Sekhar Kammula - A Soothing director

Sekhar Kammula- A Soothing director
Sekhar Kammula C/O Simple and Kool movies

The day I saw Sekhar kammula in my life for the first time was on TV, that day I never forget for sure.I think that was for a success interview for his debut movie "Anand". During his interview one line told by him was the only reason for my admiration for his movies.The line he told was "I was born and brought up in a good family with just good thoughts for around 25 years, I don't think I can make bad out of it".I struck dumb for a movement;  our elders say "The way you brought up in childhood makes your next years in life".  During the close shots in that interview I observed Sekhar's erected ears; it immediately reminded me our Mahatma Gandhi. So my expectations and admiration has meaning; sure he will stand for good movies and good cause.That was the  movement I started believing Sekhar as one of the best directors we are going to see. And Yes; now we are the luckiest people to see his Simple and Kool movies from an adept director like Sekhar Kammula.

The admiration for his movies has became almost like a free medicine for me, When I ever I see his movies I feel some kinda solace; may be it soothes the disturbances in mind/heart. He is not just a revolutionary director for Telugu Film industry (Tollywood) but he created a new era for all simple and cool movies. He has become a brand ambassador for feel good movies. People started calling those feel good movies as Sekhar kammula brand movies. What else is required for his efforts ? The way of picturising the scenes with decency and politeness is the unique formula which he knows and which he implements, for which we applaud. He has proved that the movie success rate do not just depend only on commercial values of the film at box office for each of his ventures including his first trial "Dollar Dreams". Nevertheless he changed the whole perspective of Telugu audience.

When first time I heard that he was a Engineering graduate who has finished his MS from US and also a little stint in IT , I realized his passion for movies. I heard many times from my friends who closely move in Telugu film industry about the honesty, simplicity and the way how he leads his life. His commitment and passion is just for making movies not for making money. Many times Sekhar refuses or ready to cut his remuneration when ever the movie budget increases; are you stupefied ? but it is fact that his passion for movies is infinite. He feels happy in making a good movie nothing else.

Sekhar made us think about society, he gave us confidence that we can still expect movies with fine comedy and romance without sleaze, emotions without bloodshed, simple and soothing music without high number of high beats, messages which are not too long but are possible to implement and change the way they are. What else you are expecting in a good movie ?  At least once you might have imagine your behavior in any of Sekhar's movies/characters. Isn't it ? It is just because, he is keen in picturising the real life characters and situations in his movies and hence you will definitely see yourself in those characters.
"Purity with clarity and decency with complacency is nothing but a Sekhar Kammula movie, These are simply console for souls "
I think I need not say much more about Sekhar at this point ..I want to confess one thing here that I have all these kammula movies on my laptop and I regularly see them.
Let me talk some thing about these fabulous movies
2000     Dollar Dreams     - Director, writer and Producer     - National Award – Best First film Director
2004     Anand             - Director, writer and Producer        - Nandi Awards – 6
2006     Godavari         - Director and writer               - Nandi Awards – 5
2007     Happy Days      - Director, writer and Producer        - Nandi Awards - 4,
                                                                                             - Film-fare Awards South - 6
                                                                                             - Dasari Best Film Director Award2007
2010     Leader          - Director and writer                 - Yet to announce
All of them are really deserving honors for Sekhar.
Finally I have a Big wish to request all this article readers; "I would like to meet Sekhar Kammula in person at least once in life", So please help me to fulfill my dream. Don't know when my dream comes true.
Cont ... PART - 2 More about his movies and the feelings

Sekhar Kammula known for his magic to extract tenderness in his movies ...

More references :
Photos curtsey :

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ETV Dhee 4 - D4 Ladies special - Keep dancing

Ladies special reality dance show ETV Dhee 4.
Dhee 4 - Keep Dancing
ETV's prestigious reality dance show Dhee is successful since 3 years, ETV now launching it's 4th venture ETV Dhee 4 - which is completely ladies special. Specials for this show are going to be so many specials, but the biggest mania for this show is going to be "Shreya" as brand ambassador for this show.
Rambha as one among the judges. As usual there is going to be six choreographers and six contestants in this show as well. All going to be very exciting to entertain the small screen lovers. The best part of this episode is that the logo designed for this Dhee 4 show. The 4 number turned into Telugu letter dhee is simply cool looking with good colors and it is so attractive.
And importantly anchor Undhaya Bhanu is continuing as anchor for this show which I feel a must for this show. I can't imagine any body else in place of lovely Bhanu. Keep rocking Bhanu !! For ETV Dhee 1, 2 and 3 titles Prabhu Deva was brand ambassador and people were happy to see him on all the finals of these shows.  Now people will get a chance to see Shreya and all his glamor in their favorite show for sure and I myself so much excited to see this show.  Since these days after Dhee 3 is over, "Malle maala" production is conducting so many meets with people to know their interest and bests to make this show a mark-able one among the other competitive reality dance shows on the small screen.
So be ready to watch the glamorous queens dance hungama !!
BTW punch line for this Ladies special is "Keep Dancing ... "
Let's wait till 28th April 2010 to watch the spectacular introductions for glamorous queens ...
Old posts on ETV Dhee 1, 2, 3 << Click this

July 7 2010 - ETV D4 Ladies special :
Don't know why I lost interest on this show since some time, but this week I see; I felt so good about the show again. It was back to form. Rocking performances by contestants again.
S.No         Masters           Contestants
1.              Sujatha             Monika
2.              Uma                  Anusha
3.              Poppy                Mounika
4.              Selvi                  Bhavya, Sail Pallavi
5.              Santhi               Eshwari
6.              Sendamalai         Anita

Reference : [1] [2]

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Best/top/Free pocket pc app(s)lications download

Best Pocket PC Applications
Most of the time Pocket PC users end up in spending all their time in finding the relevant software for their need. 
Here I would like to list out all the useful software I use on my Windows 6.1 mobile which will help other Pocket PC/PDA or smart phone. Usually most of the Windows 6.1 supports JAVA so any of the jar or jad files can be installed on to Pocket PCs, how ever with my experience in using these tools in the especially moderate Internet speed countries like India, cab based installed software work better than JAR or JAD tools...
So here the list of Applications we can use for Pocket PC goes ... 
  • Snaptu :Type of Installer is Only Jar. But this is an amazing application which can help to connect to multiple tools/Websites like BBC, Face book, AccuWhether, Cric Info, Twitter,Picasa, Blog reader, etc. Download Snaptu from here. I feel very comfortable using this only when connected through Wifi in India, compared to GPRS connection. 
  • Pocketwit : This is one of the best smallest twitter client for your windows mobile which comes as cab installer. Very fast and bug free software for mobile tweeple. It really makes tweeting happy and easy when you are on a journey. 

  • Oxford 6.1 : As you guess, yes it is English dictionary. It is the light weight best dictionary available as cab installer for Windows mobiles. Cute one it is.
  • Clear Temp : This is another most wanted tool for Windows users, it is a mandatory task for any Windows users to manually clean all the temp files which eats all the system memory resources. The best part of this tool is it has built-in tools like Soft rest of phone and MRU cleaner.It helps you in cleaning the recent used application shortcuts from the Start menu as well.By the way this as well comes as cab installer for fast access.
  • Lookout mobile security : One of the cool Anti-virus cum backup maintenance tool for Pocket PCs. Very effective tool for Mobile security. Helps you in locating your lost phone as well. Available as cab installer for Free.
  • Facebook : Nothing much to say about this, Yes it is also available as FREE cab installer for Pocket PCs. And it is simply superb with its cute GUI navigations.
  • Fring : One stop solution for all the IRC chat applications like Gtalk, Skype, AIM, Yahoo, MSN etc. Once you install this application on your smart phone, you are good to go with any of your chat application usage. Isn't it a smart application when available as Free cab type installer ?
  • Google Mobile App: This is again one stop solution for all the google based tools like Maps, search tool, calender, Documents etc. Free Cab installer available for this as well. 
  • PcketMusic : This is one of the best Mobile music player I have found till now with various features like muti plug-in support and hardware level boost for the best sound quality boost adjuster, CD to mobile riping facility etc etc..what not every thing what ever you can do with a music player in your PC is just available with this one. Free to use as cab installer.
  • You tube: Nothing much to explain about this, yes You tube client is also available as cab installer and free to Download-install-use for all smart phones, for your loved videos streaming.
  • Sim manager: Every one of the mobile users when first time they started using it definitely they might have felt like annoyed if the PPC vendor did not provide any sim management tools along with hand set. No worries even if your vendor did not provide any such now your are ready to download - install - use your favourite handy tools for your pocket PC.
  • NG Pay: One stop solution for all payment gateways. Basically it is a secure payment gateway application available as jar supported by many companies starting from flowers and Piza orders you can book your flight tickets as well using this.
  • PhonePad : Last but not the least, it is the best application and a must for any smart phones I feel. This helps in simulating a big key pad as like old traditional key pads in other phones for your touch screen mobile.With T9 Editor.
These are few of my handy tools in my pocket pc, I thought it is worth sharing with you guys...Hope this helps. I am eager to see your comments with more tools in this line...continues ...

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Generate mutiple insert commands in sql file using shell script

The following small shell script will generate a SQL file which contains multiple insert statements.
The shell script will add unique numbers for each primary key object in the insert statements.

while [ $k -le 4 ]
echo "insert into CDSSCHEMA.PLAN_DESCRIPTION (PLAN_ID,PACKAGE_ID,LOCAL_IP,REMOTE_IP,STATUS,PLANCREATIONTIME,USERID) values ('$i','1270803791784','','',1,'2010-04-09 09:04:21.979898','CDS_Administrator')" >> dummydata.sql
let i="i+1"
let k="k+1"
Put the above lines of code in shell script and run it at the shell to generate mutiple insert statements according to ur need in  the SQL file dummydata.sql
Don't forget to add your better ideas to improve this script in form of comments.

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DB2 manual uninstallation and cleaning

Some time we end up in uninstalling the problematic DB2 installation when some thing went for toss
Here are the simple steps to clean and UN-installation. Try as root and before that db2stop force command will stop all running instances.
Go to the DB2 installed location /opt/ibm/db2/V9.5/instance
[/opt/ibm/db2/V9.5/instance] >> ./db2idrop db2inst1
DBI1070I  Program db2idrop completed successfully.
NC142132 [/opt/ibm/db2/V9.5/instance] >> ./dasdrop
SQL4410W  The DB2 Administration Server is not active.
DBI1070I  Program dasdrop completed successfully.
NC142132 [/opt/ibm/db2/V9.5/install] >> ./db2_deinstall -a

Once you finished un-installation steps don't forget to delete the db2 related users and groups and their home directories
ex :
userdel -r db2inst1
userdel -r db2fenc1
userdel -r dasuser etc

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SQL1428N The application is already attached to "DB2INST1" while the command issued requires an attachment to "LHOST0" for successful execution

Have you ever faced this issue while running drop database ???
SQL1428N  The application is already attached to "DB2INST1" while the command
issued requires an attachment to "LHOST0" for successful execution
db2 => drop database IBMCDB
SQL1428N  The application is already attached to "DB2INST1" while the command
issued requires an attachment to "LHOST0" for successful execution.
db2 => list db directory
 System Database Directory
 Number of entries in the directory = 1
Database 1 entry:
 Database alias                       = IBMCDB
 Database name                        = IBMCDB0
 Node name                            = LHOST0
 Database release level               = c.00
 Comment                              =
 Directory entry type                 = Remote
 Catalog database partition number    = -1
 Alternate server hostname            =
 Alternate server port number         =
db2 => drop database IBMCDB
SQL1428N  The application is already attached to "DB2INST1" while the command
issued requires an attachment to "LHOST0" for successful execution.
db2 => uncatalog db IBMCDB
DB20000I  The UNCATALOG DATABASE command completed successfully.
DB21056W  Directory changes may not be effective until the directory cache is
db2 => list db directory
SQL1057W  The system database directory is empty.  SQLSTATE=01606
Hope this solved your issue :))

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Indian famous film stars on twitter tolly,kolly,bollywood

Famous people on Twitter

This post is mainly intended to group and list all the famous Indian film stars who are on twitter from multiple cine industries in India like Bollywood, Tollywood and kollywood etc. I would like to add as much as possible, and I request people reading this article to add more people relevant to this post to help others who are searching for their favorite personalities from film industry in India.
Happy tweating and the list goes as below ... I wish more people come and join in twitter to share their feelings and to be close to their loved ones.
Note : Most of the persons below are linked to Wiki, to know more about the persons try to click on the name of the person if it is linked.
Tollywood : 
All Telugu film stars updates you can see on page itself >> click this

Prince Mahesh babu :
Akkineni Nagarjuna 

Daggupati Raana :
(Leader fame - D.Rama naidu Grand son)
Siddharth :
(Bommarillu fame)
Hansika :
Genilia :

Manchu Lakshmi : 
(Dr. Mohan Babu's daughter) 
Sumanth :


Rajini Kanth :
R Madhavan :
Trisha krishnan:
(Varsham(Telugu movie) fame)
Shriya :
Priya :
(Leader fame)
Richa :
(Leader fame)
Samantha :
("Em maya chesave" fame)
(Gajini fame)

Bollywood :

Karan Johar:
Sharukh khan :
Amita bachchan :
Abhishek bachchan :
Sameera Reddy :
Sonam Kapoor :
Akshay Kumar :
Preeti Zinta :

Sports stars :

Sachin Tendulkar :
Sania mirza:
M S Dhoni :

Lalith modi :
(Ex-IPL Chairman)

Politicians :

Rahul Gandhi :
Narendra Modi :

Others :

Barak Obama :
Drujoy Datta :
(Of course I L U book author)
Allu Sirish :
(South scope magazine owner)

Chetan Bhagat :
(Famous Indian author)

Hollywood :

Jim carrey : 
Useful links : [1][2]
Technorati Tags: , , , ,
P.S : BTW you can follow me on twitter ...
To know more about the person click on his name to see his wiki page or any other his site with his information.

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Review "Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better " - Durjoy Datta Maanvi Ahuja

"Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better " - Durjoy Datta Maanvi Ahuja
I think this was around more than 3 months back, I bought  this book in my regular visiting place "Landmark" - a regular place for brain food. That day I was just going through the racks for new arrivals, happened to see this book in the offers table, title "Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better "  fascinated me. Quickly saw the price, about author and one random page. Price is just 100 INR, authors are Indians and brief intro about authors was stunning; they were fresh graduates and don't know how I imagined that, the story might be about the authors and which I still believes. And the other main reason made me by this book was my reading of one random page in this book, which talks about the excitement of the author when he sees mutiple comments for his recent post in this blog. Being a blogger no other thought apart from buying it. 
As like many other books started reading this book only when I got into a train after one month of its purchase date. The ugliest truth is that I am able to finish the whole 232 pages is just today.

Coming to the story it is quite simple and well expected story from a guy who was just a fresh mechanical engineering graduate from a metropolitan city college in the year 2008. I felt it was a realistic story and quite acceptable to imagine that it would have happened from a guy like Deb, who is the hero of the story winking. Deb was a student from a Delhi arts college who was below average at studies but above average at finding or making merry. Deb always tries to find the best out of his girl friends and comes to a situation of saturation and finally finds his wanted love. Deb was a blogger during his college days where in which he express himself with out any fear which ultimately helps in building his own/final career for his life as well as finding the way for his most loved girl friend. 
I really enjoyed the last pages of this novel, especially Deb after coming out of his college and finding the real life with out any of his GFs. The twists before the climax were very simple and light kiss which any body can expect at any point of time as like this climax. Though the mix of romance(Narrating Debs adventures behind the tinted car glasses, just on the regular park benches and also in the old college buildings ) added flavor to the title the original portrait of Deb's character was never overlooked which we can understand and agree by reaching the climax of the book. We will find the Deb like guys frequently in us or at least just around us in terms of running behind the beautiful ladies, helping his close friends in making their love success and finally finsing the truth after practical learnings of life and love towards parents etc. May be I missed some kinda things like alcohol, movies, girl friends in deed sex during my graduation and hence I was not able to enjoy the first few chapters of the book.
Finally this is a book which contains at least one coinciding incident from any engineering graduate life starting from his college life to his final career life. Of course I am not an exception there were many coincidences with my life as well. Though the last line of the books says like-
Imagination seldom runs wild, but when it does, you have a book....wave
still I continue to believe that this is some thing which happened between  Durjoy Datta & Maanvi Ahuja. Any way author it self agreed that it is some how his story by mentioning ... "..all most all those who knew me, now knew me better. Nothing more".
Once again congrats and thanks to both of these great authors who shared their happiness with readers.
Imagination is the best way to full fill our dreams, so to enjoy this book don't forget to imagine yourself. But always day dreamingday dreaming is not good so be aware that it is just your imagination.thumbs up

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Difference between Jython and python

Difference between Jython and python

  1. Python actually means CPython, as it is written in C. where as Jython is for the python scripts to be run on JVM.
  2. The main advantage of Jython over Cpython is that Jython can call any of the JAVA objects and vice versa. Any jython code compiled into pure java code.
  3. Due to the high ease of integration and also with huge library base available, jython is a favorite for java programmers.
  4. How ever jython is lesly being used when compared with Cpython usage due to CPython strength in terms of using OS specific features.
  5. Jython is one of the main scripting language being used in IBM Websphere and hence it has become such a famous.
  6. Portability wise Cpython is better than as Jython runs on JVM which brings down its portability.
  7. Lot more differences were well explained in the following references. Go through this for better understanding.
References : [1] [2] [3]

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