AWK SED Shell scripts and one liners commands examples

Handy AWK and SED ..frequently used one liners.

In this post I want to continuously update the most frequent and good awk and sed one liners we will use along with samples and examples in simple shell scripts.
1.To count the number of words in a string which are separated with special charters like ,
 # echo  "apple,mango,orange,goa" | awk -F, '{print NF}'
2.How to create and print the continuous variables in a loop after assigning the values to them
echo $temp
while [ $i -le 4 ]
let i="i+1"
eval DYNVAR${i}=$temp$i
eval echo "Value in DYNVAR$i is \$DYNVAR$i "
done the nslookup <IP> output print only Valid hostname of that IP
nc041031:~ # nslookup | awk '/=/ {print $4}' nslookup <Hostname> print only the valid IP of the corresponding host
nc041031:~ # nslookup |  awk '/Address:/ {print $2}' | grep -v "#"
5.Cont ...

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