My SQL Basic FAQ's

How to start mysql in windows ?
C:\mysql-5.0.16-win32\bin\mysql -u root
How to log in to mysql ?
mysql -u root mysql

Then set a password (changing "NewPw", of course):
update user set Password=password('NewPw') where User='root';
flush privileges;

Creating a Database ?
create database database01;
All that really does is create a new subdirectory in your MYSQLHOME\data directory.

How to connect to DB?
use database01

How to create a new Table ?
create table table01 (field01 integer, field02 char(10));

How to see the existing tables ?
show tables;

How to see the table structure like desc in Oracle ?
show columns from table01;

How to insert data into a table ?
1)insert into table01 (field01, field02) values (1, 'first');
2)insert into table01 (field01,field02,field03,field04,field05) values
-> (2, 'second', 'another', '1999-10-23', '10:30:00');

Select commands in mysql ?
1) select * from table01;

Altering a table ?
1)alter table table01 add column field03 char(20);
2)alter table table01 add column field04 date, add column field05 time;

How to eneter a sql statement in multiple lines ?
create table table33
-> (field01
-> integer,
-> field02
-> char(30));

Updating a table data ?
update table01 set field04=19991022, field05=062218 where field01=1;

Deleting a record ?
delete from table01 where field01=3;

To come out of mysql prompt ?

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