Redirecting SQL select query output to HTML file - shell script, spool

This post main aim is to redirect the SQL select query output to a file for example to make a simple HTML file to display the select query output.
In this example I created two sample files one is and another one is
File 1:
bash-3.00# cat
sqlplus PV_ADMIN/PV@PV<< EOF

File 2 :
bash-3.00# cat select.sql
set linesize 200
set pages 1000
set feedback off
set markup html on spool on
spool test.html
select * from PV_REPORT.AGINFO;
spool off;
so when I run the it simply calls to spool the output to a test.html which will contain the select of the required SQL query.

Another simple file 
bash-3.00# cat
# This script will make connection to Proviso DB
# and selects the data required from a particular
# table to populate it in a file and uploads to
# your target server
NOW=`(date +"%b-%d-%y")`
echo $NOW
echo "$0 Running on $NOW"
su - oracle  <

sqlplus PV_ADMIN/PV@PV
set wrap off
spool $LOGFILE
select * from PV_REPORT.AGINFO;
sppol off


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