Gems in the devine telugu movies jewellery - Part 1

During the last 40 days I am totally involved in all possible divine services. As part of this I have seen some precious stone/gems in the Telugu movie jewelery. So I would like to share you the interesting things I came to know, of course my feelings too; after watching those movies. I can say again Old is bold - new is italic.Here is the list one by one...

Seetaakalyanam : Before watching this movie, I never knew that - this movie was directed by Bapu. Then I realized that this should be Bapu's move only as I have a opinion about his movie titles(Mr.Pellam, Radha Kalyanam, Radha gopaalam, etc.) has female domination in the title but sure not much in the movie. Generaly Hindu mythological movie titles based on "Raamayanam" stress Rama but Bapu is unique in his style and hence the title became "Seeta Kalyanam". Not only director - Bapu for this film surprised me but also the other team memebrs like Writer - Sri. Mullapudi Venakata Ramana and music director Sri.K.V. Mahadevan etc. Mullapudi venkata ramana, I know him only as a writer for many comedy oriented novels and stories but he is more than my innocence. He is a versatile writer with his penning. The dialogues he wrote for this movie are really awesome. But this great duo combination of Bapu - Ramana is fabulous.
They both are like "one mind operating in two bodies".Their combination is ultimate. Though Bapu is famous for his cartoon paintings and Ramana famous for his funny penning they made this film as Gem in our Telugu movies Jewellery.
When I am watching this color movie I learnt many interesting things about Viswamitra. I know him just as one famous Rishi. But in his past he was a great king, due to his greedy about Kaamadenu at Vasishta muni asrama and due to his highest quality of ego, he became "Rajarshi". He prays deep for god to attain the greatest position in Rishi's which is called Brahma Rishi to be supreme over vasishta muni. And of course he is successful in achieving all those along with all the greatest powers in archery too. This never helped him only due to his ego. Hence he wants to give the whole powers of him to one who can serve the people at his best. Hence Rama and Lakshmana got all the powers from him.Like this many ineteresting facts were revealed in this movie.
I think due to the strong understanding of the epic "Ramayana" and many facts and short stories involved with it only Bapu is able to direct 3 movies based on Ramayana (Seetakalyanam, Ramanjaneya yuddam and Sampuurna Ramayana).
The narration of facts by Parasurama after Seeta swamyamvaram is really interesting. I don't believe If there is any person who can't enjoy the beauty of this gem. BTW the prime role Seeta by Jayaprada is good. With out having sophisticated graphics technology also Bapu has shown the best output of his creativity those days. Many of us know how best Bapu - Ramana pair used to capture Telugu people nativity and picture them. No doubt this film also give the same feeling for us.
BTW Thanks to my friend - Haranadh who gave me this DVD to know many things. 

Paanduranga mahatyam :
Paanduranga mahatyam AKA pundareekuni katha is one of the best musical movie I feel. Amma ani arachina aalakinchavemamma, Jaya krishnaa mukundaa muraari ... Etc what not every song every charecter every scene in this movie are individually gems to make this Big Diamond. Writer Samudraala Jr.for this movie has best narrated the pundarika's story to pelase the audience. Ultimately his narration and Raju T.V music - the best combination created a relic for us.  Especially the romantic role as well as the sentimental role played by NTR thrills us. No doubt many might see rain in their eyes while watching the song “Amma ani arachina alakinchavemamama...” This song really melted my heart many times.
Sure many of us will play cymbal on their lap while watching the song "Jaya krishnaa mukundaa muraari ...” And this is the longest song in Telugu movies till now which is around 15 mins sung by famous singer Ghantasala.
Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao - Pundarikudu,Anjali Devi - Rama,Chittor V. Nagaiah - Jahnavi,Padmanabham - Pundarika's brother,Saroja - Kala ..Every body excelled in their roles to make this gem. The main theme of the movie is to serve the parents which are equal serving of god. At the end Pundarika (NTR) gets a boon from Panduranga to merge with him.
"Serving parents is the best way of salvation", this is the moral of the story.

Satyana narayna swaami Mahatyam:
This movie is all about the famous 5 stories for the origin and importance of Sri Satyanarana swaami vratam. As I am already aware of all most all the stories tied to it I am able to enjoy the best comedy in this movie. Especially the typical action of Relangi as a God role will not let us sit in chair. Any body should LOL.  Relangi's role is a King who feels himself as a god (Dressed in both Shiva and Vishnu) and troubles people to pray only him but not any other gods. He tries to impose his religion forcefully on his people and troubles them.
Ramana reddy, getting a boon from the Relangi, to make gold by his single touch, and the song after this scene teasing all the village people is totally funny. "Manchi Tarunam minchina dorakadu naaradaa ..." This song by Naarda (Kaantaa rao) is one of the most popular songs in this movie.Over all NTR, Relangi and Ramna reddy every body are best at their performance in their roles.
The main theme of the movie is to tell us the importance of the Vratam.

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