Trip to Ghati Subramanya temple

Hmm boredom! it is the biggest peril for a bachelor like me … that to with out GF in this age how to pass the time? I can’t explain you this loneliness - so difficult you know…So, I came to a conclusion that my best boredom buster would be a road trip or any kind of traveling to a new place.

And that idea helped many time as like this last long week-end... In lieu of Republic day (Jan 26) and normal week end we got around a 3 days off from work. After a long discussions and phone calls with friends decided to go to “Lepakshi”. Some one added another place on the same way which is “Ghati subramanya Temple”.

We are just 3 - Ravi teja, chandu and me, so decided to go by KSRTC bus this time for a day outing and able to execute the plan perfectly.

Plan: Catch the KSRTC direct bus to Ghati in the very early morning.
          Visit the temple and prayers then return back to Dodabalapur from Ghati.
          Catch the direct bus from Dodballapur to Lepakshi.
          Go from Lepakshi to Hindupur and catch direct bus from Hindupur to Bangalore.

Started on my pulsar at 5:30 from koramangala to Silkboard to pick up my friend Chandu to reach majestic by 6 AM. Lucky to have the very early hour’s darshan at Madiwaala ayyappa temple we reached Majestic bus terminal around at 7:15AM. Quickly had idly and once Teja reached that place we found the direct bus to Ghati from KSRTC bus terminal and got into it with out keeping high expectations about seats. Surprisingly the bus is so clean and perfect in condition. With just around less than 20 people bus started its trip. It was good enough speed we reached Ghati around at 11 AM.

It is a remote place from Dodballapur and the temple is the only visiting place. It’s a very old and famous temple. God here is Subramanya and Narasimha swamy in the same idol. Temple is on a small hillock which we can’t even identify once we reach there. We can see many small “Nagendra idols” and we can see a silent pond back of the main temple There we can see beautiful peacocks in the temple premises along with few other birds.

It’s really a nice feeling for me to travel in a local bus to visit local place with local faces all around me. It’s all a magic sound for me listening to local peoples slang in the local language. I like it.

The best part of the Ghati I like is the idol here; it is having two Gods in the same rock facing back to back. One God is Subramanya swamy which will be faced our side and back side Narasimha swami was made visible for us in a mirror. According to local people word this God is famous for giving boons to people in terms of marriage and kids. People, who come here seeking marriage or kids in their life, will be surely blessed with what they want.
Date : 24-Jan-2009

24Jan09Ghati Subramanya Lepakshi

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  • Temple timings are not fixed. But if you go to temple after 5 PM it will become dificuilt to come out of the village. So keep this point in mind to visit temple.

  • Nice post. Keep it up.

  • Krish,

    Lepakshi speciality amiti?


  • Hi Kalyani ..there us separate post on Lepakshi hope u saw that ? if not click this link "Trip to Lepakshi"
    Simply I can say specialties of the place as below...
    There are many specialities in this temple like rock chain, Vastu Purush, Padmini race Lady, Hanging Pillar , Durga Paadam, Lapakshi saree designs etc. On the walls of this temple, there are several stories like mahabhaaratha, ramayana etc are sculpted. Also on the roof there are so many beautiful paitings done by natural colour mixtures. One more famous spot in this temple is "Eyes of Viroopaakshanna". As the history says, Due to king's misunderstanding with this temple builder, king ordered to make him blind. Hearing this the builder plucked his own eyes and throw at this temple walls. Till date one can find those blood scars on that particular wall.

  • hi krishna thanks for the lovely post about ghati,i was searching in net how to reach there form bangalore.more and more such post expected from u.take care

  • well its a wonderful place ive been 3 tymz,,,,,,,,,,,its grt fr wrshippin sanke gods

  • whats the bus tyming from bangalore to ghati subramanya?

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