ETV's Dhee - Perfect entertainer and best platform for dancers

Channel Name: ETV
Show Name: Dhee
Producer: Syam Prasad Reddy (Malle maala creations)
Anchor: Udaya Bhanu
Important Participants: Haranath reddy, Monika, etc
Important masters: Shiva sankar, Noble, Sreedar
Judges: Prabu Deva, Brinda, Tarun master.

E-TV(Telugu)'s recent block buster and super hit reality dance show "Dhee" aired some months back and bought its Rank - 1 back in high competition time too. Increased TRP’s or getting Rank-1 among all telugu TV channels is one thing but this is like getting its pride back in the very crucial and challenging situation for Mr. Ramoji Rao for his Name and fame with Eenadu group in the Andhrites hearts. As in the recent past times he was facing many issues with film city being pointed by Mr. Undavalli Dayaklara Rao and also his dispute with his son sumanth ade the situation too worse. At last he is the winner proving his strength again to win the Andhra people's hearts.

Coming to the ultimate reality dance show “Dhee”, it created really new trend in the TV shows especially Telugu channels with its unique concept of making the most renowned choreographers participated along with their teams. And each show is unique with a tough competition between dancers to prove their trainer’s caliber. It became a competition between the choreographers/trainers at one stage. Making the viewers breathe stop at the results and tying the viewers hearts close to the show timings is not an easy task it was made possible with this show. The other reality dance shows in many channels now started thinking of doing their best with the best formula in Dhee to compete themselves. It is the Purring dance shows in TV till it was shown.

Any body jaw has to drop while watching show like this especially a unique show being done by an old choreographer like Shiva sankar. I was not able to follow this show till I saw Shiva sankar’s performance. His age is around 70 and in one episode he was eliminated and in that moment he has expressed his acceptance with his ultimate performance and was forwarded to next episodes with thousands of audience SMS to make the show pleasant. The fierce race among television channels to garner TRPs is now a point think with the “Dhee” show.

Dhee stifles your curiosity while watching any participant/team performance in each episode and it will be asphyxiating no doubt. The costumes being used by all the participants are wired especially Monika like dancers excelled with their unique selection of item songs and costumes.
Eliminated participants were sobbing inconsolably in some episodes, but TVs are ready to showcase everything including feelings in everyone just to entertain the viewers or feel about what they telecast.
Unison hands movement shows attracted totally in many of the episodes. Though the base show for all these are from a Chinese dance show it was well reused in the Dhee shows too. We all know that the same show was performed in recent hit Telugu movie “Gamyam”. Unison hands movement specially used in “Dasavatarm dance” show by Harinath reddy.

The specials episodes like story board are best designed to measure the participant’s caliber in terms of creativity too and the one I like among them is Rajeswari, a Shiva sankar’s contestant.

And coming to this building/set, it is aesthetically very pleasing and especially special Dias for finals episodes is also awesome. Revelry on the entertainment channels is the current trend and passion for viewers and it was organized well in the Dhee too.
Undoubtly there are masses of people out there whose only mission in life is to impersonate movie stars, but very few are unique in admiring them to evolve as new star of the world.The winners are like this in this show.
He was Mr.Prabhu deva, called Indian Michel Jackson who has pranced the show in the finals.
Though it is ironic fact that it affects the kids well to change their life goal itself, but sure it creates definitely a positive goal for them.

Special Dance by Harinadh
Now D2 is Dhee-2 ETV is also over, Dhee 3 (ETV D3 ) is running now.
Compared to ETV Dhee , ETV D2 is better and ETV Dhee 3 is becoming famous now.
ETV D2 Finals Article on Eenadu paper link 

37 comments to "ETV's Dhee - Perfect entertainer and best platform for dancers"

  • Bagundi ra.... I seldom watch this show...
    I know its a good program but I never felt its this much good....!!I ll check it out...:-)

  • hello

    the other day i saw a scene in Dhee 2 where sum dude broke his leg an all judges were crying...there was a fantastic backgroung music tune being played...from where is this music from? imean from which movie/song?

    Thanx in advance

  • hello

    the other day i saw a scene in Dhee 2 where sum dude broke his leg an all judges were crying...there was a fantastic backgroung music tune being played...from where is this music from? imean from which movie/song?

    Thanx in advance

  • D-2 is awsome...D will be more appriciated if Udya banu WILL STOP anchoring the show... SHE IS SOOOOO SICK V ALL HATE HER...i like all d dance masters esp. Shekar master Ganesh master yasin master Robert master....
    I just love Robert master a lot.....It would ve been better if there is some info updated reg masters aswell... like their films n some personal life details....

  • Krishna said...

    the other day i saw a scene in Dhee 2 where sum dude broke his leg an all judges were crying...there was a fantastic backgroung music tune being played...from where is this music from? imean from which movie/song?

    did u get that music ....

  • hello....nice blog dude...i love that program...i love shekar master performances r awesome.i wish all the best to the remaining 4 masters(shekar master,ganesh master,bhaskar master,robert master)...especially i wish sekhar master to win the dhee title... :)

  • hi this is manjesh from bangalore, we r all love baba bhaskar and vivek, the real winner in baba bhaskar, the finale judge ment is wrong, they r adding sentementals in judgement, tharun master judgement is good, but reka prakash master pre plan judge ment, in 2nd round also imm.. score required, but they r not give the score, they r planing and desiding, i requesting to all judges this is a reality show pls help to talent, not for simpathys

  • Hi all,

    This is Sahitya. Recently, I started watching the dhee 2 show. And I watched all the episodes. What a program. The performances were really awesome especially Baba bhaskar Master. Hats off to his creativity. I just love his songs and I appreciate Vivek. He is simply superb. His performance was really really awesome. They are the real winners of dhee 2 program. All the best to Baba Bhaskar and Vivek. You guys rock !!!!!

  • Hey can some one give me the details of Ganesh master ...

  • Sorry for choosing anonymous ... Can some one gimme the details of all the masters in Dhee 2. Atleast Ganesh, Shekar master ...

  • Sudheer, I am also not sure about the Ganesh contact info but the best solution is you contact ETV people and they can deifnitely point to u
    Try this link fot ETV contact info link

  • hi
    i like robert master a lot... his style s somethin different... d 'handsome' of the lot... all d best 4 his future projects...

  • Dhee 3 Jhoni masters sucks

  • Dhee 3 Jhoni master does not seems like a profetional

  • I have been watching dhee program just from the semifinals. I am also watching dhee-3. Now, I want to watch the 1st version dhee-1. Where can I view these videos?

  • The ETV Dhee (D2) winner is Ganesh master.

  • D2 titile winner Ganesh master and his contestant name is prudhvi
    See this article

  • hi my name is candra.... i would like to know the dance masters names who participated in dhee-2 program... it was so amaged wen i watched these shws.....

  • sravan: well i am from berhampur.i love this program.i never this program.but today december 18.i am not satisfied with judge decission.i fully support of jonny master.whatever he says is right.he has a point when he press red light.if possible plz be back to jonny sir.its my humble request.plz

  • Hi This is Nagraj

    D programme reaylly rocks but the judgment of the d2 for the final epipsode was not correct hope it wont happen in further future or else this programme will loose the value


  • m saketh..........
    i love dance a lot and i do well
    i hav many fans in my college
    this d3 is the 1st danc eprogramme in tv which impressed me
    i love viveks dance a loooooooot
    m a fan 2 him....

  • who is satya master, he is having lot of ego problem, he is not
    all realising what he was doing to other masters.when jhonny master is saying something which is having a correct point you should accept it.if there is no point no one will accept wright.
    raghu master also doing some overactions in the show. no need of those actions, if you r feeling bad then talk like jhonny, if not
    then talk like sudheer also.don't do toomuch of egoism raghu and satya o.k.compared to d2 this is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worst because of raghu cunning behaviour and satya ego problemmmmmmmmm

  • Hey guys where to get contact detals of dancers who are participating in this show I would love meet Prem Gopaal, Vivek and Rajeshwari once,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • @Rock : Even I feel satya has some kinda ego feeling. In quarterfinals episode the points raised by satya were not correct at all, when johnny has explained it nicely satya has no words to say and he took it as counter instead of a positive word ... so many other instances he behaves like that ...really D3 pride is getting spoiled due to all these disputes.

  • hmm..i was wathcng d 4m beginning bt D3 was fantastic jhonny mastre was da main atrrction for sa shw..i m watchng da show dis tym 4 nly johnny mastre he was amazng ....i vsh johnny mmust win da title

  • I like the statement of Krishna that I love transparency. If it is so, please consider to change the judge of Dhee 3 with immediate effect. I liked Dhee 1 and 2, but unfortunately Dhee 3 is totally biased and the judge favored Harinath Reddy repeatedly. The performance of Mr.Harinath Reddy during yesterday (10-02-2010)and today (11-02-2010)episodes is awfully bad and below standard, compared to other contestants performance. In Dhee 2 I enjoyed his (Harinath Reddy) performance. Providing opportunities repeatedly after failing at the platform performance, which was viewed by lakhs of people, is really objectionable and it amounts to dictating the terms and insulting the masters, contestants and even the public. Why should we view this program any more ? At least etv should not become a stage for this type of biased programs and I am worried about the deviations and system collapse in the judgment. The young generation who normally view the dance program may emulate the style of the judge, which is not a healthy sign. She (the judge) feels that what ever she rules it is correct and final. Today she did grave mistake of allowing Harinath Reddy to perform again next week, insulting all other masters more so Johny master and attributes that master himself felt insult and left the venue. The anchor also commented at the end that we shall wait and see whether the master who left the venue (aligina master) with unrest will return next week to perform or not. Why don't you consider that it is a protest by the master and how can anchor says that aligina master ?????? Is it not playing with minds. Unfortunate to comment like this and I am really sorry to see such judgments in my most favored channel etv, the management of which gives much weightage to values for the prevailing best systems in the society, both in their print and electronic media. Ramesh babu

  • can I know the movies which johnny master choreographed for? any info about other masters?

  • I am watching Dhee3 from the beginning....i never watched any episodes of Dhee or Dhee 2 ....but some how we loved Dhee 3...and when we speak about Jhonny earlier episodes of dhee 3 his attitude/ or his contestant's performance was not good....but when is back with Pratap...they really performed well...And Harinath reddy....i dont know much about himm...but he is having lot of over confidence and he always feels he is the hero.....jonny master rejected him in the first episodes saying...he needs a dancer not an artist...that is correct...and in one elimination red room conversation sujatha master told " Nenu emi chesina accept chestharu ane oka pogaru undi Hari ki" we felt it's 100% correct...but i dont know why Rekha maam supported hari....but pratap is really a very good dancer.... i hope this time Vivek will get it for sure....if not Satyanarayana.....Raghu master really a different choreographer....he has his own different style...

  • I Think Jhonny Master worked for Arya....and raghu master worked for Arya-2...and sujatha maam she has done lot of 90's i think....Prema desam, SP parusuram etc.

  • Johnny master... I and my family are great fans of you... if you see this post, please email me @

    Your decision was outstanding... that Rekha Prakash is showing partiality towards Harinath Reddy. Johnny master, you are the only choreographer who can compose to each and every lyric. Hats off...

    Please contact me Sir, I want to meet you once.. My name is Srikanth!
    I'm planning to start a Johnny Fans association.

  • I Watched D,D2....Right now D3 it's super...
    Sir Shyam Prasad Reddy Ur so Greate.........
    Thanks 2 E T.V

  • compare to d-3,d-2 is good and compare to d-2,D IS GOOD because of one reason that argument is more and performances are less in d-3

  • totaly v have 3 parts of DHEE in that raghu master is very great he is great dancer the great ganesh hegde the international dancer of India has to learn the passion of dance from the raghu master everyone has to accept this if u cant accept it just call me on 08977934047 i ll explain u

  • hi its prathyusha.. am a damn fan of dhee.. and i just love vivek's dance... i just like u alot vivek... and am very very sad for ur failure.. but just cheersss.. u are the hero of dance

  • Watch Dhee 3 dance show videos online for free at

  • i love
    D & D2& now D3 i am also dancer i didnt get any oppertunity i never such kind of dance show but i love this dance once me also for the performence of harinath,shivashankar master really its ulimate dance show

  • I LOVE
    i love DEVA MASTER he s exlent and i am also one of the dancer and last thing s in the set suhub in that show all master ar god dance god

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