I’m paid by mGinger

I contemplated mGinger (Bangalore based Advertisement company) as another best way of generating money. It really worked like a charm. Though it took almost one year to generate just 356 R/-. Of course I have very less (around 12) people in my mGinger account hence less amount in long time. I really feel happy about this creative idea by mGinger team. I was paid by mGineger for this amount through ICICI bank’s cheque. mGinger is such an authentic service; it pays even to a lazy customer like me who have registered just 10+ people.

Make money by just deleting the read SMS flashed on your mobile screen. With out depositing a single penny in my savings bank, I got 300+ rupees into my savings account today. 

To yield 350 Rupees of interest also you should keep X amount in our savings bank account. But I got that with out any pain. I am sure many times my network people might be irritated with the flash of mGinger SMS on their mobile screen, but at least once in a month they might have benefited with the same. What’s wrong? refer your friends and allow them to earn, as you.

Click any of the below links to join mGinger.

P.S: This is my first earning for being part of online advertisement community. As decided earlier I am planning to use this small chunk for little charity.
Date : 8th April 2009 Amount : 356 R/-  ICICI Cheque No: 583080

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