for all my readers too…This is success not only mine but also my readers.

Refrence :

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Trains, jobs and news information on Gtalk - gtalk bots

I wondered to see the extent of gtalk bots coming these days - Now we are just a click away in searching Trains or in search of a suitable job for us. With the help of best portals in their profession it made possible and easy for us to use aswell. Thanks to Naukiri and cleartrip sites which made these bots available for us.
Gtalk bots are simple automated programs for doing some particular task, often over a network.
This Gtalk bots looks like just a email id which you need to add as a friend in your G-Talk messenger.
Once this id is added to our Gtalk id and visible as online we can directly chat in the chatwindow for this id. But the chat instructions are specific, we need to know lititle knoledge about these instructions. But always a proper help will be provided by these Gtalk- bots. a pivotal Job portal from Info Edge (India) Limited has announced it integration with Google Chat aka GTalk which enables one to search Jobs within GTalk or GMail chat. has launched this app called NaukriOnChat that lets you search and apply to jobs using Gtalk. This kind of Application comes handy when such kind of Job boards are banned in offices or most of the companies keeping tab on their employees resulting such sites to be blocked at workplaces. With this app one can search or even apply for jobs without having to visit the website.

Once logged in on your GTalk desktop app or within Gmail browser window one has to add to Gtalk friends list or chat friends of Gmail to get the NaukriOnChat get going.More info: type "Help" when u chat.

Online travel company has launched a new chat-based train search service that allows users to check train schedules and availability through basic internet chat, such as Google Talk. To use the service, one first needs to add as a friend in GTalk, after which the Cleartrip train search bot starts acting like an online advisor.

Tell your journey details like this: 'Chennai kanyakumari Mar 11 3A'

Output with in a second:
Searching for trains between Chennai and NAGERCOIL JN on 07 Mar class 3A
2633 - Kanyakumari exp Rs. 320, @ 17:30 [Waitlist 90]
6127 - Ms guruvayur ex Rs. 299, @ 07:50 [Waitlist 257]...

Similarly I found many more Gtalk bots in this link..
Here is the information from the above link
You can do lot of interesting stuff with Google Talk like get alert notifications, save bookmarks to delicious, manage web calendars, set reminders, write blogs, and so much more.

Such features can be easily integrated into Google Talk through ‘bots’ which, in simple English, are like virtual friends who are online 24×7 and will always respond with a smile to your questions or requests.

  • Add a transliteration bot to your friend list. There are 5 of them available currently: ( for Hindi, for Kannada, for Telugu, for Tamil and for Malayalam)
  • Start chatting with your friend.
  • Convert the chat session to a group chat and invite the particular bot (you added in step 1) to the group chat.

To get the lattest and hot news directly on your Gtalk add in your buddy list in Gtalk.
Send help as instant message and you can get the list of accepted keywords.
The keywords are like sports, ent and top. You receive news stories snippet along with link to the news story.
By using IBNlive Gtalk buddy you can also search for stories on, just send search “your query” (without quotes) as your message and you will receive links for your search related stories (for e.g. search Beijing Olympics )

Apart from these cool gtalk bots there still many more ...Here are the eleven most useful ‘bots’ that transform Google Talk into a more useful program:

1. - Add this IM Feeds bot as your Google Talk buddy and you’ll be able to read any blog or website that syndicates content via RSS feeds.

To subscribe to a website in GTalk, simply send a new IM message that says "sub" where is the site address that you want to read inside Google Talk.

2. - This secret bot lets you post to FriendFeed from Google Talk. You may submit either hyperlinks or text messages.

3. - This imified bot turns Google Talk into a real powerhouse.

You can post bookmarks to delicious, send messages to Twitter, submit blog entries to WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger, manage events in Google Calendar, shorten long URLs, run whois and so on.

4. - Like IM Feeds, iNezha bot helps you read feeds inside Google Talk but this is slightly more versatile. For instance, you can simply say "digg" and it will show a list of all feeds that match that search term so you don’t have to type (or copy-paste) feed addresses.

5. Translation - This is a free service from Google that helps you translate words from a foreign language into your native language. Just add the relevant bot (e.g. for Hindi to English or for English to Hindi) as your buddy, send him a message and it will get translated instantly.

6. Use Google Talk with Twitter - Invite to become your friend in Google Talk and verify your account. Now whenever you IM this new friend, the message will automatically publish on your twitter account.

7. Set Task Reminders - If you need to remember something important, Google Talk can send you reminders for that event.

Just add timer to your Twitter friend’s list and then add to your buddy list in Gtalk. Now if you want to get a reminder after 50 minutes, send a direct message to twitter like "d timer 50 pick kids from school" and a reminder will automatically pop up in your Google Talk after 50 minutes.

8. Transliteration - If you want to chat in your mother tongue (like Hindi or Tamil) but feel more comfortable using the English keyboard, Google Transliteration bot will come in handy.

For instance, add to you friend’s list in GTalk and all messages you type in English will get transliterated in the language of your choice. Available only for a few Indian languages.

9. Xpenser - With xpenser, you can record travel expenses via email, SMS or even Google talk. Add as your buddy and send a message like "lunch 33.2 with Bill Gates" and that will be added as an expense to your online spreadsheet that can be accessed from anywhere.

10. - Like Imified, is one of the most useful Google bots out there especially if you are a social networking or micro-blogging addict.

Add to Gtalk and you can communicate with twitter, jaiku, wordpress,, facebook, myspace, bebo, friendfeed, linkedin, tumblr, plaxo, friendster, delicious and more.

11. Meshly - Add as your friend and you’ll be able to post web link to your Meshly account via Google Talk. You can also add tags, categories and description to your hyperlink via Gtalk itself.

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మార్పు - నేర్పు

మార్పు - నేర్పు

ఎక్కడో అమెరికా లో ప్రజలు మార్పు కావాలి అంటే, భారతీయులంతా కూడా అదే కొరుకుంటారు అనుకునే అంత అమాయకులా మన నాయకులు ? నినాదాలు కాదు న్యాయమైన, నాణ్యమైన నడత కావాలి.ఒక్క రాజకీయ పార్టీ తో మార్పు వచ్చెస్తే ఈ స్వర్ణ - స్వతంత్ర భారతి ఎప్పుడో అభివ్రుద్ది చెందిన దేశాల సరసన ఉండేది.

మాకు మార్పు వద్దు !! కాని మెరుగు కావాలి, మెరుగైన సమాజం కావాలి, మెరుగైన నాయకులు కావాలి, మెరుగైన రాజ్యాంగం కావాలి .కేవలం "ప్రస్తుతానికి" మెరుగు చాలు "మార్పు" వద్దు. మెరుగే మార్పునిస్తుంది; మా ఆలొచనల లో మార్పు నిస్తుంది; మా నడత లో మార్పునిస్తుంది; మా జీవనం లో మార్పు నిస్తుంది; మా సమాజం లొనే మార్పుతెస్తుంది.

నాయకులంటె, నాన్న లాంటి వాళ్ళు. ఓక ఇంటి స్థితి - గతు లను తండ్రి ఎప్పటికప్పుడు ఎలా మెరుగుపరుస్తాడో; మన నాయకుడు కుడా తన సమాజమనే కుటుంబాన్ని, దాని స్థితి - గతు లను ఎప్పటికప్పుడు మెరుగు పరిస్తే చాలు. మార్పు ఒక్క ఎన్నికలతో రాదు. మనల్ని మనం మెరుగు పరుచుకుంటే అదే మార్పు !

"చెట్టూ మాదే - పుట్ట మాదే" .. "విత్తు వెసింది మా తాత, పుట్ట కట్టింది మా మామ" అంటూ కుటుంబ కీర్తి కి నిదర్శనాలు గా రాజకీయపార్టీలని మర్చెవాళ్ళు ఒక్కలు అయ్తే , ఫులి ని చుసి నక్క వాతలు పెట్టుకున్న చందాన అవగాహనా రాహిత్యం తో రాజకీయ రంగు ని పులుముకుంటు కుటుంబ సబ్యులందరికి అదే రంగులు అద్దుతూ "హొలీ" పండగ చెసుకునీ నయకులు కొందరు.

మార్ఫు దేని కోసం ? ప్రజల బ్రతుకుల లోనా, వారి జీవన శైలి లోన, వారి జీత బత్యా ల లోనా ,దెనిలో ..?
ఏ ఒక్క దానిలోను ఇన్నాళ్ళ లో, ఇన్నేళ్ళలో ఏ మాత్రం పెనుమార్పు చూడలేదు. ఇక చూడం కూడా. అందుకే మార్పు ఎందుకు ? మెరుగు చాలు !

కేవలం మన నాయకులు చెప్పే ఆ మార్పు ఎంటో తెల్సా ? అది కేవలం వాళ్ళ కి ఒక జల్సా !!
వాళ్ళకి కావల్సిన మార్పు - వాల్ల జీవన శైలి లో ఒక మార్పు, వారి స్థాయి లో ఒక మెట్టు అదిగమించటం, వాళ్ళ పరపథి పెంచుకొవటం.ఇవి కాక వాళ్ళు కోరుకునే మార్పు కి ప్రత్యేక ఆలోచన ఎమీ ఉండదు. ఉండి ఉంటే వాళ్ళు సమాజం పట్ల కలిగి ఉన్న భావలన్ని ఎందుకు వ్యక్తీకరించరు ?ఎందుకంటె వాళ్ళకి సమాజం లో అసమానతలంటే తెలీదు. "గంజి తెలుసు - బెంజి తెలుసు " అన్న మాటల గారడి లో అంతరార్దం సామన్యుడు గుర్తిస్తే వాల్లు చెప్పుకునే మార్పు ఎమిటో కుడా విదితం అవుతుంది.
ఎన్నికల కొసం ఎన్నికళ్ళతొనో ఎదురుచూస్తున్న ఓ సొదర సొదరీమను లారా (ఓటరు మహాశయులార !! ఎంట గౌరవం ఉంది ఆ పిలుపులో ??)
నేతలూ మీ మాటల లో నేర్పు అవసరం లేదు! ఆ నేర్పు మీ చేతల లో మార్పు తేవటానికి ఉపయొగించండి . అదే ఈ సమాజాన్ని మారుస్తుంది .  
ఇక నయిన మీరే ఆలోచించడి మనకి మార్పు కావాలా ?

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