HTTP Protocol

What is HTTP Protocol ?
Hyper Text Transfer protocol - HTTP.
HTTP is a communication protocol to transfer data/information in network.
HTTP runs on top of TCP/IP.Immediate valid question is what is TCP and what is IP.
Both are simple protocols again.
(Transmission controll protocol) is responsible for making sure that the file sent from one network node to another ends up as complete file at destination.
IP(Internet Protocol) is responsible for moving the file/chunks(file split into small packets) or routing the chunks from node to destination.
So HTTP is a protocol having Web-specific features but depends on TCP and IP to get complete request and responce from one to another nodes.
The structure of HTTP is a simple request/responce sequence; a browser(mozilla) requests and a server(apache) responds.
HTTP is IETF standard,RFC 2616.
HTTP protocol has several methods like POST,GET,PUT,TRACE,DELETE etc.
HTTP is a stateless protocol, due to this hosts will not be having information about users between requests. Session will not be maintained, so developer has to write code separately to maintain the session state of user separately.
There are 4 versions released till now.(HTTP 0.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2).

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