Mchek Airtel Postpaid Service numbers message numbers

Are you a Airtel user ?(Strictly for postpaid users)

Hope this post really helps you with information you are looking for since longtime !!

  • How to get the lattest outstanding bill amount to be paid ?
Just dial the number *121*11#
                Send an SMS to 121 typing OT
  • How to see lattest unbilled amount ? 
              Just dial the number  *121*2#
  • How to see the last 3 paid bill amounts?
              Just dial the number  *121*14#
  • How to see Airtel bill online
               Click on this link and register there to see ur bills online-
  • How to pay Airtel bill online?
               Click on this link -
               More payment options - Click Here
  • How to Pay Airtel bills by mCheck?
              More about mCheck in Airtel - Click this to know more
  • How to use mCheck on Airtel mobiles?
            Complete PDF with full details and screens - Click This link
  • Want to know more about Mcheck ?
              Click this link -

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