Vedam - Analysis & Review

The most expected and awaiting movie for me; first time I saw the movie just a little bit ahead from the second half; but second time able to see the full length. overall movie is up to my expectation and it was again a touching story like Krish's debut movie "Gamyam". Many people say "it is experimental" ,"it is a good movie" and "It is challenging" but my feeling is that it is just director's gut feelings and his moral reasons out his life learnings to educate people. The major scenes which moves any of the audience are "Allu arjun trying to rob the money from the old man", "When old man find his money the expressions and the music" and the final scene "When old man pays back the interest amount and patel leaving the kid". Through out the movie I never see Allu arjun, Anushka, Old man or Manchu manoj but just the characters cable raju, Saroja, Ramulu and Vivek(A Typical aspiring rock star) what else as a director krish wants, its purely a directors movie and its a honest success for him.

The noble intention to re-invent the human in all of us by Krish with his "VEDAM" is great. By looking at the trailer it self many wise people predicted the story;  and yes they are correct ! It was a story of five typical different Indians aspiring for different ways in some other way money is the need for most  of them. But I was seriously thinking about Krish; How he manages to score a hit as it is just second movie. Any body by seeing the Anushka in the trailers thinks that movie is fully commercial but krish never gave up his sensitivity to humanism. Prior to the movie release itself people started gossiping about "Vedam"; that the theme behind the movie was terrorism as like "Gamyam" takes theme of Naxalism. But my feeling is "Vedam" is a movie to re-invent the humanism in humans so theme is "Humanism". The patriotism attached to the climax is to high-light the humanism in my feeling. After watching the Prasthanam my only expectation was on "Vedam" and it will be really great if people really watch this movie with true sense of humanism.

Don't know what life lessons impacted krish in his past? the way he pictures the differences between rich and poor in his movies is simply clear and true reflecting the reality. The dialogues about the death people funeral by Allu arjun clarifies the differences between rich and poor.
And many other dialogues are thought provoking ones.
"Perugu vada lo perugu undi kada ani Pulihora lo puli untadaa ??" this dialogue by arjun to Sage(krish was in that role) sound funny but the meaning behind that has so much depth.

"Basti lo pothe ganta lo ettu taaru ; ade akkada chaste rendu rojulu frig lo unchutaaru, manchi gaa chaavalanna dabbu lo puttali ra .."
And coming to songs, all are good Keeravaani surprised me by writing four songs in this movie, and as usual Seetaa rama sastry sirs songs is having so much depth in his lyrics and it is also good.
"Neetho nuvvu kalahisthu
nityam ninu nuvve gelipisthu
samayam pai chirakalam cheragani santakanni pettu "

Again hats-off to Sastry sir.

Kudos to krish and his crew.
Special thanks to Allu arjun and Manchu manoj to make it happen ...
P.S : A guest appearance role can have fights, songs and scenes through out the movie and it has impact on climax scene as well. Then what does a real Guest appearance role means. May be manoj did not even tell his name at climax to arjun as his role is guest role.

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