“Hancock” On IMAX BIG screen

This week I watched “Hancock” movie at Hyderabad IMAX screen. IMAX is acronym for “Image Maximum” . IMAX is one type of film format like 35 MM, and 70 MM . It displays images in big size with more resolution. IMAX theaters are not only for entertainement sector but also for education and marketing and business sectors. There are many IMAX theaters constructed in educational premises. Though there are many IMAX theaters, the one in Hyderabad has its own specialtity, The Hyderabad, India IMAX has the world's largest display screen.
List of IMAX screens in different places

Coming to “Hancock”, its very routine superman concept movie. It stars will smith, charlize theron, and Jason bateman. Willsmith obviously the superman in movie by name Hancock. He made us laugh almost 45 to 50 mins with his drunken Superman heroism and his dialogues. I say it as complete Mass English movie. The hero introduction itself says that.
Story line is simple,
Hancock is like a super man – "Man with super powers". Ray (Jason Bateman) is a Public Relations man looking to save the world with his concept named “All hearts” and he is introduced to Hancock when a train almost runs over Ray’s car. He invites Hancock to his home for dinner as he saved his life. Ray’s son Aaron likes Hancock very much. But Ray’s wife, Mary (Charlize Theron) doesn’t like to see Hancock in her house. Which is due to twist in the story.
Like Hancock Mary also immortal being. But the Story's twist is - in the flash back Mary is Hancock's wife, both of them were separated for a specific reason that their powers diminish, as they get closer physically to each other. Hancock will be told this reason by Mary when they were in hospital as Hancock forgotten all his past in one accident. At the end to save Mary, Hancock leaves her. This is to allow them to settle down and live normal, human lives. The pair will shed their powers and become normal humans.
As there is sequence seen at the end - showing Hancock again a super man we can expect gossip Hancock part 2.
Gossip : Since long time Will smith wants Aish to act as heroine in his movies, he tried for this movie too, which Aish denied.

2 comments to "“Hancock” On IMAX BIG screen"

  • Good to glance at this blog once so that movie can be watched without any subtle (as there will be no subtitles :-) ) ...

  • No need of subtitles ...i felt this movie like a south Indian movie :).
    Very common and routine story..

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