Technology Vs Humans

Every new technology has its own and unique unanticipated or unwanted side effects. Take the Industrial Revolution as example, while reducing manual labor in the long run, had and still has many negative consequences, such as pollution, child labor, and sweatshop conditions.

Like that the Green Revolution, while allowing increased agricultural production in developing countries, also led to a population explosion in those countries, creating more starvation. New technologies are usually required to solve the problems created by older ones but unfortunately creating new problems for us. I am not telling we don’t need technology at all and I am not even against to changes we enjoyi9ng after industrial revolution or green revolution, I’m just analyzing the history and its traces.

Man versus machine, expressing concern about the dangers of artificial intelligence going awry, though this concern has seemingly subsided since the advent of the personal computer.
“As the use of technology increases, sure human relations decreases”
I am most definitely not anti-technology, but neither am I anti-human socialization.
It is people who use information, not technology; that projects and business processes are executed by human-beings, not robots; that it is the human-being which is of paramount importance in everything. 

Lets take the example of today’s crisis or inflation in the world markets will our technology come and solve this problem, definitely not so trust the people and don’t put high hopes on technology.Will is there any technology invented to create rise grains???  Even if a technology invented can we dream that it won’t cause any social harms to us??? Not at all!!! 

As “Energy is neither created nor is destroyed” one should not dream about the technology but also should think about the people.Here I am not saying that there should not be much importance to technology than people just to solve the present problems. Technology should just help the poeple in solving a problem. So people are the prime problem solvers.

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  • Hi all,

    I am working for a software integrator company. My projects includes working on Java

    and Ruby on Rails and Ajax. I think Web Services is really cool. We also recently

    have to now work on REST and they are talking about mashups and Struts. Can

    anyone tell me if there are some good training or conferences so that me and my team

    members can get to speed with these technologies. Learning from books is not my

    cup of tea, even not when I was doing engineering ;)

    All the help that group members can provide in this regard is much appreciated.


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