Free making of money - Google Ads - Paid me first 100 $

Hurray !! I got my first salary from my blog which is 100 + $'s...

I still remember the words, When I used to talk about my blog and Google Adsence in it. Their laughs at my pain resulted a 100$ check today in my hands. No matter what happened in the past ! Today it's a fuc_ing lesson for all those.Sorry this is my happy moment to share with you all; so here is my success story ...

AdSence toor to know more about it

Around one year back I seriously started blogging especially to share my passion in technology and my travel places information. Now it became a daily activity with out which my day is not full. I blog about any thing which moves and hangs in my heart. Why do I blog ? Hope many of my blog followers know answer for this, if not you can see the link. Now I got a fruit in my hand at least to educate my neighbours so that they get benefited by this.

I am glad that I am able to move a step forward... it's because of you all who made me to move further ...I humbly thank all my blog followers, readers, my friends and fans :) with out all of your support it would not happen in my blog-life.

With out hard work and passion in the work what we do, there is no meaning and obviously there is no result also. So I feel good of my hard work to pass through many hurdles in this journey. Google's check in favor of my name was shown below for your reference. one should at least realize the importance and ease of Google's Adsence.

Millions of Thanks to all my Blog readers who made this...As decided earlier I'm going to use this money for charity.

Google Check1
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