Solaris basic interview questions

S.No    Command                Its Use

1.             psrinfo                      Gives processor type details 
2.             isainfo -v                   Bits of processor
                  isainfo -b                   Supported applications and it reports the number of bits 
                                                         supported by native applications on the running system, 
                                                         which can be passed as a token to scripts
3.             showrev                    Hostname, host ID, release, kernel architecture, 
                                                          application architecture, hardware provider, domain, and
                                                           kernel version
4.              uname -a                   Operating system name, release, and version;node;name; 
                                                           hardware name; processor type 
5.             prtconf | grep Memory Installed memory
6.             date 0621141001         Will change the current system date to Thu Jun 21 
                                                              14:10:00 MDT 2001
7.             cat /etc/motd                To see and change the message of the day
8.             /etc/nodename             To change the host name modify all these files 
               /etc/hostname.xxy           and reboot
How to change IP in Solaris machine?
To Change the IP on Solaris we requires edit two files:

1. /etc/hosts
2. /etc/inet/ipnodes

If you are changing network address, you will need to change the router address in the file:
1. /etc/defaultrouter

Changing the hostname now only requires editing these files:

1. /etc/hosts
2. /etc/nodename
3. /etc/hostname.

is the driver name followed by the instance number of the interface. ie. hme0, bge0, ce0, qfe0

You can find all your network interfaces by drivername and instance# by running the following command: prtconf -D | grep network

Note: the following hosts files are no longer used in solaris 10.

Rebooting the computer should bring up the new ip and hostname.

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