Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !!!!

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 This week I am going to my home town after 4 months(aprox) ... I planned my vacation almost 3 months back. This vacation is planned in lieu of "Vinayaka chavithi" also called Ganesh chaturthi. I will be celebrating this "Ganesh Chaturthi" with all my family members unlike last two Ganseh Chaturthi festivals, as I celebrated the festival in my room itself along with my friends and they are really special and memorable to me. We used to prepare Jamoons in place of "Undrallu" and other delicious Andhra famous foods like "Pulihora", "Payasam" etc. Celebration includes pooja with pure devotion and delicious food prepared by ourselves followed by a movie. Ofcourse FUN will be always a part, when all friends are togather. Those are really a memorable days.
What is Gansh Chaturthi ?
Symobolism of Ganesh .

Here I want to share the Ganesha Pooja related things like "Ganesh chaturthi pooja procedure", Music and Ganesh wall papers.
Vinayaka Vrata Kalpam - Pooja Vidaanam - ** TELUGU **
Vinayaka Vrata Katha - PDF - *TELUGU*
Vinaya Pooja Viddanam *TELUGU* Download - doc file.
Pooja Vidaanam MP3 Download - Telugu
Ganesh chaturthi Pooja in Hindi
Ganesh Pooja in English-PDF
Song on Lord Ganesh
Beautiful Ganesh Wall Papers
Some more Wall Papers
Lord Ganesh Wallpapers
Some more Images
I wish all my Blog Visitors a prosperous and wonderful Vinayka chaturthi. I wish Lord Ganesh will shower his blessings into our life to make it more beautiful.
May your Homes be blessed with Prosperity and you and your family with Good Health and Happiness.

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Ovi.com ...for Nokia Users

Nokia users ...we are now ready with a itunes(for apple products) kinda website on Internet..
Its name is ovi. Try it here...
Ovi in a nutshell "Bring your Nokia device and PC together as one. Organise and share your content effortlessly between them with Nokia Ovi Suite."
Just create your own log in ovi site on internet and try adding your phone in your account.
Every thing will be guided easily to add your phone.Just sign in to ovi...and give a try.
After adding your phone do a sync on phone which asks you whether its a ovi sync.
Note : To do ovi sync your phone needs to be Internet enabled one.
Once your sync process is completed on your phone which readily enabled with Internet you are all set to go.
you can backup your phonebook, calender etc on Internet safely and privately in your account to access globally at any time. And if you ever lose your device, all your data will be backed up on Ovi. Its simply like a Nokia PC suite on Internet with your personal account.You can store your important files like photos and music to be always accesible here, online free music store and games(using N-Gage)
You can also do many more ...
Note : Now ovi is Beeta ... :(

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Socrates Triple Filter Test

In ancient Greece, Socrates was reputed to hold knowledge in high esteem.
One day an acquaintance met the great philosopher and said, "Socrates, do you know what I just heard about your friend?""Hold on a minute," Socrates replied. "Before telling me anything I'd like you to pass a little test.
It's called the Triple Filter Test.""Triple filter?" "
"That's right," Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say.
The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?" "No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it and...""All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's true or not.
Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?" "No, on the contrary...""So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, but you're not certain it's true.
You may still pass the test though, because there's one filter left:
the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?" "No, not really."
"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?"
Hope we all will implement Socrates Triple Filter Test in our life and see the positive results. Got this in a fwd mail ...Thanks for sharing

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Chiranjeevi's new Party name "PRAJAA RAJYAM"

Sri Padma Bhushan Dr. Megastar Chiranjeevi's new party name "PRAJAA RAJYAM" and its flag was announced by him in Tirupathi today. If media sources are true, more than 8 Lacs people has attended this meeting. The arrangements were done in Hi-Tec manner with a big screen arranged on the stage. His way of announcing the party name by counting numbers 5 to 1 is totally cinematic. Totally it’s like announcing his new movie name.

Parody: Movie name is ప్రజా రాజ్యం and tag line is ప్రేమే లక్ష్యం ... సేవే మార్గం”. The Movie theme song is also released on this Dias itself which came really wonderful. As told by Chiru we hope he is going to live in his debut into politics in his new movie sorry party.

The dialogues told by Chiru with so much emotion in the meeting to make peoples spirits high were well written. Some dialogues like " నాకు గంజి తెల్సు , బెంజ్ తెల్సు" and "తిరుపతి కొండ మీ అండ రెండు మెండు" and other were too good as like in his movies. Hope this film is a block buster at box office.

Late Sri.NTR and Sri chiranjeevi both are in arguably super stars in the Telugu film industry till now.As like Sri.NTR in 1983, Chiru has announced a new regional party after a long gap and so much hype created by his fans and media; the political conditions in 1983 were completely different from today, so people are eagerly waiting to see whether Chiru will become a Mega politician with his debut in politics, as like a Mega Star in the cinemas.

I don't know why? As like other politicians speech, even his speech is also just made peoples spirits high to expect more. Instead of explaining the strong solutions for the existing burning problems, he is having in his mind to immediately implement after coming to ruling; he just described what the problem is. To be frank I expected some Strong announcements like free education and Free Hospitals as like in abroad, but I am disappointed with his agenda related to this.

People are having diverse opinions that he can make the Government or at least he can break the Government. But we have to wait what is going to happen till the elections. I am glad about the analysis and research he has done so far to enter into politics, if this tempo continues in giving solace to people, he will surely become a mega politician and wins many hearts. His mission is to create a సంతోష ఆంధ్రప్రదేస్ is too good.
The people will grab nothing if he became a "MEGA POLITICIAN" as a State needs a "STATES MAN", but not a "MEGA POLITICIAN" for its growth and development.

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Important attributes in HTML 4 !!!

There are some important attributes in HTML 4 and are divided into
core attributes,
internationalization attributes,
and scripting events.
The ID attribute uniquely identifies an element within a document. No two elements can have the same ID value in a single document. The attribute's value must begin with a letter in the range A-Z or a-z and may be followed by letters (A-Za-z), digits (0-9), hyphens ("-"), underscores ("_"), colons (":"), and periods ("."). The value is case-sensitive.
The CLASS attribute specifies the element to be a member of one or more classes. Classes allow authors to define specific kinds of a given element. For example, an author could use when giving Java code and when giving Perl code.
Unlike with the ID attribute, any number of elements can share the same class. An element may also belong to multiple classes; the CLASS attribute value is a space-separated list of class names. The value is case-sensitive.
Note that some older browsers do not support multiple classes. Such browsers typically ignore a CLASS attribute that specifies multiple classes.
The CLASS attribute is particularly useful when combined with style sheets.
The STYLE attribute allows authors to specify style rules inline for a single occurrence of an element. An example follows:

A popular font for on-screen reading is Verdana.

When the STYLE attribute is used, a default style sheet language must be specified for the document by setting the Content-Style-Type HTTP header to the media type of the style sheet language. The previous example could use the following META element in the document's HEAD:

In most cases, use of the CLASS or ID attributes is a better choice than using STYLE since ID and CLASS can be selectively applied to different media and since they provide a separation of content and presentation that often simplifies maintenance.

The TITLE attribute provides a title for an element and is commonly implemented as a "tooltip" on visual browsers. The attribute is most useful with A, AREA, LINK, and IMG elements, where it provides a title for the linked or embedded resource.
TITLE is also helpful with the ABBR and ACRONYM elements to provide the long form of the abbreviation.

The LANG attribute specifies the language of an element's attribute values and its content, including all contained elements that do not specify their own LANG attribute. While the LANG attribute is not widely supported, its use may help search engines index a document by its language while allowing speech synthesizers to use language-dependent pronunciation rules. As well, visual browsers can use the language's proper quotation marks when rendering the Q element.

The attribute value is case-insensitive, and should be specified according to RFC 1766; examples include en for English, en-US for American English, and ja for Japanese. Whitespace is not allowed in the language code.

Use of the LANG attribute also allows authors to easily change the style of text depending on the language. For example, a bilingual document may have one language in italics if rendered visually or a different voice if rendered aurally.

A document's primary language may be set using the LANG attribute on the HTML element, or, alternatively, by using the Content-Language HTTP header.

The DIR attribute specifies the directionality of text--left-to-right (DIR=ltr, the default) or right-to-left (DIR=rtl). Characters in Unicode are assigned a directionality, left-to-right or right-to-left, to allow the text to be rendered properly. For example, while English characters are presented left-to-right, Hebrew characters are presented right-to-left.

Unicode defines a bidirectional algorithm that must be applied whenever a document contains right-to-left characters. While this algorithm usually gives the proper presentation, some situations leave directionally neutral text and require the DIR attribute to specify the base directionality.

Text is often directionally neutral when there are multiple embeddings of content with a different directionality. For example, an English sentence that contains a Hebrew phrase that contains an English quotation would require the DIR attribute to define the directionality of the Hebrew phrase. The Hebrew phrase, including the English quotation, should be contained within a SPAN element with DIR=rtl.
Common Scripting Events

A number of attributes that define client-side scripting events are common to most elements. The attribute value is a script--typically a function call or a few short statements--that is executed when the event occurs. The value may contain entities (e.g., ").

The following example features JavaScript code to handle two events of a submit button, giving the user a reminder in the status bar when the mouse moves over the button and clearing the status bar when the mouse moves away. Note that the attribute values are delimited by single quotes since double quotes are used within them.

When an event attribute is used, a default scripting language must be specified for the document by setting the Content-Script-Type HTTP header to the media type of the scripting language. The previous example could use the following META element in the document's HEAD:

The common event attributes are device-dependent and largely tailored for the graphical user interface. The available events are as follows:
* ONCLICK, when the mouse button is clicked on an element;
* ONDBLCLICK, when the mouse button is double-clicked on an element;
* ONMOUSEDOWN, when the mouse button is pressed over an element;
* ONMOUSEUP, when the mouse button is released over an element;
* ONMOUSEOVER, when the mouse is moved onto an element;
* ONMOUSEMOVE, when the mouse is moved while over an element;
* ONMOUSEOUT, when the mouse is moved away from an element;
* ONKEYPRESS, when a key is pressed and released over an element;
* ONKEYDOWN, when a key is pressed down over an element;
* ONKEYUP, when a key is released over an element.

Index of Attributes

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Office 2007 - .docx or .docm or .xlxs!!!!

Microsoft Word files that you are not able to open!! The Extension looks like .docx or .docm!!!!

Microsoft Excel files that you are not able to open!! The Extension looks like .xlxs!!!!

These are not corrupt files, rather files that were generated using Microsoft Office 2007 and most likely you would have Office 2003.

To open these Office 2007 files install the compatibility file - Microsoft_Office_compatibality_pack_for_2007, which can be downloaded from

Try this link to download...

Thanks to Santosh Raju for sharing this information...

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It was yesterday; when I was too busy involved in routine office work- I got a message request from my friend Vali asking Murali Krishna Varma’s phone number (Murali, Vali, Ramana and I are close friends and roommates in our Intermediate). As my phone got changed recently I did not expect the phone number in my phone book. But out of my curiosity I asked Vali the reason for his question. He told that it was Murali birthday that day. Immediately I came out of my work mood and started searching for his phone number to wish him at least that day, as it was a considerable gap between all of us after college. Actually around 9 months back we all planned to attend his marriage but not able to make a move. Hence I was curious to call him at least that day to wish him and make myself happy. I was lucky I think, I got his number and I did not even expected that the number is still active. But simply I tried reaching him, I was lucky again as, call connected and he is only using that number ...First I wished him and then he started telling about his life and his career... He told two good things, which made me happy - one is, He is going to become a proud father soon and another is, He started a software company named “PRAGAM”. Simply we chatted for some time discussing good and bad things happened till now in our lives. After the phone call simply my memories flew into college days ...I spent some time recollecting the fun we had in those days and almost all the incidents flashed in my mind ...College days are really happy days ...When I came out of that flashes I was in office sitting before my dumb Desky ..Then I agnized that we have grownup...
Immediately conveyed his phone number and his birthday details to other friends ...

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Yet another feather in India’s Cap...

Olympics 2008 ... The 2008 Summer Olympic Games, officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad which is being held in Beijing, People's Republic of China.
For every 4 years the Olympics happens, this year 204 Nations are being participated in this.
Coming to India progress in this
First is a gold medal - Abhinav Bindra won the gold medal in the Men's 10m Air Rifle in Beijing on August 11 with an incredible performance in the final. Bindra shot a total score of 700.5.
Second is a Bronze by Sushil Kumar in men's 60-66kg - Wrestling Freestyle.
Sushil kumar is only the second Indian wrestler after Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav to win an Olympic medal. Jadhav had won a bronze medal in the 1952 Olymic Games.
I don’t have much expectation though wrestling is one of the ancestry games of India .when I saw the news really felt happy .
Wrestlers made us proud taking us to renaissance.
Congrats to Sushil and Abhinav ...cheer up !!!!

Source :

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Installing XP in VM Ware Player for VISTA Laptops

The best solution to have XP on VISTA machines is, installing XP on a VM Ware Player.
What is VMwarePlayer ?

So the instructions are simple and easy to use ..to finish the installtion of XP on Vista laptops please follow the below instructions..

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My Natal day ...

This is my 24th birthday..
I am sure celebrations will continues for 10 more days. :)
but it went like this today ..
at 12:00 AM cake cutting ...arranged with magic candles.
Thanks to all my friends Surendra, Kishore, Chandu, Haranadh, Chaitu, Prasad, Pradeep kumar(PK), Subbu.
And Special thanks to S & S for comming all the way from Hyderabad.
And thanks for not giving Birthday bums with my request. As like last year there were
phone calls while cutting cake but felt so happy when I got the wishes from my friends.
In the early morning after head-bath visited my almighty Sai's Temple.
As planned already at 10 AM we have been to PVR to watch the film "Singh is King". Film added more fun to this celebrations. Overall it is comedy kinda movie. Movie is followed by Lunch at "Mushroom" to add strength to have more fun. Initially I have plan to visit "More than Parantas" but changed as we visited just yesterday on occasion of my dear suri birthday treat.All the day I did not get a chance to forget that, the day is my birthday. Its all due to many phone calls from my close ones, some of them are even form abroad . which made me feel more happy... Felt happy that they still remember my Bday.
Hmm after long phone calls with loved ones and dinner with my roomie completed this day .
And actually The fun came to an end when I published this post....around 12 PM.
Dreaming about more fun planned this month on account of this birthday ...Dreams never end...
Thanks to My Parents and all my friends.

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Joker!!!! why did you die?

JOKER, A haunting character in the “Dark knight” movie, it’s really a wonderful character created by the writer. Dark knight is a sequel of Batman. Hence before entering theater I had a feeling that it will be purely kid’s movie, who are always fond of superstitious characters like BAT MAN, SUPER MAN, and HE-MAN. But I too really enjoyed the movie with the presence of Joker character in the movie. Really the writer is such a creative guy, naming a Villain character by Joker. And his make up in the whole movie as joker was also well utilized. Actually I want to talk about his mannerism through out the movie, it is really fantabulous. He had some facial tics. His way of darting the tics on each side of his face make me stare close at him, to feel more fear. His laugh is simply creepy but I just mean to say He is “nuts” and it was awesome …
Batman’s car which becomes byk is one of the good scenes among action parts.
As a whole the story plot is good and sure, along with kids adults can also enjoy the movie.

My deep condolence to joker fans and this post is my tribute for joker.

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