Being Lonely ...

I want to start with a single line which will be my conclusion too, "One's best friend is oneself."
Being lonely for almost one month...I felt most of the times happy and some times bore.
Apart from office hours, I spent all the time by cooking, Watching English movies sitting in room, and phone calls to dear and near ones, at last I came out of this lonely-ness a bit...

During these days I suffered from week-end phobia (Fear of week end).Week end is the maximum free time, I have to organize properly. with out frnz I cant plan any outing, so at last I used to end up in watching a movie in theater or a restaurant visit.
When I conned my past …I agnized one thing, i.e. “Lonely feelings build our life strong”
I felt so happy with the prime and sad about the mistakes in my behavior…but sure I learned a lot...
As I always believe in one saying about life...
“Life is made up of constant calls to action, and we seldom have time for more than hastily contrived answers.” ~Learned Hand
So life is like continuous learning …. Along with our age our learning graph also increases.
Among the leanings I learn about friendship, some of them are as follows

  • No need to advice or explain something unless friend asks, is nothing but insulting them. (Its nothing but you felt that, he can’t live with out your advice which is utterly wrong, no one in universe depends on others for 100 %)
  • If they really expressed and asked for also, never reveal your emotion. If you are able to sit with him/her, while they experience their feelings, is the better solution. (Never say any thing directly – example: Please cry for some time)Whenever friend is telling about problem he faced or going to face, with so much emotion, concentrate on his emotion, don’t think and try to give a solution for the problem.
  • If friend is in sad, show him your care.
  • If he/she is angry, let him speak more about his anger, don’t add your feelings here.
  • If he/she is scared, show your courage physically.
  • When ever we feel bad then we need love, a real friend plays with us and he will be there for us always.
  • When ever you are asked to stop your agitation, keep in mind strongly about it, to control your self at least before your friend.(Agitation example: You shake your leg continuously up and down repeatedly.)
  • If you are sure about your love and help, which is not making him satisfied - never afraid to say – "I don't think I can help you anymore with this”
  • Some times separation makes friendship strong… have to agree for some reasons.
"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

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