Unlock BSNL 3G Teracom data card use it with Airtel and Vodafone Model no : LW272

How to Unlock BSNL 3G data card to use it with Airtel and Vodafone Model no : LW272 ?
How to unlock BSNL 3G data card( Model no : LW272 )use it with Airtel and Vodafone TATA DOCOMO etc.

I have purchased my BSNL 3G device ( Model no : LW272 ) in the start of year 2009, during this time no other providers were not available in the 3G market.
But time changes and slowly players like Docomo, Airtel and Vodafone etc guys entering market. So I was curious to know/try whether the same BSNL USB Data card can help me if I would like to shift to new operator in future. Luckly my device is not Hardware locked but it is just software locked. If it is hardware locked also we need to flash the memory.
In this BSBL 3G teracome device model no LW272 it is just interface software locked. Thats why it shows " Unauthorised sim, your modem will get closed now" .

So I tried the below steps and worked fine for me with vodafone 2G using Vodafone Mobile connect plan.(Post paid 350/month unlimited).

1. Install BSNL 3G software initially comes with the device to support the modem by installing the drivers.
2. Then check if you have still BSNL 3G sim working whether is connecting or not.
3. Once it is working as expected , go to the install location of BSNL 3G device software Ex : C:\Program Files\BSNL 3G Data Card\BSNL 3G and rename the BSNL 3G.exe to some thing else.
To prevent it running from the start of device.
4. Now create one new dial up connection by selecting the device HSPA DataCardPropritary USB MODEM
5. while creating dialup connection use dialing number *99#  ;  user name and password will be blank. (depending on the signal provider dialing number might change; but for Vodafone *99# is working)
6. Now disconnect the device and remove BSNL sim and keep the other sim card ex : Vodafone.
7. Just wait for 30 sec till the 3G usb LED glows to Green. Unless it glows green you cant do any thing.
8. Now just click connect for the dialup you created already.
9. Now you are all set to use the BSNL device for other operators also.
10. enjoy your Internet now !

Hopefully same steps hold good for Vodafone 3G also which is coming soon !

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