class finder in JAR WAR EAR JarScan.jar

It is very much important and most common for many java Developer to search for the required class file in the numurous jars/ ears / wars in the big project code base. So it is very much useful to have a handy tool like JarScan in work place. It is very simple and light weight tool which will help in searching the required class files in the big project code.
JarScan.jar file can be downloaded from below link.

JarScan helps when you are having problems finding a class that you need in order to compile your project. It will locate the class files in no time at all.
· Java 1.4 or above
 Usage : 
1. To search class xyz
java -jar e:\jarscan.jar -class xyz

2.To display the help message type: 
java -jar jarscan.jar -help OR java -jar jarscan.jar

Hope this this helps my java mate ! :)

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Shell script to pass arguments and validation of arguments in side shell

The below is a simple shell script snippet which accepts two kinds of parameters(1. start 2. -start) while running.
How to validate these parameters and how to run the shell script accordingly is the main motto :)
set -x
if [[ "$1" == "start" || "$1" == "-start" ]]; then
echo "code for start action"
echo "Please input valid arguments"
echo "Usuage: start or -start "

Hope this helps in passing parameters to installer like scripts. 
I observed the behavior of the same script differ in different shells like k shell and bash shell.


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