ASUS P320 Review and features

After so much whimper about my Nokia E65, I decided to take a Windows mobile/Pocket PC , by exchanging my two and half years old Nokia N72. It is my first Windows(6.1) mobile- ASUS P320. Though it is the smallest Windows mobile in the market; it looks so elegant, cute, rock, sexy and sleek. I simply love this.

It's features/Specifications include

Processor: ARM926T OMAP850850 200MHz
System memory(RAM): 64Mb
User memory(ROM): 128Mb
Memory expansion: MicroSD card slot
Screen: 2.61in (240 x 320)
Screen Colors: TFT LCD screen with 65K colors 320×240 resolution
Bands: Quad band (850/900/1800/1900MHz), GPRS with EDGE
Camera: 2MP(With out flash)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.1,
Wireless 802.11b/g, (Wi-Fi)
USB 2.0
Other: SiRFStar III integrated GPS receiver
Quoted battery life: 4 hours talk time
Size: 55 x 13.5 x 100mm
Weight: 105g
Price: 11,000 INR (On date - 11th June 2009)

It has an amazing application Support. Really you love once used to it. The initial turbulence may be faced at the input options, as it is completely touch screen with out key pad. But when we are used to to different input options like "Virtual QWERTY on screen" or "Transcriber"it is quite simple to use. These days we have got many applications to implement virtual keypads on the scree. We can install Winamp, Acrobat reader, Divx Player and Real player kinda well known applications to make our life simple. It has got built in GPS support chip to use, all we need to do is to just download the maps for our location. All most all famous messengers supports this phone. Fring like all in one messengers best works on this. Most of the operations don't need stylus to use, finger friendly applications and touch screens are Ausus P320's special. The head set provided along with this phone is really superb one with best fit in ear and also the sound sensitivity is cool.

  • Sound sensitivity is low for Nokia users.(Especially those who used to Music versions of symbion phones they feel very less sound as it is a business phone).
  • Battery back up also low when compared with Nokia phones if you did not change the default settings; but if you enable the screen off setting the battery back up was almost doubled. So its good to go for.
  • Input method is bit difficult for the new users of Touch screen.
  • I felt data transfer rate is slow as compared to other mobiles.
  • It has just basic camera(2 MP) with out flash so don't expect very nice pictures in the dark.
  • No built-in FM.
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