Flowers show at Lalbagh, Bangalore – January 2009

Blooming buds

As Wordsworth said “A flower is poet’s darling”, yes it is - but I would like to reframe that as some thing like “A flower is people’s darling”. Why because ?  every human on this earth like the flowers. It is the complete solace one can have from nature beauty.
Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.  ~John Ruskin
I am resident of Bangalore since 2006, every year there used to be agog news about “Flowers show” which is bi-annually conducted in Lalbagh(Botanical Garden).This is year due to long week end I was pretty free to visit this show, Though I was bit tired due to journey the day just before this plan I just did this as I am strongly prepared my self to go there. At last we visited this show, with Chandu and Teja accompanying me. It was really awesome show with thousands of flowers collected together to beautify our minds. Though it was started on 18th Jan there was huge crowd in Lalbagh. I think its all  festive mood which we can see on republic day celbration in Lalbagh with this flowers show.

I don’t think - there will be people who don’t like flowers in this world.
Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.  ~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858

Lalbagh-Bangalore is the old botanical garden in an area around 240 acres. It has many variety species of plants and trees including rose garden, ponds and different fountains to intoxicate the minds of the visitors. There is a glass house in this garden and this is the place where generally Flower show would happen every year. And it was well used to decorate and exhibit around 350 varieties of flowers.

The theme of this flower exhibition was the world peace. To reflect this they made a globe with around 1 lack roses with different colors and placed two doves in a love symbol on top of this globe. This was the ultimate one and I am sure this flick will lie in my eyes for whole of my life. All the corners of this glass house is decorated well with thousands of flowers with versatile themes. We can see the elephant shape prepared with betel leaves is also superb!
Flowers are without hope.  Because hope is tomorrow and flowers have no tomorrow.  ~Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin
And there were around 100 stalls to display the rare spices of plants, to sell gardening gadgets like manures, pots, books on plants, herbal products, saplings and also seeds.
The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friends.- Persian Proverb
"I enjoyed the show here, I like India and all places here" said an European when my friend and me asked in this exhibition. As whole I like this show and all Bangalorians must see this at least ones.
I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze
Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.
~William Wordsworth, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud," 1804

World peace theme at Lalbagh Flower show
Note : Unlike other days the entrance fee was 40 R/- this year.There is a separate parking place provoded if we enter from south gate of Lalbagh and parking charges applicable.
Other Photos from my cam :


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ETV's Dhee - Perfect entertainer and best platform for dancers

Channel Name: ETV
Show Name: Dhee
Producer: Syam Prasad Reddy (Malle maala creations)
Anchor: Udaya Bhanu
Important Participants: Haranath reddy, Monika, etc
Important masters: Shiva sankar, Noble, Sreedar
Judges: Prabu Deva, Brinda, Tarun master.

E-TV(Telugu)'s recent block buster and super hit reality dance show "Dhee" aired some months back and bought its Rank - 1 back in high competition time too. Increased TRP’s or getting Rank-1 among all telugu TV channels is one thing but this is like getting its pride back in the very crucial and challenging situation for Mr. Ramoji Rao for his Name and fame with Eenadu group in the Andhrites hearts. As in the recent past times he was facing many issues with film city being pointed by Mr. Undavalli Dayaklara Rao and also his dispute with his son sumanth ade the situation too worse. At last he is the winner proving his strength again to win the Andhra people's hearts.

Coming to the ultimate reality dance show “Dhee”, it created really new trend in the TV shows especially Telugu channels with its unique concept of making the most renowned choreographers participated along with their teams. And each show is unique with a tough competition between dancers to prove their trainer’s caliber. It became a competition between the choreographers/trainers at one stage. Making the viewers breathe stop at the results and tying the viewers hearts close to the show timings is not an easy task it was made possible with this show. The other reality dance shows in many channels now started thinking of doing their best with the best formula in Dhee to compete themselves. It is the Purring dance shows in TV till it was shown.

Any body jaw has to drop while watching show like this especially a unique show being done by an old choreographer like Shiva sankar. I was not able to follow this show till I saw Shiva sankar’s performance. His age is around 70 and in one episode he was eliminated and in that moment he has expressed his acceptance with his ultimate performance and was forwarded to next episodes with thousands of audience SMS to make the show pleasant. The fierce race among television channels to garner TRPs is now a point think with the “Dhee” show.

Dhee stifles your curiosity while watching any participant/team performance in each episode and it will be asphyxiating no doubt. The costumes being used by all the participants are wired especially Monika like dancers excelled with their unique selection of item songs and costumes.
Eliminated participants were sobbing inconsolably in some episodes, but TVs are ready to showcase everything including feelings in everyone just to entertain the viewers or feel about what they telecast.
Unison hands movement shows attracted totally in many of the episodes. Though the base show for all these are from a Chinese dance show it was well reused in the Dhee shows too. We all know that the same show was performed in recent hit Telugu movie “Gamyam”. Unison hands movement specially used in “Dasavatarm dance” show by Harinath reddy.

The specials episodes like story board are best designed to measure the participant’s caliber in terms of creativity too and the one I like among them is Rajeswari, a Shiva sankar’s contestant.

And coming to this building/set, it is aesthetically very pleasing and especially special Dias for finals episodes is also awesome. Revelry on the entertainment channels is the current trend and passion for viewers and it was organized well in the Dhee too.
Undoubtly there are masses of people out there whose only mission in life is to impersonate movie stars, but very few are unique in admiring them to evolve as new star of the world.The winners are like this in this show.
He was Mr.Prabhu deva, called Indian Michel Jackson who has pranced the show in the finals.
Though it is ironic fact that it affects the kids well to change their life goal itself, but sure it creates definitely a positive goal for them.

Special Dance by Harinadh
Now D2 is Dhee-2 ETV is also over, Dhee 3 (ETV D3 ) is running now.
Compared to ETV Dhee , ETV D2 is better and ETV Dhee 3 is becoming famous now.
ETV D2 Finals Article on Eenadu paper link 

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Technology Vs Humans

Every new technology has its own and unique unanticipated or unwanted side effects. Take the Industrial Revolution as example, while reducing manual labor in the long run, had and still has many negative consequences, such as pollution, child labor, and sweatshop conditions.

Like that the Green Revolution, while allowing increased agricultural production in developing countries, also led to a population explosion in those countries, creating more starvation. New technologies are usually required to solve the problems created by older ones but unfortunately creating new problems for us. I am not telling we don’t need technology at all and I am not even against to changes we enjoyi9ng after industrial revolution or green revolution, I’m just analyzing the history and its traces.

Man versus machine, expressing concern about the dangers of artificial intelligence going awry, though this concern has seemingly subsided since the advent of the personal computer.
“As the use of technology increases, sure human relations decreases”
I am most definitely not anti-technology, but neither am I anti-human socialization.
It is people who use information, not technology; that projects and business processes are executed by human-beings, not robots; that it is the human-being which is of paramount importance in everything. 

Lets take the example of today’s crisis or inflation in the world markets will our technology come and solve this problem, definitely not so trust the people and don’t put high hopes on technology.Will is there any technology invented to create rise grains???  Even if a technology invented can we dream that it won’t cause any social harms to us??? Not at all!!! 

As “Energy is neither created nor is destroyed” one should not dream about the technology but also should think about the people.Here I am not saying that there should not be much importance to technology than people just to solve the present problems. Technology should just help the poeple in solving a problem. So people are the prime problem solvers.

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Desktop sharing in Gtalk, Yahoo, Skype,MSN, AIM and ICQ

How to share desktop in Gtalk, Yahoo, Skype, MSN, AIM and ICQ?

This is most common question on many of the Internet user's /chatters tongue in most recent times. I too got the same, number of times and here is the solution I found. The solution is very simple; we need to have very useful, light weight and FREE tools on our systems to be peaceful.

Those are Unyte, Yuuguu and Unyte Lyte.

The IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Share service is a quick and easy way to bring people and information together online. Use the Lotus Sametime Unyte Share service to show your desktop or share documents and applications with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

How to use?
For the first time users, they need to create an account; it is just an easy way to finish by entering any of your email account details say gmail or yahoo. Once you created your account you are all set to go! You can readily use this application by just inputting the login details. Once you are logged in it prompts you to select the current running applications on your system to share its screen/window to your counter part user.Once you finished your selection of applications/windows to share it gives an URL to share with your friend.You need to share this URL to share your desk top to your friend,If the counter part also has this Unyte application installed on his system he can opt for perr to peer sharing other wise he can use web based sharing of your desktop.
Note : If you have skype messenger id, it will allow by default with skype login, while your skype application is running.
Download Unyte here.

“Yuggu” is instant messenger software which helps us to combine all messengers (Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM and ICQ) contact list to a single contact list by providing desired messenger’s login details only once. Suppose if we want yahoo and Gtalk messenger’s contacts list to be combined to form one contact list in Yuggu all we need to do is we just need to add yahoo login details as well as Gtalk’s by going to preferences -> settings -> and External accounts. Once adding these accounts is finished we all set to combine both messengers in just Yuggu itself.

What are the benefits of Yuggu?
  •  It’s free to download and use.
  •  Share your desktop with your loved one.
  •  Conference chatting with different messenger users
  •  Secure and safe
  •  Share control of the same screen
  •  See when contacts are online
Download Yuggu here.

How does this work?
Once you have entered your Gmail or Google Talk account details into Yuuguu, your Gmail and Google Talk contacts will automatically appear in your Yuuguu contacts list. You can share your screen with only one click each. Your contacts will be notified that you want to share your screen by way of a web address and, on clicking this, they will be automatically taken to a browser window containing your screen share.

Drawbacks of Yuggu:
  • We can’t use it for Voice calls.
  • We can’t integrate Web cam chat with this.
  • We can’t put setting to see only online-users.
  • We can’t put alerts “When user comes online”
  • We can’t put more than two status messages.
  • We can’t add custom messages.
  • We can’t share photos/files.
  • etc
Unyte Lyte:

This is a simple yahoo plug-in which helps just yahoo users to share desktop. Unlike yuggu we can have desktop sharing from both sides.Two-way desktop sharing with moderate speed and nice quality is possible with “Unyte Lyte”. It’s so very easy to use.

Down load Unyte Lyte here.

Don’t forget to add your opinion in comments, about these two tools and also add the information of any other better tools if you come across. 

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SCJP 5.0 – 310-55 - Dump and exam materials

Since long time I thought of sharing SCJP (310-55) exam materials what have for clearing the beast - SCJP exam.

I clearly and strongly suggest any body who want to write the SCJP exam to prepare Kathy Sierra’s exam book thoroughly. If you are confident with the theory and objectives from this book I suggest you to practice sample/mock exam software which I attached in the ZIP file below. Then only look at the dumps attached. One more this is that these attached dumps below are Feb. 2008. So they may not help you much if u just relies on these dumps to clear the exam.
  • Read Kathey siera's Exam book completely and confidently.
  • Practice mock exam on software attached.
  • Then go through previous papers for confidence.
Now you are all set to go !!
Exam materials download Link 1
Link 2
Happy preparation!! I wish you all the best for your exam.

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