How to share a directory on Solaris ? (Mounting a Solaris directory)

How to create a shared directory in Solaris to be accessible from other nodes in the network ?
How to mount a directory to be accessible from other machines ?
Log in to Solaris machine where you want to share a directory.
In the below example you want to  share "/export/home/builds" directory located on once is shared you are mounting it on to "/share" directory of another machine.
Note : We have to create an empty directory named "share" under "/" on the machine where we are running the mount to command.
  • Share the directory in the local system
Open the /etc/dfs/dfstab file 

enter: share -F nfs -o rw,anon=0 /export/home/builds

save and exit
  • Execute shareall command
  • Use share command to check the directories shared               
  • Restart the nfs server(Not mandatory)
/etc/init.d/nfs.server stop
       /etc/init.d/nfs.server start
  • Open other system where you need to mount 
  • Execute mount -F nfs /share command (to mount the /export/home/builds folder in /space) 
Useful links [1] [2] [3] [4]

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vmount: Operation not permitted - AIX mount a remote Solaris directory

Mounting a remote Directory on Solaris/Linux to a AIX machine

Solution for mount problems facing on AIX?
Facing Errors like below?

Have you ever tried mounting a shared folder existing on Solaris or Linux machine to a AIX machine ? While doing so most of us will see the below kind of error. So to solve this problem the solution is this post.

bash-3.00#  mount pmgxs2v1:/dbarchive /dbarchive
mount: 1831-008 giving up on:
vmount: Operation not permitted.

bash-3.00# nfso -o nfs_use_reserved_ports=1
Setting nfs_use_reserved_ports to 1
bash-3.00#  mount -n pmgxs2v1 /dbarchive /dbarchive
bash-3.00# cd /dbarchive/
bash-3.00# ls
apache          builds          java            oracle          os              stax            unzipper
browsers        instance        lost+found      oracle-bundles  staf            stax-tnpm

Solaris by default requires any NFS mount to use a so called reserved port below 1024 and AIX 4.3 or above does by default use ports above 1024. 
We can use the nfso command to restrict AIX to the reserved port range as follows:
nfso -o nfs_use_reserved_ports=1

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How to transfer bike registration from one State to other (Karnataka to Andhra)

How to transfer bike registration from one State to other (Karnataka to Andhra)??

Most of us having two wheelers purchased and registered in one state may want to use in the other state. To do so we may require to transfer the bike registration from one state to other in India.
Say you have a bike purchased and registered in Karnataka and on job transfer you moved to Hyderabad along with your bike, Now to ride the bike legally in Andhra, you have to transfer your bike registration from Karnataka to Andhra.

So below steps followed by my friend Mr.Ahmed for above case will surely give you an idea and help you in migrating your bike registration. 
Thanks Ahmed ji for your interest in helping others on this.


RTO office – Kukatpally – Hyd

From JNTU -> Towards Malaysian Township -> First left (around 200 mts)


10:30 to 13:30


Do make yourself available by 10:15, there could be queues for Learner’s license and other state registrations separately. 


1.       Tax amount to be paid 

Show the following docs to RTO. He would check the vehicle type/model and manufactured year, and calculate the tax amount to be paid through D.D. in favor of “SRTA, R.R.Dist”.  (Your DD amount to include tax plus any other penalty towards late submission N.O.C, others )

Documents required:

·         Copy of R/C

·         Copy of NOC

·         Copy of driving license

·         Copy of bike Insurance(valid)

2.       Collect DD:

You can get DD from the nearby ICICI bank at JNTU if you have an ICICI bank account, no need to carry cash, amount will be deducted from your account.

3.       Submit DD:

Submit DD along with the processing charge of Rs. 125/- also with the documents mentioned above.

4.       Receipt:

The receipt given against the DD is sufficient to show the traffic police that you are in the process of AP registration.  Do carry copies this receipt.

5.       For AP registration:

Submit the following doc’s in Original to RTO

·         RC Original

·         Copy of Receipt (tax paid)

·         FORM 27

·         FORM 33

·         Address proof (from Govt. org)

·         Recent Pollution check (copy)

·         Insurance(Valid)

·         Photos

·         Original NOC

* If you are having NOC issued for place as “Hyderabad” you have additionally get approval from RTA- Hyderabad. 

For this you have to produce 

 * a notary on Rs.10/- certifying that owners details (you can get a copy of existing forms on request) 

  * a written communication to RTA- HYD (With revenue stamps) to get NOC transfer from RTA- HYD to RTA – R.R.dist

He has collected the receipts and pending with notary at RTA- HYD, not sure of the time line to get new AP number.  

Also known that, RTO might check the condition of the vehicle, so be there with the same bike that you want to register. 

Other state vehicles can pay AP road tax ONLY by following through steps 1-4, the tax amount would be as per the model and year of the vehicle.

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mChek for airtel-application download .jar .jad

Best Pocket PC Free apps downloads 
See this first
You are not able to download the mChek application by sending SMS airtel to 543219

Then it is for you, to make more happy to finish the mchek application installation manually using Nokia PC suite for Nokia phones

I tried it on Nokia N72 using Nokia PC suite it installed for me
Trhy the below links

Download jar file: mchekonairtel.jar (118 KB) 
                  jad file: mchekonairtel.jad ( 5 KB )

If the above files do not work then try these,
mchekonairtel.jar ( 96 KB ) or

Second jar file worked for me to install on Nokia N 72 phone.
So try your luck. If it helped for other phone users also add your tips/hints in the comments.
Using Nokia PC suite you can easily install the jar files on to Nokia phones.
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Mchek Airtel Postpaid Service numbers message numbers

Are you a Airtel user ?(Strictly for postpaid users)

Hope this post really helps you with information you are looking for since longtime !!

  • How to get the lattest outstanding bill amount to be paid ?
Just dial the number *121*11#
                Send an SMS to 121 typing OT
  • How to see lattest unbilled amount ? 
              Just dial the number  *121*2#
  • How to see the last 3 paid bill amounts?
              Just dial the number  *121*14#
  • How to see Airtel bill online
               Click on this link and register there to see ur bills online-
  • How to pay Airtel bill online?
               Click on this link -
               More payment options - Click Here
  • How to Pay Airtel bills by mCheck?
              More about mCheck in Airtel - Click this to know more
  • How to use mCheck on Airtel mobiles?
            Complete PDF with full details and screens - Click This link
  • Want to know more about Mcheck ?
              Click this link -

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Solaris basic interview questions

S.No    Command                Its Use

1.             psrinfo                      Gives processor type details 
2.             isainfo -v                   Bits of processor
                  isainfo -b                   Supported applications and it reports the number of bits 
                                                         supported by native applications on the running system, 
                                                         which can be passed as a token to scripts
3.             showrev                    Hostname, host ID, release, kernel architecture, 
                                                          application architecture, hardware provider, domain, and
                                                           kernel version
4.              uname -a                   Operating system name, release, and version;node;name; 
                                                           hardware name; processor type 
5.             prtconf | grep Memory Installed memory
6.             date 0621141001         Will change the current system date to Thu Jun 21 
                                                              14:10:00 MDT 2001
7.             cat /etc/motd                To see and change the message of the day
8.             /etc/nodename             To change the host name modify all these files 
               /etc/hostname.xxy           and reboot
How to change IP in Solaris machine?
To Change the IP on Solaris we requires edit two files:

1. /etc/hosts
2. /etc/inet/ipnodes

If you are changing network address, you will need to change the router address in the file:
1. /etc/defaultrouter

Changing the hostname now only requires editing these files:

1. /etc/hosts
2. /etc/nodename
3. /etc/hostname.

is the driver name followed by the instance number of the interface. ie. hme0, bge0, ce0, qfe0

You can find all your network interfaces by drivername and instance# by running the following command: prtconf -D | grep network

Note: the following hosts files are no longer used in solaris 10.

Rebooting the computer should bring up the new ip and hostname.

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Command to add / remove a package in solaris

Here are the commands to add / Remove packages in Solaris

Run these commands as root
  • To remove the installed package SUNWtchrx from a system, 
pkgrm SUNWtchrx
  • To add a particular package 
pkgadd -d
  • To see all installed RPMs (Resource package manager)
$rpm -qa
$pkginfo -a application
$pkginfo | grep -i sun

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Microsoft Surface - ppt

Around one year back when I enthralled after knowing about Microsoft Surface, a gave a small introductory presentation in my office..So thought of sharing it here. I presented it around one year back, so definitely there will be more to know about this interesting topic...

You can find updates in the following official Microsft Surface website.

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Money intrest caliculator

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