Holy trip to Guruvayur, Chottanikara, Ayyappa Sabarimala - Part 2

Holy trek (with bare foot) -Sabarimala pilgrimage

Day 3(Saturday) - 20/12/2008 Cont...
After having darshan in three big Sivalayams we started journey to “Erumeli”. We reached erumeli around at 11:00 AM. The Sabarimala temple is in “Pathanamthitta” district of Kerala. Once we reached Erumeli our big vehicle is parked some where near the temple and by walk we reached Sri Darma Sasta temple. Our guru swami’s team spent some time to arrange colors and decorative to dress us like a tribal. Once all of us (Specially we are 18 kanni swamis) painted each other in colors holding tree stems to resemble tribal followed the Guide and Guru swami, dancing to the wild drum beats music and singing the song “Swami Thintana thom tom ..ayyappa tintana tom tom ..”. This kind of procession is called is “Pettai thullai” which we continued till “Vavar’s mosque” who is considered to be the friend of Lord Ayyappa swami according to legends. (In the very close proximity of Sree darma sastha temple this mosque is situated).

This is simple but most appealing ritual of the whole practice of this pilgrimage.

After praying to sree darma sastha and Vavar, we have taken bath in “Ajudha” river and then reached “Pettai Sastha” temple. After refueling ourselves with “Appam” and nice lemon water we proceeded to our lunch point where already required arrangements for Lunch were made by our Travel people. It was as usual and expected typical kerala style meals. I like the water served in the whole journey covered in kerala.

It looks light pink/red in color, with so many medicine values. After my inquiry with other pilgrims, I came to know that the water was totally medicated and safe as they boil the water by mixing special roots of some trees and other important healing contents like jeera and red pepper etc.

Then after quick lunch our bus started from Eerumeli to Pampa River.There are two ways to have this pilgrimage – one is called “Peda paadam” (This trek by Devotees will start their yatra either from Erumeli to Sabarimala (48 miles) by climbing hills (dense forest) on foot). The other way is reaching pampa by any source like bus and from Pampa to Sabarimala (7 kms) by foot.We preferred second one which is from Erumeli, reaching Pampa by bus and from Pampa to Sabarimala by foot which was almost effortless compared to “Peda paadam”.

Our bus started from Erumeli around at 1:15 PM to Pampa. With refueled bodies our souls encouraged to do Swami ayyppa chanting with more energy. Due to hill route bus was crawling all the way in bends with ups and downs while we were continuously singing all swami songs. All the way I was just dreaming about the river pampa as this is first time I am going to take bath in this. My dreams were inferring me that taking bath in the pleasant and beautiful Pampa River would wipe away all my sins and sick feelings. This rejuvenation I get with this bath will be incomparable with anything.

We reached Pampa around 2:30 PM, quickly entered in the pre-announced hotel during the travel. With the help of guru swami we kept all our “irumudis” in one clean place in that hotel and went to Pampa River to take bath. But when I saw the river I was totally stunned it was far away from my expectations with totally mud filled water and unpleasant environment with left clothes and mudra maalas. I was totally disappointed and afraid even to take bath in that. I just prayed swami ayyappa and had just three deep dips in the river and came out of it. Trying to forget that bath I dressed in Black lungi and towel to start the bare foot trek to sabarimala with a side bag on shoulders and “Irumudi” on head. With a loud “Saranu gosha” Guru Swami kept respective “Irumudis” on our heads and started our trek holding a coconut in one hand which was taken from side bag around at 3:30 PM. The first stop was at “Pampa ganapthi” temple, there we broken our coconuts in a single attempt and eagerly proceeded with enough energy. The onset of treck is energetic and full josh, as all our motto is to see the splendid God as early as possible. I was ready with arrow (decorated by guru swami while doing “Pettai thulli") in one hand by supporting other hand on “Irumudi” which was on my head.“
Before we started, the experienced elders had warned us not to take rest in between the steep climb because then We would have tough time and greater inertia to resume the climb.

I felt like this was an easy trek to finish compared to my old treks - If I am not bare foot. As some of the swamis are slow in their ascent I felt forming special group to proceed with all young and enthusiastic swamis and I did the same. With some guide lines from Guru Swami we moved further with greater ascent.

We have we visited “Sareankuthi ali”(It’s a tree) where we(Kanni swamis) dropped our arrows as told by Guru Swaami. During sojourns we had lime sodas and pineapple slices just to refuel ourselves. I was totally surprised by the services offered by temple authorities like serving medicated hot water all the way to temple in queues as well. They made all medical requirements accessible for pilgrims especially Oxygen cylinders like things will surely help pilgrims when facing any breathing problems. Due to genetic changes in the present generation many people including young also facing respiratory related problems in the hill regions like this. So the medical arrangements were really helping the pilgrims. And keeping the recent mayhem in Mumbai in mind government has arranged enough security forces in action. There were minimal delays in queuing pilgrims for darshan. With minimum sojourns we were able to reach main temple around at 7:30 PM.

We were just before “Padunettambadi” we have to break another coconut just beside “Padunettambadi” before climbing it and the same we did. Then the next is our most awaiting moment after a long waiting and painful trek we are just few seconds away from the “Padunettambadi” (The very famous 18 golden steps). There was huge crowd being diverted by police to main path of the temple after crossing these golden steps. It was the most memorable moments in life and it was the most awaiting minutes every body are eagerly waiting for touching all 18 steps, but we were fully disturbed and pulled drastically by them to cross with in seconds. The steps were built so steep and we don’t even think of any thing while climbing them. I saw people who were dying to touch all the 18 steps to pious their devotion and to get rid of their sins to attain virtuous state in their life.

I was able refresh my whole senses, it was a BIG refresh to my soul, I forgot the whole world around me and it’s a great rejoice and rejuvenation to my whole soul. I can’t express this feeling just in words. One should feel this. I thank the all mighty God Sri Ayyappa Swaami.

Then it was our way to main temple after crossing 18 steps, as told early by one of my friend the main temple was very small including idol. I felt like Ayyappa is in manikanta roopam in that place.

Ayappa was looking articulate and too charismatic and piercing. When I looked straight into ayppa eyes, he seemed to touch my soul with his striking gaze. It was heartfelt feeling of my soul. I can’t forget this for my life. My longing was pleased.

Then after unbelievable experience along with my mates we moved to pre-announced place to assemble. There with help of guru swami our “Irumudi” were opened and all the pooja related things were collected separately and grouped. Once all this process is done each one of us given one like Ghee collected from the filled coconuts and Rose water etc. Carrying those we have been to “Maaliga purathama” temple and there by rolling one coconut round the temple ledt it there at oen corner. And poured all the “pasupu” and “Kunkuma” in other devi temples as well as “Nagendra” temples. We sprinkled the rose water on all pilgrims on the way to “Karpoora Aazhi”. There in “Azhi” we added our coconuts too and broken another coconut near one side of “Padunettambadi”. Then returned back to our assembly point and proceeded to dinner and had light food.We quickly reached our bed to wake up very early in the morning. But some of our group mates attended the “Harivarasanam”.

Day 4(Sunday) - 21/12/2008

In the early morning after having fresh up some of us went to one more darshan and then started our descent around at 5:30 AM. The faint light through the lush green forest was the best scenes of our descent towards Pampa. It was very hard to control the speed of descend and we had to overwork our leg muscles. At one point I really felt the trembling legs even we have taken best possible shortcuts. Each side of our shortcut was too busy with many shops selling many things including medicated tree roots to many keral style clothes and best electronic dolls.

I was totally surprised to see the Palanquin bearer’s hard work to carry the pilgrims who are unable to climb the hill. I felt like they are real heroes on that hill. I got a chance to observe these Palanquin bearers as we have taken their short cut route during descent.

We reached Pampa ganapthi around at 7:20 AM then we reached pre-announced hotel where we had break fast. My mate Akhil and I are the first group who finished descent for first. Then we caught one KSRTC bus to reach “Nillakkal” parking place (Where our Vivekanda bus is parked). This place is around 20 KM from pampa. The bus is ok kind but the bus ticket price (16 INR) is not comparable with any other state travels transportation. As luckily my mate and I got seats in the bus to sit though it is fully crowded and we discussed about the security arrangements done by government on the entire route we traveled.

Then we spent long time to search our bus among the thousands of buses being parked there. Though each state bus were parked separately with proper name boards indicating state names it is not that easy to find our bus. At last we entered in our bus around at 9:15 AM and waiting for other devotees. Once the bus is filled with all of us we started around at 11:30 AM to “Malliyoor Maha ganapthi” temple. Once the bus started moving on the hill roads due to a satisfied feeling and the nice wind from lush green forest on each side of road I nap for some time.

We reached “Malliyoor Maha ganapthi” temple around at 2:00 PM and had lunch there after our darshan. Then it was long journey to Bangalore via calicut. We had dinner in Calicut around at 9:00 PM. On the way to Bangalore from calicut we have taken very famous eatables of kerala – “Banana chips” and “Halwa”.

Day 5(Monday) – 22/12/2008

A journey like these is fulfilling and gives a stir to both our mind as well body.

We reached Bangalore-Koramangala around at 8:45 AM. Once after reaching my room I quickly finished my last pooja in my peetam after taking bath. Then I went to temple to take out the maala with aachrya help.

This is how I fulfilled my longings … Thanks to Sri Darma Saasthaa for giving me this strength to write all my experiences in this pilgrimage.

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Vibrant Devotional Song on Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa (Nei Abhishekam Swamikke)

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Holy trip to Ayyppa Sabarimala - Part 1

First of all I should thank Lord Ayyapa for making my holy trip a grand success.Its a great refresh to my soul. With my great rejoice I would like to dedicate this sequence of post(s) to Sri Dharma Sastha.
I can say this was most awaiting holy trip for me since 10 years. I am so happy that I finished this trip successfully with out any troubles. I should thank Vivekananda Travels - Bangalore for making this a grand success.As planned by Vivekananda travels it is 5 days trip and here how it went...I am kanni swami in this trip as this is my first visit to sabarimala.

Day 1(Thursday) - 18/12/2008
          This is the unforgettable day in my life; I was solitude for my Irumudi/Virumudi pooja. Finished all my routine office jobs and left early office, finishing my last pooja in room quickly reached Madiwaala Ayyppa temple around at 4:15 PM as the scheduled bus time at this stop is at 5:00 PM. Due slight delay in Guruswaamy arrival my Irumudi pooja started just at 5:00 PM and finished so quickly to accommodate many other swamis in queue.
Really I sensed the solitude as no one around me - not even parents and friends. I really comprehended the pain of “Lonely journey”.
Once I am done with my Irumudi pooja, breaking the first coconut at the Madiwaala temple itself quickly entered in Bus. Due to my wrong perspective I am totally surprised when I see the Bus. It is really good, cleaned ambience with semi sleeper seats that to just 2 X 2. I settled in my window seat (7), and started looking for my partner devotee with ardent eyes. Then we reached HAL temple around at 6:15 PM. HAL ayyappa temple is the oldest ayappa temple in Banagalore. There once I visited god and prayed while returning to bus I observed many devotees surrounding the bus doing pooja, once that is finished all devotees chanting saranu gosha (Saranam ayypa and other names of ayyapa) holding irumudi on their heads eneterd into bus. Most of the seats were filled here itself. My next seat devotee is Mr.Senthil Kumar. He is really nice devotee; his company all through this yaatra is really memorable. And I joined with his crew Praveen, Mahesh, Aadi, and Guru Swami. It is really a nice team. Next the bus has been to Banswaadi ayyapa Temple, Yeswanthapur Ayyapa Temple and the last pick up point is Jalahalli Ayyappa Temple. On the way to this temple we all had given ID cards with all contact details of the guide and travel people to make the journey easy. I should say some thing about Jalahalli Ayyappa temple here. It is really a very big temple I have seen till now in Bangalore. I am surprised to see the big elephant in the temple premises. And the special poojas and Kolatam festivals bening conducted in temple when we visited are really eye catchy. Once we finished our prayers in this temple we entered in a hotel to finish dinner (Light food) . But due to Praveen’s hand outs of pooris we had really heavy food. Once bus started from this place there were no stops till Calicut which we reached early 4 AM early in the next day morning.

Day 2(Friday)  - 19/12/2008

        We were given fresh-up facilities in Vivekananda Asram, once after quick fresh-up we preceded to Sree Valayanadu devi Temple. It is the first Kerala temple I have seen in my life. While I was entering temple immediately temple people stopped me, as I am wearing a pant. I am aware of removing shirt to enter into temple which I did already but completely not aware of these pant restriction.
Dress code to be followed strictly during this entire trip (All Kerala Temples): With out any shirt we should wear just one Dhoti (Panche/Munde).
I am able to manage my entrance by replacing my pant with one of my towel. We were not able to have darshan as the temple was closed that time but I really enjoyed my first glance of this kinda temple.
The main temple is constructed in a round shaped house with red colored clay tiles with a very small door, which no one expects while watching first time. This round temple is surrounded by some more small temples in a square/rectangle shape of temple along with outer safety wall.

Typical Kerala temple model
The above is the typical structure of most of the Kerala temples I have seen all through this trip. Few temples have pond in its premises but few are not having. Especially the other parts of Indian temples are famous for their big doors with so much artistic work on it. I felt kerala temples are unique in its style. But I can say - it is really awesome for a typical Andhrite like me.

Then after this Devi temple visit, we finished pooja at our bus itself and proceeded to Thiruvannor Shiva Temple. On the way to this temple we had quick introductions with Guruswaami(34 times visited) initiation.There were around 17 "Kanni swamis" including me in the bus along with 6 to 7 guruswaamis. Some fo them visited more than 20 times also. Most of the Swaamis are Software engineers/related to software companies by proffession.We got chance to meet differnt people(advocates, Banka mangers, recruiters, HR's, Architects, Bussiness people and an Auto driver too) during this trip which is not at all possible in routine and busy lifes. While introduction some of us excited us more by their songs(Ayappa).All our motto is to have a nice holy trip and thats what we had with ultimate enjoyment. All the journey we were continuously chanting Saranugosha and other ayyappa songs. Its really a wonderful trip. Though the guide is not encouraging the remaing peoples excitement and ennthusiasm excited the other people to make this wonderful trip. The same temple structure I mentioned above is found here also. Then visited two Subrmanya temples in the same village and proceeded to Vivekanada guest house to have break-fast. The place where our break fast is arranged is nicely arranged and it is clean even in an open place.We were given “Upma” and curry bananas along with tea.I was surprised to see tea being served there and afraid to have the same but some body convinced me that once irumdi pooja is done we can have all basic vegetarian foods unlike we have in the deeksha time.Next stop is at Kadampuzha devi temple. It is also closed, but we gave the coconuts for next day pooja in temple counter.
It is believed that by offering coconuts for each of our desires, Devi will give us boons and fulfill all our dreams.
While purchasing coconuts itself shopkeeper will list all our (me and my family members individually) desires separately on a paper and gives us the coconuts for each desire. Suppose for me to have good education, health and wealth I need to offer 3 coconuts to deity, similarly for each of my family members for each desires we need to give coconuts. Like this each of our team started taking coconuts and almost more than 200 coconuts we purchased all together and submitted in temple counter. It was bit delayed due to this here to reach Gurvayir sree Krishna temple.But the plan was slightly changed with out disturbing the next schedule. With out guravair sree Krishna darshan we finished our lunch around at 12:30 PM in “Aaraadhana lodge” (Just near to temple), where our travel guys already arranged every thing for us.

Elephant @ Guruvayur temple
We reached around at 1 PM, though we know that temple would be opened at 3:30 PM. We had sprinkles of holy pond water in Guruvair temple premises instead of complete bath. Then we quickly entered in queue as the expectation of the number of visiting people is more at that time. Luckily we are in the very first of the queue; we observed the auctions that were happening in the temple premises itself.I got a chance to buy one honey bottle and a bronze lamp being used in temple. Guruvair Sri Krishna was in the form of “Chinni Krishna”. Though the temple is so old its construction and the architecture will surley mesmerize our eyes.
There was a big metallic frames constructed around the main temple for this temple for the purpose of decorating the temple completely with lights during festival times. This kind of arrangement we saw in most of the other Kerala temples too.
Then we moved to “Triprayar Sree Rama temple”, this was the first temple I have seen a Rama idol alone being worshiped. Generally Rama idol will be accompanied with Seeta, Lakshmana and Anjaneya in any Ramalyam. But this is unique. According to history of the temple, When Rama was in search of Seeta during his “Aranyavasam” he stayed at this place. Hence the Rama was being worshiped alone here. And I am totally captivated while having darshan in this Rama temple, I saw surprisingly Anjaneya face in the same Idol. It was really a splendid experience and it’s all gods’ magic. We got a chance to see a special worship of Rama here by touring him on the elephant in the temple premises. It is really a Royal symbol and one should have this scene. Time was around 6 PM people started decorating with lights by lighting the lamps arranged around the main temple and inside the main safety wall.By charging just 10 R/- temple concerned people will burst the special crackers on be half of us just immediately in temple site itself.
It is believed that by bursting the crackers in the temple premises our desires will be fulfilled. This kind of tradition we can observe in most of the Kerala Hindu temples.
Next visit was “Kodungallur Bhagavathi Temple”, immediately after this we reached “Chottanikkara” Devi temple. We halted here in pre-arranged night accommodations after finishing supper as the temple was closed for darshan. But we had really breathtaking scenes in this temple. This Devi temple was so famous for curing the psychological disorders and mental disabilities in people. So that time there was some special pooja was going on where the poojari was showing special “Mudras” and doing pooja with special holy water. That time we were really feared to see the mentally retarded people banging their heads and dancing heavily. After having nice chapathis and balck coffee as part of supper we went beds around at 11 PM.

Day 3(Saturday) - 20/12/2008
Around at 1 AM we got up and reached first darshan queue around at 2:30 AM after fresh-up in the same accommodation provided to us. Temple was opened at 3:30 AM with an action-packed Kerala style trumpets and cornet’s music.
The tradition of playing action-packed music with Mridangam, Tavil, kool, thimila, chenda, kombu, kuzhal, dolu,thalam and Manjeera is really awesome while opening any temple.
We had idly, upma and tea as part of break fast and proceeded to “Vaikam-Mahadeva temple (Shiva)”, “Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva temple (siva)” and “Ettumannor- Siva tmeple”. Almost all these three temples are same; the deity is Shiva in these three temples. These temples are very big temples with wide corridors and grounds. Just to finish one pradakshinam itself we have to walk around 1 KM. Our next stop is at Erumeli.

Let's continue the yaatra details specially many things about sabarimala and my experiences in the coming post.
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Chottanikkara amma

Chottanikkara amma

Chottanikkara amma

Chottanikkara amma

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Cold water bath in Bangalore winter

సలే శీతాకాలం అపైన చన్నీల్లు ... చి.కా.కో

నేను అయ్యప్ప మాల వేసుకున్నాను కదా, ఒక విదం గా చెప్పాలి అంటే అయ్యప్ప దీక్ష నా చిరకాల కోరిక(చి.కా.కో) అనాలి(ఓహో చి.కా.కో అంటే ఇదా !! ఇంకా చికాకు రాయబోయి అచ్చు తప్పు వేసారెమో అనుకున్నా. వాకే అయితే).ఇది అసలే నవంబరు మాసం, చలి దాని రెంజి లొ అది చల రేగి పొతుంది, మరి వీడెవడండి బాబు!! (అవును నేను బాబు నే)

ఈ కాలం లొ జనాలంతా "అమెరికా వెల్లాలి-అదర గొట్టాలి", "చందమామ ఎక్కాలి - చల్లగా తిరగాలి" అంటుంటె ఈ మనిషి (కాదు ఇప్పుడు స్వామి కదా!)ఎమిటి "శీతాకాలం చన్నీల్లు పొసుకుంటాను అంటారు పైగా బెంగులూరు లో ఉంటూ" అనుకుంటున్నార ???

 సహజం మనిషి అన్న వాల్లకి వచ్ఛె ప్రశ్నె ... "(ఒక్క)ఒక్కో మగాడు, ఒక మాదిరి" అన్నాడు మొన్న మా ఫ్రెండు ఒకడు - అది లక్ష శాతం అక్షర సత్యం. ఎందుకంటే ఇది నా చి.కా.కో కాబట్టి ..కష్టం అయినా ఇష్టం తో చెస్తున్నా కాబట్టి కమ్మ గానే ఉంటుంది.

మాములు గా శీతాకాలం అంటే అంతా చలా బద్దకం గా ఉంటుంది, కానీ అయ్యప్ప పేరున నాకు ఈ శీసన్ అంతా రెట్టింపు ఉత్సాహం గా గడిచింది.(అసలే శీతాకలం ఆ పైన చన్నీల్లు వల్ల కామోను.. ).ఈ ఫీలింగ్ నా మటల్లో కంటే మీరు ఒక్కసారి అనుభవిస్తే బాగుంటుందెమో !

ఎవరయినా అమెరికా గురించి వింటెనో, అక్కడి నుండి వచిన వాల్లని చూస్తేనో అక్కడికి వెల్లాలి అనుకొవటం లేక పోతే మర్కెట్ లో కొత్త గా వచ్చిన కారుచూసినప్పుడు దాన్ని తోలాలి అని అనిపించటమో సహజమే, కాని అయ్యప్ప దీక్ష ఎంటి ? అసలు ఈ చి.కా.కో ఎంటి రా బాబూ ?? అని అలోచిస్తున్నరా ! అక్కడి కే వస్తున్నాను ... "గోకితే గాని దురద - తీరితే గాని కోరిక " కుదురు గా కూర్చో నివ్వవు సుమీ ! నా చిన్నతనం లొ మా నాన్న ఇంకా వాళ్ళ తమ్ముల్లు(అంటె నా బాబాయి లె కదా!!! అంత పొగరే ? మాములు గా చెప్పొచు గా!) వరస పెట్టి అంతా శీతాకాలం వచ్చిందంటే చాలు అయ్యప్ప దీక్ష లొ ఉండె వాల్లు, రోజు వాల్లని చుస్స్తూ ఎదొ క్రేజీ గా ఫీల్ అయ్యాను అనుకుంట అందుకే మనసులొ ఇది ఒక చి కా కు గా తయారు అయ్యింది అనుకుంట...(చికాకు కాదండి ! చి.కా.కో - పెద్ద తేడా ఎమీ లెదు అనకండే ).చినప్పుడు అసలు అంత క్రేజీ గా ఎందుకు ఫీల్ అయ్యాను సుమీ ? మద్యలో ఈ సుమ ఎవరు బాబూ ??? (బాగుంటుందా అని అలోచిస్తున్నరా!!)

మాల/ దీక్ష లో ఉంటే అంతా స్వాములని చాలా కొత్త గా, గౌరవం గా చూసే వాల్లు, అంతా స్వామి అని పిలవటం, రోజు నల్ల దుస్తులు వేసుకోవటం ఇంకా ప్రతి రోజు ఎదో ఒక పుణ్య క్షెత్రానికి వెల్లటం, వాల్ల్లకి అన్నీ స్పెషల్ గా వండి పెట్టటం అబ్బో ఇలా చెప్పుకుంటూ పోతే చాలా స్పెషల్స్ ఉండేవి.

ఒక్క మాట లో చెప్పాలి అంటే దేవుడి తో సమానం గా చూస్తూ కనపడిన ప్రతి చోటా వంగి వంగి దణ్ణాలు కూడా పెట్టె వాల్లు .

అన్ని స్పెషల్స్ ఒక్కరి దగ్గరే ఉంటే క్రెజీ గా ఫీల్ అవ్వటం సహజం కదండి.అందుకే గామోలు నేను చేయాలి అని నిర్దారించుకున్నట్టు ఉన్నా మనసులో, ఇంకా అలా ఏదయినా మనసులో ఉంటే మాటలా మరి, అది కలవర పెట్టకుండా ఉంటుందా ... ఇక సమయం కోసం 15 సంవత్సరాలు గా చూసి చూసి, ఆ భగవంతుడి అనుమతి తో 2008 లొనే పూర్తి చెయాలి అన్న సంకల్పం తో ఎవరూ తోడూ లేక పొయినా ఊరు కాని ఊరు లో(బెంగులూరు ఊరే కధా!! అంటే మన ఊరు కానివన్నీ అలా అనాలని పిస్తుందెమో ...అబ్బో దీని గురించి ఆలొచిస్తూ ఉంటే ఇంకో టపా రయ్యొచు), తొందరపడుతూనే నిసితం గా అన్ని తెలుసుకుని నే మొదలు పెట్టెసా.

ఇక్కడ నేను పరిగణ లోకి తీసుకొవలసిన ముఖ్యాంశాలు రెండు మొత్తానికే మరిచాను, అవి ఎమిటి అంటే ? నేను ఉంటున్న ప్లేసు, నాతో ఉంటున్న పెర్సన్స్.నేను ఉండేది బెంగలూరు కావటం తో ఉదయ్యాన్నే నిద్ర లేచి చన్నిట్టి స్నానం చెయాలి అన్న ముఖ్య నియం మరిచాను. ఇంకా నాతో ఉండే తోటి సహచరులకి ఇబ్బంది ఎమో అని అలోచించలెదు. కాని ఇవ్వన్ని భగవంతుడు నిర్ణయం చెశి నాకు నిర్దేసించినట్టు అన్ని వాటంతట అవే సహజం గా సర్దుకున్నాయి. అసలే శీతాకాలం అపైన చన్నీల్లు , మొదటి రోజు మొదటి చంబు తో నెత్తిన నీల్లు పొయగానె వెంటనే ఆ దెవుడే గుర్తు వచ్హాడు, కాని

ఇక్కడ చన్నిల్ల కి ఒక చిట్కా ఉంది, బయట చలి గా ఉండతం తో మన శరీర ఉష్నోగ్రత దాని కి తగ్గట్టు గా మారి మనల్ని చలి కి తట్టుకొనెలా ఉంచుతుంది. కాని మనలో చన్నీల్లు ... అని యెళ్ళ తరబడి మదిలో ముద్రించుకున్న భావన ఒక్క సారి తడవగానె చెరిగి పోతుంది అంటే నమ్మండి.

మొత్తానికి దీక్ష లో మొదటి పరీక్ష భెషుగ్గా పాస్ అయిపొయా !

నాకు తదుపరి పరీక్ష, "తలగడ లెకుండా పడుకోవటం", పడుకునేది తుంగ చాపయినా గాని తల కింద తలగడ లేకుండా పడుకోవటం మాత్రం అంత సులువు ఎమీ కాదు స్వామీ . ఇది అలవాటవటానికి కొంచం కష్ట పడ్డాను గాని , ఇది నాకు భవిష్యత్తు లో బాగా ఉపయొగపడబోయె అలవాటే, కాబట్టి ఆనందమే! ఇంక నెను ఎక్కడయినా, ఎలగయినా హాయి గా తలగడ లేకుండా కూడా నిద్ర పోగలను.

ఆకరుది అసలుదీ ఏమిటంటే అది -భిక్ష (స్వాములు బుజించే దాన్నే భిక్ష అంటారు లెండి). బ్రహ్మచారి కి మంచి నేస్తం వంట అని నా ఉద్దెశ్యం,

ఇ బ్లాగింగు అలవాటు కు ముందు నన్ను ఒంటరితనం నుంచీ అతి ఎక్కువ సార్లు కాపాడింది అంటే అది నా స్నెహితులు ఇంకా "వంట".

ఇతవరకు అయ్తే మాములు వంటే అతి జాగర్త గా కావలిసినవి అక్కర్లెనివీ అన్ని వేసి చేసినా ఎదో కొత్త గా (చెత్త గా) వచేవి, అదెమిటో తేలీదు ఈ నలబై రోజులు నేను ఏది చెసినా ఒక అద్బుతమంటే నమ్మండి . మాములు రోజులలో ఊల్లి, అల్లం , ఆలు , ఇలాంటివి అన్ని వాడి కూడా రాని పదార్దాలు చిటెకలో ఎమి వెయకుండానె రుచి కరం గా తయారు అయ్యెవి. బహుసా స్వాములు తినేది ప్రసాదం తో సమానం కాబట్టి అలా అన్ని అద్బుతం గా కుదిరేవేమో ?

పక్క ఇంట్లో ఉన్న నార్థ్ ఇండియన్స్ "ఊ సురూర్.." అంటూ ఇమేష్ రేషమ్యా పాటలు పెట్టినా , అది కూడా "ఓం శరణం అయ్యప్ప" అన్నట్టు వినపడేది.

కీరవాణి బాణి("అంతా రామమయం ..") లా చెప్పాలి అంటే నాకు అంతా భక్తి మయం. ఇది ఒక అద్భుతమయిన ఫీలింగ్.ఎవరితోను ఎక్కువ గా మట్లాడకుండా, ఖ్షుద్బాద కి సరిపడా మాత్రమే బొంచేస్తూ, రెండు పూటలా చన్నిటి స్నానం చేస్తూ మనకి మనమే ఒక్క కొత్త దనం తో కనపడుతూ , మనకి మన మీద మనుకున్న నమ్మకం మునుపెన్నడూ లేనంత / తెలియనంత నింపుతూ , ప్రపంచం లోని ప్రతి ప్రాణి లోనూ భగవంతుడి నే చూస్తూ , మనలోని చెడు ని దూరం చేస్తూ సాగిన ఈ నలబయి రొజూలు, నిజం గా నా జీవితానికి ఒక మైలు రాయి.
రాబొయె కొత్త సంవత్సరం-2009 లో కూడా నాలో వచ్హిన ఈ కొత్త మర్పులు ఇలాగే కొనసాగించాలి అనుకుంటూ, ఆ భగవంతుడి ని ప్రాదిస్తాను.

ఇక పొతే నా సహచరుడు సహజం గానే సహనశీలి, కావున ఇక నాకు ఏ ఇబ్బంది లేకుండా దిగ్విజయం గా ఈ దీక్ష ని పూర్తి చెయగలిగాను. ఎలాగయితే నేమి ?మొత్తానికి నా చి.కా.కో దాని చికాకు అన్ని తీరబొతున్నాయి.మూడు రోజుల నా "శబరిమల యాత్ర" పూర్తి కాగానే యాత్రా విశేషాలతో ఇంకా నా అనుభవాలు, అనుభూతులు మీతో పంచుకుంటూ మళ్ళి ఇక్కడే కలుస్తాను ఈ రొజు కి శెలవు మరి. ఈ లోపు మీరు ఇక్కడ నా పాత టపా లు అన్న్ని చదివి మీ అభిప్రాయల్ని రాయండి. 

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Gems in the devine telugu movies jewellery - Part 1

During the last 40 days I am totally involved in all possible divine services. As part of this I have seen some precious stone/gems in the Telugu movie jewelery. So I would like to share you the interesting things I came to know, of course my feelings too; after watching those movies. I can say again Old is bold - new is italic.Here is the list one by one...

Seetaakalyanam : Before watching this movie, I never knew that - this movie was directed by Bapu. Then I realized that this should be Bapu's move only as I have a opinion about his movie titles(Mr.Pellam, Radha Kalyanam, Radha gopaalam, etc.) has female domination in the title but sure not much in the movie. Generaly Hindu mythological movie titles based on "Raamayanam" stress Rama but Bapu is unique in his style and hence the title became "Seeta Kalyanam". Not only director - Bapu for this film surprised me but also the other team memebrs like Writer - Sri. Mullapudi Venakata Ramana and music director Sri.K.V. Mahadevan etc. Mullapudi venkata ramana, I know him only as a writer for many comedy oriented novels and stories but he is more than my innocence. He is a versatile writer with his penning. The dialogues he wrote for this movie are really awesome. But this great duo combination of Bapu - Ramana is fabulous.
They both are like "one mind operating in two bodies".Their combination is ultimate. Though Bapu is famous for his cartoon paintings and Ramana famous for his funny penning they made this film as Gem in our Telugu movies Jewellery.
When I am watching this color movie I learnt many interesting things about Viswamitra. I know him just as one famous Rishi. But in his past he was a great king, due to his greedy about Kaamadenu at Vasishta muni asrama and due to his highest quality of ego, he became "Rajarshi". He prays deep for god to attain the greatest position in Rishi's which is called Brahma Rishi to be supreme over vasishta muni. And of course he is successful in achieving all those along with all the greatest powers in archery too. This never helped him only due to his ego. Hence he wants to give the whole powers of him to one who can serve the people at his best. Hence Rama and Lakshmana got all the powers from him.Like this many ineteresting facts were revealed in this movie.
I think due to the strong understanding of the epic "Ramayana" and many facts and short stories involved with it only Bapu is able to direct 3 movies based on Ramayana (Seetakalyanam, Ramanjaneya yuddam and Sampuurna Ramayana).
The narration of facts by Parasurama after Seeta swamyamvaram is really interesting. I don't believe If there is any person who can't enjoy the beauty of this gem. BTW the prime role Seeta by Jayaprada is good. With out having sophisticated graphics technology also Bapu has shown the best output of his creativity those days. Many of us know how best Bapu - Ramana pair used to capture Telugu people nativity and picture them. No doubt this film also give the same feeling for us.
BTW Thanks to my friend - Haranadh who gave me this DVD to know many things. 

Paanduranga mahatyam :
Paanduranga mahatyam AKA pundareekuni katha is one of the best musical movie I feel. Amma ani arachina aalakinchavemamma, Jaya krishnaa mukundaa muraari ... Etc what not every song every charecter every scene in this movie are individually gems to make this Big Diamond. Writer Samudraala Jr.for this movie has best narrated the pundarika's story to pelase the audience. Ultimately his narration and Raju T.V music - the best combination created a relic for us.  Especially the romantic role as well as the sentimental role played by NTR thrills us. No doubt many might see rain in their eyes while watching the song “Amma ani arachina alakinchavemamama...” This song really melted my heart many times.
Sure many of us will play cymbal on their lap while watching the song "Jaya krishnaa mukundaa muraari ...” And this is the longest song in Telugu movies till now which is around 15 mins sung by famous singer Ghantasala.
Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao - Pundarikudu,Anjali Devi - Rama,Chittor V. Nagaiah - Jahnavi,Padmanabham - Pundarika's brother,Saroja - Kala ..Every body excelled in their roles to make this gem. The main theme of the movie is to serve the parents which are equal serving of god. At the end Pundarika (NTR) gets a boon from Panduranga to merge with him.
"Serving parents is the best way of salvation", this is the moral of the story.

Satyana narayna swaami Mahatyam:
This movie is all about the famous 5 stories for the origin and importance of Sri Satyanarana swaami vratam. As I am already aware of all most all the stories tied to it I am able to enjoy the best comedy in this movie. Especially the typical action of Relangi as a God role will not let us sit in chair. Any body should LOL.  Relangi's role is a King who feels himself as a god (Dressed in both Shiva and Vishnu) and troubles people to pray only him but not any other gods. He tries to impose his religion forcefully on his people and troubles them.
Ramana reddy, getting a boon from the Relangi, to make gold by his single touch, and the song after this scene teasing all the village people is totally funny. "Manchi Tarunam minchina dorakadu naaradaa ..." This song by Naarda (Kaantaa rao) is one of the most popular songs in this movie.Over all NTR, Relangi and Ramna reddy every body are best at their performance in their roles.
The main theme of the movie is to tell us the importance of the Vratam.

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What is endianism? How to determine machine endianism on Unix ?

What is endianism ?
In other way - What is the byte order of your machine ?
Or in some other way How do u convert the byte order on your UNIX machine ?

Endianism is nothing but the described byte order in ur machine memory, it is of 2 types one is Little and other is Big-Endianism.
simply - ordering of bytes to store a particular data inside ur computer memory

Little Endian means that the lower order byte of the number is stored in memory at the lowest address, and the higher order byte is stored at the highest address. That is, the little end comes first.

For example, a 4 byte, 32-bit integer
Byte3 Byte2 Byte1 Byte0
will be arranged in memory as follows:

Base_Address+0 Byte0
Base_Address+1 Byte1
Base_Address+2 Byte2
Base_Address+3 Byte3

Intel processors use "Little Endian" byte order.

Big Endian means that the higher order byte of the number is stored in memory at the lowest address, and the lower order byte at the highest address. The big end comes first.

Base_Address+0 Byte3
Base_Address+1 Byte2
Base_Address+2 Byte1
Base_Address+3 Byte0

Motorola, Solaris processors use "Big Endian" byte order.

So now How to decide the byte order in ur machine?
here is the Solaris command for you to decide that !

echo abcd | od -t xS

A little-endian machine would output:

0000000 6261 6463 000a

while a big-endian machine would output:
0000000 6162 6364 0a00

Hope this helps - if u come to any other ways please comment it here.

where is od installed on Solaris ?
bash $ which od

Related reference : [1][2][3][4]

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Credit cards - banks and phone numbers

Here I have some list of important phone numbers for Bangalore customer care centers for most of the important banks. (India[91]-Bangalore[080])

1HDFCSavings 66003333
2HDFC Credit Card


Credit Card




Credit Card

6ICICI Amex/Visa

7ICICI Master 41131877
8CITI NA 22272484
9HSBC NA 25589696
Note : If you feel it helps more people by updating this list plz drop a comemnt with your knwon bank and its phone numbers so that I will update this information.

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People’s anger on politics - “Peace March” in Mumbai @ Gateway of India

After Mumbai being sniped by terrorists and coming out of its tragedy, people started finding the root cause of this and  found politicians as victims. (Who seems to be morally responsible for this incident?)All the young minds of Mumbai joined their hands at gateway of India Dec 3rd 20008 to start a fight against these politicians/intra-terrorists. The response was amazing and spectacular.
Here I am attaching the photos of that rally from one of the most popular mail bouncing between many mail boxes since 2 days..It’s all about the people’s anger on politics. It looks like a new freedom revolution for us. Let's hope for the best change we are going to see.
All the young minds theme is one, not only did thousands of people turned up for the peace March at the Gateway of India yesterday but they were loud and clear about what they wanted..... "A Change and Action not bhashan "
This is what the people of Mumbai felt about our so called babus and netas( local terrorists ) .....Please forward this to each and every Indian so that the message reaches out to our politicians...

Mumabai protest
P.S : Thanks to all my friends who forwarded this mail to me.(I got the same mail more than 6 times)

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Solution to Terrorists attacks in India !

Here I would like to attach a hot discussion between one of my close friend and me about the terrorists attacks / blasts in Mumbai and my Post about that incident … Here is the online chat between us ... I felt like we have discussed many sensitive issues/feelings in many of our minds … Hope it bags your opinion also here in the same place.


 10:54 AM ramana.gelli: I didn’t get y did u bring Raj Thackeray n sms stuff

10:55 AM me: I just want to picture my upset abt the incident and...As well as, I am pity abt the people who are not even thinking abt tragedy to nation but commenting some politician

10:59 AM ramana.gelli: They commented because, he is hiding in the time of crisis

 me: What do u mean by hiding ?

11:00 AM ramana.gelli: Had he came out and helped, they would hail him as a leader

 me: can he go and fight along with NSG commandoes ??

  hwo many politicians came out and joined with rescue teams ?

 ramana.gelli: at least helping out the injured who r brought in

 ramana.gelli: no one

11:01 AM u should b the one with difference if u r portraying as leader

 me: then why to blame only Raj Thakare

 ramana.gelli: why not

11:02 AM he was the one responsible for violence few days back in Mumbai in the name of regional pride

11:03 AM me: that message was generated frm a non Marathi guy i guess ...but forget abt the man in SMS, Is that a right act frm an ideal Indian when whole India is in tragedy?

 ramana.gelli: take like this

  thackeray followers attacked north Indians when they cam for writing an exam

  Which is not a right thing?

11:04 AM me: ofcourse...It’s our internal problems how we can link all these in a national tragedy situation

11:05 AM being in Bangalore or Pune - do you think we need not feel bad abt the tragedy?? 100 % not ... like that Raj Thakare also will surely condemn this tragedy...

  then why to blame him

11:06 AM it is just act of dividing the nation ...when we all need to be unite...

11:07 AM ramana.gelli: so person who generated SMS,thought that would reach at least few Marathi’s would understand that region pride is not the one wanted in our country, but lack of national pride among some people(who helps the terrorists) is creating havoc

  I think u will get by the above point

11:08 AM being in location doesn’t change ur ideology, it is the way emotion carried over u,it differs with thinking

11:09 AM one thing is am hurt with incident, but no emotions felt, just thought it as naseeeb

11:11 AM me: I / we, who ever reads that SMS will only get the wrong essence or fun in the SMS but not at all the essence u r assuming ..If he is really in that context to untie all mankind...he should mention the moral at the end ... otherwise it becomes some thing like people wrongly understanding Karan johar abt his "Dostana" movie ... (people are focusing the Gay relations only but not the real essence of it)

11:12 AM I’m more concerned abt the situation...But the SMS forwarder is least bothered abt it

11:14 AM ramana.gelli: it’s just like this, underlying thing of human life is, leading life positively and think positively

 me: yes ofcourse we all should be in that line only

11:16 AM but unfortunately the people thinking in -ve will always fwd this kind of SMS...And one day they may start some big distruction in country...When ever the -ve feel / mad in him reached its peak. Then we can’t blame even Pakistan (as every time our politicians conclude any terrorist attack by just blaming Pakistan with out taking any action on any body)

 ramana.gelli: but in panic we never thing properly, keeping aside positive or negative

11:17 AM me: one who lives in +ve never get -ve thought at all in his life...And his life will be glittered all the way

 ramana.gelli: but I can understand the SMS is generated to do mockery with raj thackeray's agenda

11:19 AM me: yes

11:24 AM ramana.gelli: I have thought and could formulate a solution

 me: plz tell

11:37 AM ramana.gelli: 2 yrs mandatory work in Armed forces will instill discipline and national pride and love for the country

  Then we should have a database of all Indians and people entering INDIA with their Photos

 me: sounds good

11:38 AM ramana.gelli: and every citizen of India should update the photo once a year

11:39 AM and they should verify whether his is updated in his details r not

  Then our surveillances systems needs to be upgraded

  Highly sensitive and scanners needs to b installed

11:40 AM Highly sensitive scanners needs to b installed

  UV scanners or so, which can see what, is inside

  A bag or luggage

  Like xray scanners

11:41 AM and every person entering any crowded place will go through another scanner

  Which scans his image and maps from the database

  Any error in that

  Alarms to be rose

11:42 AM and photo to b flashed across screens

  And have RFID identities for each person

  And they need to carry them where ever they r

11:43 AM how r u feeling with my idea?

 me: sounds very good ..Have to think abt practicality of it.

  we have very sick politicians - who can't even do that small job - who will always invest crores and crores of rupees on useless projects and schemes - few days back what happened u know ? u might know this - point to consider - the very important CBI and CID office websites with all our country secure data being hacked by terrorists ...happened only due to our govt as they gave the site maintenance to a 3rd party vendor .. (Instead of that Govt should have its own server maintenance site and it should be maintained by completely by Govt in its private and secure location)

 ramana.gelli: Loop hole is corruption can damage all this stuff in minutes

11:46 AM u know the hacks go daily on our secure data

 me: yes of course

 ramana.gelli: Chinese have also started hacking Indian systems

  Some time back

11:47 AM me: k

11:48 AM  ramana.gelli: what do you think how this terrorism came?

 me: tell

11:49 AM ramana.gelli: because of America’s greed to dominate the world

 me: yes

 ramana.gelli: they wanted to b supreme

  i still have doubt

11:50 AM that America is aware of this Indian attacks

 me: k

 ramana.gelli: because they r the one who appointed the current ISI chief

 me: i c

11:51 AM ramana.gelli: from where come the weapons flowing to terrorists?

  Of all the industries in USA

 me: k

 ramana.gelli: the biggest is ARMS and ammunition

11:52 AM their turnovers are more than 100bn$ to 1000bn$

11:53 AM me: ohh my god

11:58 AM ramana.gelli: yes boss they r not listed on the stocks

11:59 AM me: Got urgent call for meeting in office...   TTYL

 ramana.gelli: http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=11217

  go throgh that article once u r back

12:00 PM me: sure

12:13 PM ramana.gelli: The Islamic "jihad" was supported by the United States and Saudi Arabia with a significant part of the funding generated from the Golden Crescent drug trade:

In March 1985, President Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive 166,...[which] authorize[d] stepped-up covert military aid to the mujahideen, and it made clear that the secret Afghan war had a new goal: to defeat Soviet troops in Afghanistan through covert action and encourage a Soviet withdrawal. The new covert U.S. assistance began with a dramatic increase in arms supplies -- a steady rise to 65,000 tons annually by 1987, ... as well as a "ceaseless stream" of CIA and Pentagon specialists who traveled to the secret headquarters of Pakistan's ISI on the main road near Rawalpindi, Pakistan. There the CIA specialists met with

12:20 PM ramana.gelli: Pakistani intelligence officers to help plan operations for the Afghan rebels.4

1:20 PM me: I just saw the URL...it is having vast information … it has unbelievable information. Thanks for sharing. 


Please write your comments with your opinion or any solution to bump off the terrorism from innocent human lives.

P.S:What is Oohrah ? [1][2][3

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