Vellore golden temple, Kaanipakam

Next day we finished our break fast and had some photo session with newly married couple and proceeded towards Sri Kaanipakam via chittor.

Kanipaakam temple is so good. That time temple was under renovation, temple authorities totally failed to organize the pilgrims. They showed high affinity to VIPs. But I like the temple. The Lord Ganesh idol is in a well here. And it became a so trustful God for people. One of my friends in our crew has broken 101 coconuts here which was his desire since long time.

After this temple visit we moved towards Vellore, There after finishing heavy lunch we proceeded to Sripuram Golden Mahalakshmi Temple, Thirumalaikodi, Near Vellore, Tamilnadu. One should remind about Amritsar golden temple if he/she has seen that before while seeing this temple. This temple was built by Sri Sakthi Amma.

The best part of this temple is it is built inside the Sree chakra which is in Star shape. To visit the temple itself one should walk all through the star shape and has to enter into temple. While walking the star shaped corridor to enter to temple we will see many moral lines which will really raise our spirits. And the entrance look before the temple is almost like vaikunta entrance which generally we see in movies to showcase glory of Vaikunta. The temple looks so rich due to the fully covered gold plating. And the temple was surrounded by pond which makes our mind so fresh before entering the temple. As a whole I love this temple and those who can’t visit the Amritsar golden temple can visit this temple to get rejoice.

Once we finished this darshan we concluded our Pilgrimage and started towards Bangalore via Hosur. Reached Bangalore around at 9 PM. We got a nice welcome with cold breeze and nice sprinkles of rain.

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Vellore golden temple route map is below

3 comments to "Vellore golden temple, Kaanipakam"

  • A line from your blog reads "After this temple visit we moved towards Vellore, There after finishing heavy lunch we proceeded to Sripuram Golden Mahalakshmi Temple"

    I can sense your anguish in the word "heavy lunch" ;-) ha ha..
    I know exactly what was going thru ur mind that point in time :-)

    Thanks for arranging the trip and am happy to take part in this trip which turned out to be nice.. kudos..

  • Hey! Nataraj..first of all thanks for comment. yeah "Heavy lunch" ...ur true its almost a torment that day. I guess all of us had the same pinch. Yes it was damn good pilgrimage.

  • dear sr,
    its possible vellore - kalavai - srikamalakanniamman temple add it ur site

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