Planetarium in Bangalore and Musical fountain


Last week I visited planetarium in the Bangalore, It was good time to re-build our memories related to Planets and solar system. Many of us know the Solar system, Stars life and other interesting things in astrology. Really kids can enjoy this place, as it gives a chance to visualize what they have learned in the books.
 More details you can find here
Show timings and event evrey thing they are maintaing in this website for the Bangalore planetarium very well.It contains route information as well. route map

There in Bangalore planetarium(Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium) they show different shows in the SKY theater (Will be in a globe like shape inside) like
  1. Wonder Stars - Life history of stars (How they evolve and how they die ?) More about SUN.
  2. Shows about Indian scientist's like Jagadeesh chandra Bose.
  3. Shows related to solar system

And in some important days like lunar eclipse or solar eclipse they arrange the telescope or other required apparatus to view those miracles with required precautions.

Along with these things there I found one interesting weigh machine which will print your wait in all planets.And the garden they are maintain is good. Along with the garden they have different simulation setup which will explain many physics concepts like Force and Mass movements simple pendulums and Sound etc .show charges are around 25 R/- per head. No special entrance fees.
After this visit we immediately went to Indiragandhi Musical fountain in the energy park which is just beside this planetarium.

This is also having a good and beautiful park. The kids has many play things to enjoy like merry go round. The musical fountain is good but they focused only on karnatic music and Patriotic music.
All my frined slept during the show as it is almost like documentary. And really we should thanks Sudha murthy (Infosys) for sponsoring the presentations to this planetarium.

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Auto show 2009 Bangalore-Hot bikes and cool Cars

Hot bikes and cool Cars

Never feel alone...roam all the world...reach the sky high ..these are my strong feelings till to this moment, this is the feeling which took me to Auto show 2009 happened in Bangalore palace grounds.

Venue : Palace grounds- Bangalore
Date  : 14 Nov 2009
Entrance Fee: 50 INR per head

It was really a splendid, biggest and most electrifying auto show in Bangalore as advertised. When I saw the publicity cut out I have a plan to see but I really did not expected this much bash over there.
With my friend I reached the place around at 12:15 PM, we really don't have a single clue about the programs timings there, but we are lucky enough to see the stunt show by bike riders.It was really spectacular,breathtaking and stunning stunt show. Yes for some feats many people were breathless for seconds. Though the organizers gave more publicity to the bike rider Adil the other riders also excelled undoubtedly.

These riders used re-modeled pulsar, apache, and Honda Dio vehicles. But the way they have done the wheeling is wondrous. the burn out feats and touching the ground feats are astounding.In the middle the smallest bike was shown on the track by driving. It was funny. After the stunning show there was an amazing belly dance show by two dancers which was again spectacular and breathtaking. I never such a perfect and belly dance in any movies or shows.

Immediately after this we entered into exhibition place where organizers arranged huge collection of World class vehicles under one roof. Really the the motor vehicle lovers can enjoy this fest for sure. All worlds class best vehicles under one roof. But the good part I like here is the old vehicles sorry antique cars placed beside the latest cars proved again the "old is bold".

The old car manufacturers like Beetle,jaguar, and Ford are worth watching. Along with this few Volkswagen cars were placed there and their owners names were displayed on them.The BMW cars displayed there dragged many people to just stare for long time and we can imagine the photo lovers for posing and taking snaps.The super bikes from Suzuki like Hayabusa and intruder along with Royal en field and bullet were shown there.

There are TATA,Hyundai and Mahindra stalls where they showcased their latest cars. Along with this there are few stalls which exhibited the car accessories like vacuum cleaners and GPS systems.

Among the displayed cars i remember few names of those ...skoda-fabia and octiva,Tata -Dicor,safari and Nano and Hyundai - i10,i20, Mahindra -Xylo,Scorpio,Logan,Ford,Endeavor, Over all it was a wonderful Auto show 2009.
Note: Enjoy the more photos in the slide show below.
Hot Bikes ...and Cool cars ... This is Auto show 2009 Bangalore event

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ps in DOS/windows pid command? How to export all your windows system environment variables ?

ps equivalent command in Windows or DOS 
How to see pid of a running process in Windows like in Unix (ps -eaf )?
 Just launch the task manager and go to processes tab and you should be able to see Image name followed by PID. If you are not able to see PID column here you may need to add it from Menu (View) -> Select Columns and then select PID(Process Identifier) .
Windows Command to see which port is being blocked by which PID ?
netstat -anb
Many users face trouble in tracing the process id of a process when comes to windows / DOS . Basically DOS is not multi tasking OS. It just maintains only process under which sub processes will be running. So Windows server versions we have got one similar command to show the process id of a likely process.
ex : ps -eaf | grep java
the above command in Unix will give all the java processes and their PIDs so similar command but not exact in windows (Server versions) would be the following

tasklist /v | find "java"
So if you want to run this command on other types of windows flavors like Windows XP it may not work so to make it work you may need to install 2003 Source it needs framedyn.dll
P.S : Generally the best practice I follow is I will install tool called Cygwin on windows machines which gives a command prompt to allow us to run all possible Unix commands in windows itself.

How to export all your windows system environment variables ? 

Just from run pompt launch cmd and run the below command which will put all environment variables in to one file
C:\> SET >> myEnvVariables.txt

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merge 2 files line by line and delete duplicate words - shell script , awk

The following shell script main aim is to merge two files line by line and delete the repeated word or duplicate word from each line.

file 1 :
apple goa orange
hello hi how are you
file 2 :
mango goa orange apple
how are you hi hello
Final out put required is :
apple goa orange mango

hello hi how are you
Screen outputs :
nc041031:/opt/krish # cat 1.txt
apple goa orange
hello hi how are you
nc041031:/opt/krish # cat 2.txt
mango goa orange apple
how are you hi hello
nc041031:/opt/krish # cat

awk 'NR==FNR{a[FNR]=$0;next} {print a[FNR],$0}' 1.txt 2.txt | tee a.txt
awk '{ while(++i<=NF) printf (!a[$i]++) ? $i FS : ""; i=split("",a); print "" }' a.txt | tee final.txt

nc041031:/opt/krish # ./
apple goa orange mango goa orange apple
hello hi how are you  how are you hi hello
apple goa orange mango
hello hi how are you
nc041031:/opt/krish # cat final.txt
apple goa orange mango
hello hi how are you

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