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Who moved my confidence ??

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Wonderful book!!! When I finished reading the book “Who moved my cheese?” the only question in my mind is “Who moved my confidence?”… I Was thinking strongly and deeply for an answer..sure I will find it soon .

First of all I should thank my colleague and friend – Mr.______ for suggesting me this nice book. Yesterday day we both were discussing about the drastic changes happening in our current project. Abrupt effects of recession-2009 in the market made many people laugh at themselves and sob in themselves. It’s not only a question to effected people but also to each individual tied to an organization. Is it the recession caused the abrupt changes in our organization?? Not only me, most of us know the recession effect on any organization is just 10 % but the prime reasons are some thing else. Prime reasons may be-“we are just not ready to accept change”. I feel recession is a change which we never think and now one should act according to it. But I surely admit myself one should be ready to accept CHANGE. That’s what we are seeing now.

May be this is my first review on a book! But I just want to share my feelings about this book rather than a mere review. This is really a nice book; that boosts our confidence and make us ready to run with the CHANGE. Author Spencer Jhonson has done great in selecting the character names as “Sniff”, “Scurry”, “Haw” and “Hem”. As the meanings of these character names itself speaks many things. And his way of representing Happiness with cheese is just wonderful. And the greatest part I like is – Spencor gave real picture of human psychology hence he has chosen Haw and hem as little people and sniff and scurry as mice. He presented his best about attitudes of humans and animals or small creatures in world. In the story mice characters and attitudes are better than little people. Once Haw realized the importance of accepting change in life he started learning lessons in his life just by laughing at himself. Haw character’s intention to help his friend Hem about the the lessons he learned when he is in troubles, and writing all those important quotes on the Maze walls is really interesting and makes us think about sharing things to neighbors.

Once Haw started exploring himself the narration of troubles and start accepting changes really inspires us. Unlike the other pure motivational kind of books this book is unique in his way with a little story lines it motivates any. When I started reading this book I felt its like a tale to kids but its more for Young and adults who really need motivation in the critical times.

When Haw found his old friends the way of hello and greetings make reader pleasant and reminds the value of friendship and hence Haw recollects his past time with hem. And the story ends after drafting the whole essence of Haw’s learning in life on a big cheese pie picture.As whole one should read to get motivated him to understand the need for CHANGE and how to move on with CHANGE. I feel “To make our life better we should move with change”

Last but not the least – The discussion between Rachel, Michel...Etc at some old student re union meet , pictures many facts in real life and their examples related to the characters remind us about our character mapping with the story characters. As Michel said in the story discussion “Some times we are not even aware that we are afraid”. So to get rid of this fact at least we should read this book to know the reality in the life.

And some of my favorite lines from the cheese pictures are as follows...
1. If you do not change... You can become extinct
2. When you stop being afraid you feel good.
3. Imaging yourself enjoying new life leads you to it.
4. Noticing small changes early helps adapt to the bigger changes that are to come
The story is so simple but there is so much philosophy involved in it. One need philosophy not only when he is in bad time but also when he need to grow with change. One will definitely relates his character and identifies himself in the cheese moved situations and how he adapted the changes. That’s the best part of this easy readable and small book.

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    మీరు అంగీకరిస్తారన్న ఉద్దేశంతో పుస్తకం డాట్ నెట్ వారికి మీ ఈ పుస్తక పరిచయం(?) పరిచయం చేస్తున్నాను.
    ప్రచురించడం - ప్రచురించకపోవడం వారిష్టం.:(

  • @Netigen
    Thanks for the correction.BTW, what is that book.net.. to whom ur sending my post ?? I did not get you. Basically im new to all these. so could you explain me more abt this in ur mail.

  • It would be nice to have this review in telugu.

    If you're keen on it, please send in the telugu article to editor@pustakam.net.

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