Trip to Nandi Hills

On 3rd May 2008 we had been to Nandi Hills. Nandi Hills is called as Nandi Betta in Kannada I think. And It was a small trip in my mind since a long time. But I want to go to this place along with my very close friends, as they all stay in Hyderabad It took this time for me …Whole it is a wonderful place to visit ..That to travel by bike will be a joy for riders like me …
We were 6 people started on 3 bikes. Among 3, 2 bikes are brand new. Mine is Pulsar (definitely male …No doubt in pick up and race).And the other is cbz Xtreme. Near K R Puram, we enter into Hyderanad high way and it is straight road till Devana Halli. Our plan is to see the sunrise from the hill, so we planned to start around at 4:30 AM from Koramangala as Nandi Hills is around 70 KM (total distance to reach peak of hill from koramangala).We thought we will reach the Hill by 6 AM and we can enjoy the sun rise …but it is very common god is the moderator we cant plan ….it was due to very small reasons we started here at 5 AM and even the journey did not even speed due to lack of petrol in one of the bike and due to early morning no bunk was opened. At last we reached Nandi Hills top by 7:20 AM. Nandi Hills 20 KM from a village called “Devana Halli”.After crossing our new air port road and flyovers’ we will see this Village.
Though we missed to see the sunrise we really enjoyed the ride, fog and clouds. On the Hill entrance we paid around 75 Rs for bike parking as well as entrance ticket for all of us. We can see many monkeys on the hill. The first thing you see as soon as you enter is the Amrit Sarovar which is a small tank, nothing much to see here, so we moved on. Moving ahead we have spent some time in Kids Park. We had good time to take enough snaps with our creativity that to in Fog. We had good photos on fort too. When I saw the fort there I thought it was some king’s place long back. But after returning form the trip, I came to know that it was really Tippu Sultan Place years back , where he used to punish people by throwing people down from this place. The spot and the views it offered was just too breathe taking.Moving ahead we went to ‘Yoginandishwara Temple’. It was a shiva temple. We have seen some foreigners too here. They are the one really spent more time than us understanding the history more. It was a foreign girl and an Indian boy who spent really good time in investigating about the temple and history. By seeing this hybrid couple sitting at the deadly edge of this hill - immediately I got Ameer khan’s “Rang de Basanthi“movie scenes in my mind. No doubt Love is crazy and Lovers too Crazy.

After Enjoying all these beauty we started moving down around at 10:30 AM.I felt there were enough number of hotels like “Mayuri” etc. I observed many grape gardens and people selling good grapes in the road side directly plucking from the garden. We reached around 12 PM to Koramangala.

It was really a joyful moment in any body life when he/she touched the clouds …one will surely feel pleasant experience like this in the fog and Overall the Nandi hills is a good spot for picnic and for a day away from the city life. And it is an inexpensive way to chill out.

· Please go by your vehicle (car or two-wheeler).
· Carry food items and drinks as it was too costly on the hill.
Note : Photos are in slide show …

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