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Channel Name : ETV

Show name : Dhee - 3( D3 )
Caption : Enjoy maadi
Type : Reality Dance show
Anchor : Udaya Bhanu
Show Time : 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM (Wed and Thurs)
Judges : Rekha Prakash
Masters and their contestants :
Satya (Vivek & Rajeswari), Kapil (Harinadh reddy & Pooja ), Johnny (Nagesh & Sailu), Raghu (Kaveri & Satya ), Sudheer (Anusha & Chinna ), Sujata ( Leelavathi & Prem Gopal).

D-For Dance what else to say !! amazing entertainer for Andhrites
These days ETV has own the RANK-1 among all telugu entertainment channels and no doubt is continuing it only due to its successful programs. The best program among the list is again ETV's Dhee. Now it's 3rd PART is running.  Due to this successful show the other telugu entertainment channels also brainstormed and came up with their unique dance reality shows to compete the same time which is 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM. One among them is challenge show in Maa TV. Which is good competitor now. Magadheera show in Zee Telugu was not able to with-stand and compete with these shows.

Coming to D3, anchor remained same ; none other than our beloved Udaya bhanu, though her style and josh remained same still she is managing the show with out loosing any audience. And this time the Judge is again Rekha Prakash but she is alone. This is one great flaw I felt as far as I know any reality show definitely need more than one judge as the decision should be a pleasing for all the audience. Due to one judge in this part Im little worried about her over all judgment. If more than two judges are there definitely the scores will be aggregated and final verdict will be good I felt. But undoubtedly Rekha was legend in dance and most of the times he point out the exact things in performances.I hope Rekha will not disappoint us giving a biased decision in the D3 finals at least.

D3 has some repeated and proved participants like Vivek (won second place in D2) , Harinadh reddy (Won D1 Title) and Rajeswari (Best participant in D1). Due to their too much experience their performances are really amazing with out much mistakes. And the new comers are always fresh and their improvement from episode to episode will definitely thrill all audience. Till now the show was going good except the egoistic arguments between the masters. Due to the proved contents in this show its becoming one side show most of the time like Vivek winning all the hearts in each episode. And Haranadh reddy entry in this D3 is a wrong decision I feel, due to his old history all the masters are not ready to encourage him again. And he should have thought before coming, new faces should be given a chance I feel. Due to the proved dancers the fresh faces are not getting good recognition I feel.

This show in the starting stage annoyed little with useless discussion between Masters while candidate selections and in the initial performances. But now it became more professional.  During the candidates selction time it self there was lot of argument in selecting Vivek and Haranadh. I felt new comers with sudheer are doing really good. Some times Satya master is showing his proud and attitude due to his contestants. And I hope Vivek has more chances to win this D3 Title. Let's wait and watch the exciting shows in Queue.
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Hall of fame : 
Johnny (Jani/jony): He has choreographed for some best hits in the past which include - Adivi(RGV's), Rechhipo(Nitin), Arya (Takadimi tom), Drona  etc.

Raghu : His best include Arya2 etc
Satya : Many best stage performances.
Sujata: She worked for around 200 movies.
Kapil : Earlier he is master for all these masters in this show.

Date : 03 Nov 2009
This episode is added more curiosity to the audience with elimination round. The introduced red room concept in which all masters will tell their own views to eliminate one person among all. In this episode Johnny master's Sujata got eliminated due to the bad song and her performance.
And the highlight of this episode was extraordinary Pooja's belly dance.
Date : 09 Dec 2009
This episode is expected, good dance performances by masters and contestants. Really evry body tried their best to garnish the show. Especially Raghu master performance is good and I like. I never expected Johnny will that beautiful performance. And the twist in this episode is harinath reddy has own the best dancer award for this episode and got his 10,000 Rupees cheque. There is one funny incident in this episode, Uday bhanu ws asked "are u married ?" by Rekha prakash the beautiful and comedy answer out of Udaya bhanu was "I am not married". Why anchors say all this crap I never know ! She got married and separated due to some family disputes, every thing was shown in news channels some years back.
Date : 10 Dec 2009
This week, Chinna  - Sudheer master's contestant won 10,000 Rupees for his best performance for the song Mr.Perfect from Arya 2 movie. And the performance by Sujata madam and Prem gopal was awesome for the theme "Wear helmet protect you life". For this show johnny master has literally cried remembering his fried who has died in a motor cycle accident. And as usual the performance by Satya master and Rajeswari for some arabic dance theme Johnny master opposed, but due to Rekha madam words he agreed.  Satya and rajeswari performance for arabic dance is below.

Date :  16 Dec 2009 - Partner round (Episode -13)

Today's episode has the only power of Harinadh reddy, remaing all other dances are very routine and normal. the only contestant who gave really a healthy competition is Leelaavathi by his unique performance. I toally enjoyed both Leela and Hari's performance. Raghu's contestant pooja has performed with her partner Nagneese(Not sure about exact name) has performed yaayire..yaayire..from Rangeela movie very nicely. Looks like Nagneese is Raghu's fiance. Over all show is good and today there was some disturbance in satya masters contestant vivek's performance. As expected Johnny master opposed this incident. But I really appreciate the frankness of Johnny master while expressing his gut feelings and pointing out the mistakes he found. Johnny master has pointed two mistakes done by Satya master - one is stopping the performance for simple reason and the second one is his performance was 6 mins which should not exceed 3 min 45 sec. And coming to Leelavthi performance, it is unique of its kind but it also has the same draw back which is exceeding the given time line. Kapil's contestant Harinadh reddy has come with his partner Sekhar(A classical dancer and his coach) and performed for the song Kannulato chuseti ...guruvaa from Jeans movie in lady getup and gave the illusion of a Kuchipudi dance. The highlight of this performance is the introduction of the song which illuminates the mirror between the partners. As whole harinadh reddy is back to form and he has won 10 K money for todays episode.

Dt  17 Dec 09 's promo :(Janny master hating the judge rekha madam and leaving the show)

Date: Dec 17 2009 : Partners round  Episode 14 
Unlimited entertainment, perfect reality dance show Dhee 3 is supers for this episode. This weeks winner was prem gopal with his unique western dance along with his partner Wong. And coming to the high lights of this episode - Monika partnership with rajeswari and the swaroop(D2 Sekhar master contestant) partnership with chinna. They really performed well and coming to the other interesting part is red room discussion and the elimination. Then today's red room discussion revealed that vivek is to be eliminated only due to wrong behavior by satya. Four people proposed Vivek name. Nagesh(johnny's) name was only proposed by Satya. And Sujata madam contestant Leelavati name also proposed by some people and then pooja name by one. But the final elimination was surprising it was for Nagesh (Johnny master). As like every viewer I'm also totally surprised with the rekha madam judgement. As expected johnny master opposed the judgment and he left the show in unexpected way. My feeling is that this week rekha madam judgment was not well explained and I am not happy with this her justification. If she has 100 % rite to judge then Why the fish? there is red room and why the hell ? they are asking master's opinion. 200 % it is not fair. Vivek got 4 votes and Nagesh got only one vote that to there is no proper reason. If rekha madam is only concerned about only performance , they should not introduce the buzzers and they should not ask masters opinion in red room. I felt really pitty when Johnny explained the judgment issue. If really ETV people are properly organizing this show immediately they should give another chance to johnny and they should change the rules from now on and there should be additional judge along with Rekha madam which will not be biased or one person decision and will be normalized decision.  My kind request to ETV  management is to understand the maximum viewers and be in the top position.

Note : Please add your updates about this show in the comments. and write ur feelings about each episode with out any vulgar or un-parliamentary words . Thanks for all your co-operation.
Reference vedios : [1][2]

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  • krishna garu johny master oka syko laga anipistunnadu ataniki enta dance vaccho naku telidu kani chala vaste anipistundi alage satya master already dee lo participate chesadu d3 lo manchi contestants ni tisukunnadu tanu emichestunnado artham kavatledu alage raghu master tanu d3 ki rakunda undalsindi endukante anvasaramga tanu migata masters madya nalugutunnadu

  • u r rite madhu! Johnny master attitude is annoying ETV viewers. But I am surprised to know that johnny has really good offers in the Industry and he worked for some big movies as choreographer.And Raghu is not having self confidence but yday his mates performance is good. And i dont like the way Satya behaves in the show, he shows clearly proud and ego ...Kapil is cool. he sits silent.

  • i like johny master very much

  • Anonymus @ u like johnny or u love his dance ? put ur name na

  • hey listen, i live in uk.. i watched all the D-3 episodes.. can you please tell me for which movies did johnny master choreograph?? he is showing his attitude but at the same time he is expressing very frankly his views..

  • Devuluri @ I remember Johnny saying about his experience while working with RGV's Adivi movie and some other big movies in which he worked for songs shoot in US.

  • Hi Krishna,

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  • I like very much this program, still i am watching this show weekly. I like very much pooja dance last week (mayya mayya ) song. her performance was excellent. And heads off to Rekha prakash Madam.

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  • my faviorite is johny master. i like him in personal and his choreography. enduke ravanamma last week he did very well with his contestant. i guess he is the original choreographer for that song in the movie too. And he has done choreography for some nice songs. And the movies are " rechipo, adavi, drona,arya 1 " as far as i know these are the movies he worked for. if anyone knows more about his choreography songs please post here. he is giving true review. but last week hes given correct judgement for all the masters except for " satya master ". i think some rivalry is going on between them. i observed that thing last before week and last week in the red room talks. satya master told that jani's attitude is not like before. might be he changed these days. already he lost one contestant and i dont think he can really make it to get the title with the other one. And next week d-3 team is trying to add some more drama. i've seen that when titles scrolling at the end of the show. anywaz all the best to jani master and like to congratulate him for his efforts and gud lick for his future endevours.

  • hi i m kalyani my faviorite is johny master. i like him in personal and his choreography. enduke ravanamma last week he did very well with his contestant. i guess he is the original choreographer for that song in the movie too. And he has done choreography for some nice songs. And the movies are " rechipo, adavi, drona,arya 1 " as far as i know these are the movies he worked for. if anyone knows more about his choreography songs please post here. he is giving true review. but last week hes given correct judgement for all the masters except for " satya master ".

  • hi sir i like jony master choregraphy plssss give me his email id

  • @ Kanth : Thanks yar. Really wonderful entertainment show in Andhra.
    @ Madhu : I don't have any special interest on Johnny, its ur feeling. I don't have johnny master number; sorry.
    @ Nani : Nani thanks for your information about Jonny master, Not only u, many are telling "he is good".
    @Kalyani : U said correct . I don't have his email. If I get to know I surely pass it here.
    Thanks to every body for ur comments.

  • namaste krishna garu..,

    it's ok sir

    thank you.

  • kalyani garu miru cheppina vidamga johnny master gentelmen antaru kada mari raghu master chorigraphy ela undantaru mam

  • @ madhu: raghu madter choreography kuda chala bavuntundi and stylish ga untundi. last week ayana chesina 2 songs mind blowing. daaniki correct judgment ante whistles anthe. In this show my faviorite choreographers are jonny( nice choreography with some new movements),ragu( stylish choreography),satya( nothing new in his choreography. same dance baby dance kind of steps),kapil( he is not able to compose new steps thats why d-3 team given him harinath reddy). From these 4 only i am expecting the 3 finalists. ultimatly the winner would be either harinath reddy or vivek.

  • @ krishna: hey krishna nice blog. i found many useful information in this web site. in the job portal best testing material i've seen so far. thx krishna.

  • Krishna garu,

    This is Janardhan and I hail from Rajahmundry and currently residing in DC, USA. I just want to apreciate your Blog and I was googling for DHEE3 as I became a big fan of DHEE program. I did not go thru your other topics but I will do that tomorrow. Being away from our place is like missing everything and blogs like this helps bringing some thing for me to get to know.

    Happy Blogging!!!


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  • @ Madhu Vs JAANI Fans
    This will be a healthy place if use rite words to express our feelings. So kindly understand and write healthy comments and express ur feelings.
    For some reason, comments having vulgar words has been deleted.

  • I like Jaani reviews, he closly observes each songs and comments. Like others have mentioned I have seen a rivalry b/w him and Satya master. I dont know Jaani wins or looses the show, but he rocks and he is the best in my view -vissu

  • hi madhu garu im kalyani. raghu master is some what experienced but jonny master is now prooving he encourages some wat different talent

  • thank u krishna sir

  • krishna garu thank you sir actually nenu dee program miss avvakunda every episode chustanu dee is the best program in the all thelugu channel programs and this is the no.1 program alage konni channels lo already ilanti dance competations vastunnai common ga godvalu nucens undi dee kudal ala ayvutundemonani konchem bada to ala coment chesamu really i am sory for saying that and krishna garu mi blog superb ga undi inkeppudu ilant mistakes cheyakunda untamu alage KALYANI garu i am sorry mam

    RAGHU MASTER my fvourate dance master kanuka ala cheppasanu so i am really sory for all the JAANI master fans pls execuse me. ok DEE3 Enjoy Maad.

  • @ Madhu : Really I appreciate your self realization. Thanks for understanding the public community protocols. Thanks for being my follower too. I really like ur feeling to Keep Dhee as the No 1 show in the state, as u said I too don't like the drama created in other reality dance shows.
    @ Kalyai & Jaani fans : lets joins hands together in appreciating the Madhu's self realization. He is wonderful human on this earth with his positive attitude and understanding others feelings.
    @Jaani Fans : Hope you all understand the importance of a comment. to create this healthy friendship onlu I removed your previous vulgar comments. Thanks every for ur co-operation.

    Once again "Lets see D3 - Enjoy maadi" (maadi is a word in kannada which means do) "enjoy maadi" means "ఎంజాయ్ చెయ్యి !"

  • i enjoy this program.

  • jaani master is fantabulous....i seriously hate 2days is da mistake of satya.He had gone in btw n stopped da dance jus bcoz his contestant made a mistake vth elastic n evry one could make it out vry easily.All da masters had clearly gvn deir opinion in Red room reg..satyas elimination..but rekha din agree...i hate her.Hw 2 give our opinion to etv directly???Could u plz help me in dis matter...

  • @Anonymous : Yes I, myself not satisfied with today's decision about Satya, Johnnny was sufferer ultimately for no reason.WTF the red room or buzzers if they are not considering. I am seriously not aware of the ETV contact information. If by any chance ETV people see this, hope they will consider peoples opinion.

  • @Anonymous: Todays decision of eliminating johnny was not a correct decision. Each and everytime johnny master gives his view about the particular performance, he has done nothing wrong expressing his view. And Rekha Prakash doesnt have any right to sit in that chair. Whenever in making a judgement each and every factor counts and in case of vivek she told its not a mistake of vivek and its the mistake by techincians(WTF).

  • Is Johnny Master son of Rekha(Judge)?

  • HI,
    Im one most viewer of dee show, d1 and d2 was excellent programs, now a days its getting spoil, y bcz only one judge is handling the show, when these people are asking there opinions about judgement and elimination, they suppose agree with trhere feelings and judgement, if no u plz stop the openions of coreographers, they can even says there opinion abt the contestents, y bcz rekha's useless questions, and rude behaviour when u people r not giving value for there openion y the hell ur asking there openions, its shame on production department, rekha never mind abt coreographer feelings and openions, plz stop this nonsence and take one more judge with rekhah is unable to maintain show, r pz give the respect for coreographers openions. today she said that she will not eliminate vivek itseems, what is that mean, she is thinking that vivek and harinathreddy is best dancers, she is not thinking about others as well, everbody giving green lights all performneces, but in red room they telling there own feelings, bur johny he only perfect person giving feedback directly without any fear, so that only he face elimination, shame on rekaha and production department

  • I am going to send mail to etv, What ever happened today ( Dec17th).
    If thay dot to fire Rekaha. I am going remove the ETV channel from by direct TV.

    What Rekha is thinking, is it her personal show. She is such a idiot. If she likes some one let her play with them not with viewers.


  • I am going to send mail to etv, What ever happened today ( Dec17th).
    If thay dot to fire Rekaha. I am going remove the ETV channel from by direct TV.

    What Rekha is thinking, is it her personal show. She is such a idiot. If she likes some one let her play with them not with viewers.


  • hai friends!

    this is madhu DEE once Tarun Master and Brunda mam two persons are most inteligent and intelectual personalities in DEE show now Rekha Prakash Mam.........

    DEE: Participates ki first training ichina tarwata vallu shine ayyaka elimination undedi. Harinath Reddy he is the No.1 dancer in DEE Show it's perfect Judgement.

    DEE.2: common ga ne undi kani mistake matram ippatiki andariki telusu VIVEK is the winner but Ganesh master contestant mida jalito, sympathi like... alage jr ntr, v.v.vinayak garini stage midaku invite chesi trophy present chese time lo Judges ni stage midaku invite cheyaledu anthavaraku contestants ni shine chesinatuvanti judges ni stage midaku invite cheyadam fanns andaru chuse untaru its entairly dram.

    DEE3: Mire chustunnaru masterrs opinion tho Judge ki elanti sambandam lenappudu masters ki bujjers enduku valla suggessions endukandi so entairly drama. indulo elanti mistakes unna mannichandi pls naa feelings illa unnai mari viewrs mi comments cheppagalaru

  • hi this is phani from visakhaptnam sorry to say that me and my frienda are not going to watch D3 show any more because eliminating johnny master is very wrong judgement taken by rekha.actually red room was introduced to take opinions of all the masters and rekha has to consider all those masters opinion and finally she has to give judgement according to masters opinion. yesterday i think four masters wants to eliminate vivek (satya masters contestent) because satya breaked the rules.But rekha didnt do like that i think she is thinking that she is god and she can do what ever she wants to do. but she has to know some thing that 2day in andharapradesh most of the viewers who watched yesterday's D3 programme disliking rekha. i think rekha is spoiling the show to stop this another judge has to be placed.

  • hi this is ram. rekah decision was wrong i think d3 production dept must have to remove rekha and they have keep another master has judge because her judegement was wrong and she is talking like she is the god and she can do what ever she want. that is wrong i think she has to be removed immediately.

  • The justification Rekha Prakash gave for pooja the kapil master contestant was not apt because she said Hip-Hop is male dance and females cannot perform to that level and she did what she can, at the same time she has given several times red buzzer to several dancers saying they have to perform on Dhee -3 stage whatever the dance that is given to them.The Justiifcation she gave for removal of nagesh was not that correct to me.I feel the all the masters were acting smart by giving green lights to all contestants and cleverly saying few corrections, i think johny master is the only contestant who is giving his opinions without fear whatever it comes from his heart. i am totally depressed by today's show

  • I am from USA.

    Rekha has to be removed and Jonny should be BACK, otherwise do not see the ETV.
    BAD BAD REKHA. She is big idiot and fool she is not fit for judge at all. Which rascal gave the offer to her as judge.

    BAD BAD rekha.

    As I know no one with heart will watch the D3 show as long as Rekha is visible in d3 show in the world.

    I did already send my comments to ETV, if you want send also use this website.
    Make the Rekha go way immediately.

  • I am with you guys.

    Spreed the message as much as possible and ban Rekha judgement or D3 show.

    From USA

  • @chandu : I don't think he is rekha's son. just they used to call him as his son as both of them point out even small mistakes in dance.
    @Ravi,Canada :Same feelings which I have reviewed and thanks for being here.
    @Madhu : Hi madhu, as u & I said the rules change in D3 has created all this non sense.I totally agree with ur feelings. only extra point i want to tell is there should be another judge along with Rekha.
    @Phani : Rekha madam single decision is creating this stupid things, which always looks like biased one; so its always good to have another judge based on the average scores of each they can do
    @Ram : Same as above and thanks for being here
    @Anonymous : the justification to eliminate nagesh was not justified i agree with u.
    @Anonymous : Thanks for providing feed back link for ETV, Let's use this.
    @Anonymous : Thanks for spreading word

  • Anonymous@ Control ur emotions...this is not ones personal show and i dont think Mr.Johnny is perfect...he doesnt have a perfect voice to speak boldly..he speaks as if he is vomiting out of his mind..Dont pass such comments on Rekhaji..she was really taking forward the show well.hats off to her and I am proud that she effectively handles the attitude problem guys ...let johnny show his dance..not his attitude and style....

  • It was an elimination day for one of the performers in D3, so i tuned my TV channel to watch D3 program. After judgment i felt very bad and decided D3 is not worthy at all to watch. A sub standard program, which doesn't stand on the rules.

    Why I felt this way, some of my reasons are below.

    1) From the past episodes, we came to know that Jonny master is not a soft spoken guy, from rest of all masters. But his yesterday argument was correct he has been targeted and punished.
    2)Who is Rekha, bull shit, she doesn't know how to speak, was telling jonny master contestant, dances does not inspired her at all, as if she is a goddess of dance and contestants are dancing only to please her.
    3) After all the masters decided Vivek to be eliminated, rekha changed the decision and targeted jonny.Then for what purpose they have kept (red room) Skit, from this we can conclude that, there is no value for masters.
    4) All the masters should have supported jonny, but none of them did, it’s a shame.
    5) Jonny should be recalled,
    6) Rekha showing some keen interest on satya master and always protecting him.
    7) Unfit for Judgment, Rekha must be thrown out of D3 program and should never be called in any of the telugu channel shows.
    8) If producers of the D3 show, reads this message my only request them is to abide by the rules and if any one is breaking the rules should be eliminated first.
    9) There are lots of new talents present in the state/country try to give them a chance and not by giving chance to few selected ones, who already won or who had a good name in dancing from the previous shows. Only in order to have high TRP ratings you producers are playing with emotions of audience. This is not at all good for you guys.

  • Johnny master is tto good. Frank person and really kwel to view. Rekha should think before judging. She is too biasing. Johnny is a good dancer and while leaving .. what he told abt 'RULES' .. that he never ignores traffic signals even when it is midnight and alone silmply shows how great and truthful he is. I wish him all the best. If D3 looses johnny, show will be looser, not him. miss u johnny :(

  • I absolutely agree with unanimous.

  • hi raghu master is fabulous but yesterdays judgement unexpected. fault is in sathya's contestent but jony is eliminated. but rekha mam says no iam not eliminated vivek why?what is the reason she says he is not inspired me at all the shows but it is not to say that she has to see that episode that is the elimination episode so vivek has to eliminate

  • I am sudheer from US,
    Gopi@This is not a show to handle attitiude problem guys, and if she is good at that she can be a psychiatrist not a judge, judegement always based in facts and what other people think who broke the rules all this stuff, she cannot be complacent against guys who are very fault, like breaking rules, and also tryign to act smart ad saying that Lighting was not good it's a technical glitches,, all this is drama they are not true...and even in red room they are not acepting their mistakes but saying if i am removed remove other master contestants who are exceeding their given time...

    Hats off to Nagesh who supported his master even when Rekha prakash madam tried to disparage his attitude. He is really sportive.. if ata all Nagesh is seeing this posting.. take it lite yaar... if you have dedication you will really boom in your career...

    Somehow i feel Johnny is not that naive or cunning who hides his feelings and say's something......

    If he hates Satya master he might have commented Rajeswari saying Monica has dominated her... he feels that Rajeswari has picked though initially she was not that good compared to Monica in partner round...

    Satya master looks his opinions looks all makes me think he is proud and some what cunning mentality... i feel like that..

    i am saying Johnny is not perfect initially his statements while selecting candidates was not that good... he should have said differenrly to haranath reddy like i don't want actor i need dancers... it shows that he wanted to try with new dancers and doesn't want to take a candidate who's already proven...

    Without Johny i feel little bit bored in show.

    Give him a chance.. i hope he will do better this time... and drop rekha prakash.I feel she is biased to Sujatha or Sathya... may be something is there... Kuchch tho locha hain...

  • I really pity the other contestants....
    no matter what they are going to do.. rekha is going to award vivek and satya the prize...

    this is really degrading the show standards...

    they should just start audience voting like any other realty show...

    Jaani master was the mascot of dhee 3...without him the show lookks dumb...

    he should be given a second chance through wild card entry

  • Johny remarks may sound bit harsh but they are correct. As an audience Nagesh should not have been eliminated this week, It is an injustice. D3 management should take proper measures in order to look good in front of the audience. As a viewer i can easily judge that Judge is partial in decision making which was evident in the last episode when Johny got eliminated in an incorrect manner.Johny may be new,young but he has got talent and his dances are unique. Atleast he is not like other master's who would stop the dance performance and point it on technical difficulties. When 4 judges voted for Vivek's elimination Judge reverted back the decision. Why should Redroom be there?? other than to make it more masaladar...Each and every viewer would have definitely felt the same thing which i felt...appreciate talent rather than being partial.

  • hi im kalyani. reka mam had taken a very wrong decision by eliminating jonny master.from now onwards no one watch dhee3 .due to reka mam. she is spoiling the show thinking it is her own show.pls krishna garu change the judge .and bring back jonny master pls its all our jonny masters fans reqest frm kalyani,bargavi,srujana, and so on

  • rekha master judgement on johnny master is totally wrong ....she dont know how to judge .no body should break the rules if they break the rules they should go away from the show....for example if u copy in exams then the invisilator will throw u out according to the rules only ......but they will not give onemore chance how this rekha prakash can give the chance .sir shamprasad reddy sir gives the money rekha she is not the owner she is really bad in judgement .

  • I like johnny master a lot. I think all his judgements regd performances are too perfect wen compared to rekha's judgement. Her judgement varies from master to master not according to performances. in previous elimination, rekha actually considered all master's verdickt as final and so she announced to eliminate johnny master's candidate.. and this time she cared shit abt master's judgement and made a blunder judgement. She is behaving like monarch in show. even in national shows like nach baliye saroj kan's verdict is not final, how come rekha's decision is final.?? i truely feel johnny master is deserving candidate and i pity the show for keepin rekha as judge who dont understand the meaning of judgement. Johny elimination is great loss to show. i may not watch the show anymore coz it already lost a star like johnny

  • MRS.Rekha madam you may be judge but the way you dealt with Mr.Johny was really bad and your attitude was very much wrong, actually johny speaks the right thing where you and your other dance masters doesn't like him.Infact he did a fabulous dancing concepts he was been eliminated. Even though he had seen you like a mother you punished and killed for nothing reason.But i hope that you should be eliminated from this program and never called back to any other program in any languages coz if some one speaks true you won't like them and the same happened with Mr.Ashok raja in D1.
    For your kind information if Mr.Johny is not there for your next episode then your program viewers will drastically come down ,so whatever you have done the blunder please rectify by calling him back or else because of you ETV will be the sufferers.
    And i fell shame how MR.ChinniPrakash is living with you Hats off to him.



    So no point to watch the D3,

    SATYA is a cunning fellow
    REKHA is not fit for anything, she has a personal interst in vivek
    and satya.
    JOHNNY is the 100% right in his statements.

  • jhonny master we miss u so much..... we want u back in the show. i think throught out the show u r the only one very entertaining and dashinggg. we like the way u express ur views. i would like to know what is going on between u and satya master? to be frank satya master is really behaving like dictator with lot of proudness growing day by day. at the same time i dont know why mrs rekha prakash is supporting him. i had a opinion which is really great on her that she supports the true talent where ever it may be hididng in crew. i think she has been influenced by the some of the members in the production team which supports the satya master.

  • when there is a particular red room and the judges had given 4 minus against sathya, vivek, they should be removed , only the majority should win and should be given importance and who the fuck is mrs rekha, i seriously feel satya is an ass licker.. and may be for that reason that bloody rekha is supporting him and letting him in the show..

  • hello jonny master is must for dhee 3 remeber thiss..

  • Satya cunning..and Johny is right.Rekha has to kicked from judge

  • If anyone want to give suggestions/requests/ complaint on Dhee 3 to ETV management please give your valuable feedback in

  • For the fans of Johnny
    (40)23600395, (40)23600160 are the phone numbers of Dhee 3 producer Shyam prasad Reddy. Call and tell him your opinion on Rekha's judgment

  • helooo namasteee krishan garu this is madhu

    johnnny master cell no.9885170246

    ee no. nundi naku ,msg chesaru nenu call chesi matladanu evaraina ee no. ki call chesi johnny kani johnny master to matladavachu ok all the best all the johnny master fans call cheyandi johnny sir to matladandi

  • Namaste Madhu ! hope u r doing gud. I called that number, but he not talking to me. I sent him message saying all the best.May I know what message you got from him ?

  • hi my name is koushik.iam frm kurnool... i love dhe programe in e tv...friends meeku andariki nenu oka vishayamcheppalanukuntunnanu..... SATYA master contestant vivek ni already select cheskunadanta anduvalla raghu master buzzer press chesina kuda accept cheyaleduu.... ikkadae artam autundiii VIVEK is going to have title.... mundae matladukoni chese kante direct ga title present cheyadam chaala manchidii ani naa opinion....
    RAGHU master is superb in dance atanuu dhee lo participate chesi unda kudaduuu atanuu andari madya naligipotunaduu....... SATHYA is verry bad....
    wen it comes to judgement i think REKHA is mentally disordered patient.....waste judge....TARUN master is best....
    RAGHU master is cooool endukantae ninnati episode lo arguiment cheyyadu ani tana contestant ki cheppadam lone telustundii.....
    sooooo frnsss enjoyyy dhee 3....
    MY CONTACT NO IS 9985053304

  • Hello All,

    Truth allways has to loose in hands of bribary for 21st century.
    Comming to my like is harinaadha reddy any artist can participate n number of times provided he is not repeting style , but this guy is new always. He has to sit in place of master not contestent.
    Satya and Raghu are not genuine, first one has over ego, second one has no ego at all. Both are dangerous for healthy competetion. No critics no show, No Jonny no show. He is removed because he is genuine, at least it's proved again truth has bitter path. Madam, talli, guru, tiger lady non other than Rekha prakesh madam, coreography is different from judging, she may be good coreographer , but not judge. She enjoys only viveks dance, a judge should try to enjoy the show as spectator and give judgment based on his/her knowledge and experience. She gives judgment if it makes her happy. True artist has to always admire the co contestants. ETV , please give the title to vivek as he Always makes madam happy. Why fooling around public. Challenge seems to be at least funny some times insted of seeing hear an already diclared titled. in addition, every round all of the contestants should give the same song and ask for coreography which removes the barriers satisfying RP madam. Because , atleast it's not dependant on her mood.

    Last but not least, try to get back JONNY master as replace for RP madam. A judge should first a good genuine critic.

    Please forgive me if I hurt any one here.

  • Sir my name is Krishna, I didn't put my name for previous post, please add the same, and from next time I will use my name. Regards.

  • johny speaks the right thing where you and your other dance masters doesn't like him.

    actually johny master is stright person. i'm think satya,raghu,sudheer masters are friends. valla ki vallu positive ga nai response eechu kutunaru. kapil master also supporting to them only... sujatha some time her response is 50/50 laga vuntudi.

    one thing here satya master is already participants in d1. his contants(vivek and rajeswari) also participants in d1&d2.

    raghu master contants satya already raghu team loo work chaisadu.
    watch aary2 raghu songs. satya in that songs.

    so, already working persons r participants kakuda new persons, new masters thisukunai bagavuandi D3...... yours charan

  • If anyone want to give suggestions/requests/ complaint on Dhee 3 to ETV management please give your valuable feedback in

  • Hi johnny your are real celebrity,We start watching,taking beers in our hands.And we really enjoying,Rejoicing every show of yours,Thanks to Madam given chance to Re-entry.I know you are Perfect.You know I always imitate this word.

  • thanx madhu garu for giving johnny masters no frm kalyani

  • Dhee-3 Njoy maadi...raghu master rocks d show now...satya master is bit annoyin these dayz..he needs 2 give chance 2 other choreographers who r younger than him ,he is already proved n dat 2 in d-3 he gets rajeshwari n vivek...if he is so talented y dont he take ny other contestants...y vivek n rajeshwari(who are already proved n xperienced?)...this shows his capability....gud luck 2 my raghu master n sujatha,kapil,sudheer masters...this show rocks..!Kalyani reddy ,Chennai

  • Hi EVRY1...
    This is Kally,frm Chennai...Raghu master is rockin d show...satya master shows his incapability by takin already proved n xperienced contestants...other masters r too gud...seriously i miss johny master sooo much whose judgement is clear n frank...xcept that he shows his attitude,d rest other things abt him r well n gud...i wish he comes baq with a bang...gudluck 2 u johnny master...i hope 2 c raghu master till d mega finals...cheers master...!Gudday!

  • namaste krishna garu sudheer master evaru background emiti cheppagalara

  • its not jonny master no pls dont call. i have called to this no but itis not jonny sir

  • hi this is Yindusriraj. Dhee-3 program chala baguntundi dance program annitilonu number one show Dhee kani Jhony master ni eliminate cheyadam matram maku nachaledu edi wrong frist nunchi Jhony master vishayam lo currect ga alochinchatam ledu machi dancers ni evvaledu eppudu tanani eliminate ayye varaku chesaru maku edi currect kadu anipistundi memu Dhee-3 lo malli Jhony master ni chudali ani anukuntunnam pls pls. we love Jhony Master. pls jhony master meru tappakunda Dhee-3 loki ravali pls me kosam memu god ni request chestamu memu mimalni miss avtunnamu.

  • hello madhu iam sri.What is your opinion about harinath reddy.He is going to get eliminated.Iam really feeling bad about this.He had excellent thoughts in his mind.may i know harinath mobile no:

  • hi iam bhargav
    johnny master is very great.he tryes to do some thing different.
    please get him back to the show.
    please try for that if possible

  • helloo Sri u r correct Harinath Reddy is also winner of the DEE program malli tanke Dee3 title ivvaleru kada anta serious ga discus cheyalsina avasarm ledandi talent undikada Harinath future lo manchi offers to haiga undalani korukundam ante kada light tisukondi ok na bye

  • Hi.. Johny master is back in the game.. think Dhee3 management have considered our opinions.

  • i need Raghu masters contact info...... anybody knows it?

  • Johnny master is tto good. Frank person and really kwel to view. Rekha should think before judging. She is too biasing. Johnny is a good dancer and while leaving .. what he told abt 'RULES' .. that he never ignores traffic signals even when it is midnight and alone silmply shows how great and truthful he is. I wish him all the best. If D3 looses johnny, show will be looser, not him. miss u johnny :(

    nw i am happy nw d d3 owner is back



  • Just watched Episode 18 of Dhee3. Excellent performances and very cleanly done with the right bit of drama. I'm soo glad Johny master is back!!! Prathap is an EXCELLENT dancer.
    I hope that they'll change the concept of this show so it's not as biased next time (introducing 3 judges, allowing the dancers to be exchanged between choreographers, etc).

    The way the show is right now, there is too much room for error.

  • hi madhu garu im kalyani i have called u once do u remember me pls post jonny sir no once

  • Johnny master rocks in the last episode.. as usual Satya master tried to create some menace to Harinath Reddy, but finally Rekha prakash mam took right decision.

    Pratap Deserves for the 10,000 Cash prize and he is a wonderful dancer. As sujatha master said, Dhee 3 viewers missed his fantastic performence all these days. Hope he will shine in the next Dhee Episodes.

    Krishna Babu, Thanks a lot for creating a dias for sharing our thoughts about Dhee.

  • tarun master judge ga vunte bagundedi. Rekha master is not giving the correct judgement. she is playing politics. she doesn't like Harinath Reddy and some other masters. She is giving judgement based on her personal likings but not on the performance. It should not be repeated.

  • Hi everyone iam new to post the comment, iam a small dancer , doing MSc in London. iam the fan of dhee, today (14 th) venu gopal was eleminated and i observed that he is the best dancer. when he was eleminated i find the smile in his face and i hope on one day he will become a best dancer.any way Happy sankranthi...............

  • Hi everyone iam new to post the comment i like Harinath Reddy he is showing his won talent without any masters but all of them r discouraging him mainly satya master i don't know y they r doing like that can any one tell me

  • dhee 3 is going tooooooooo booooooooooreeeeeeeeee

    where is tarun master
    we want tarun master

  • I need raghu master's contact no. anybody knows please post it..

  • Rekha to be out of DHEE program

  • Hallo sir nenu harnath reddy fanni naaku dhee show ante baga ishtam some dance masters harnath reddy ante baya padutunaru varilo main satya harnath unte vivek ki kashtam avutundi ani elagaina harini eleminate cheyyalani eppudu edo okati pedutuntadu

  • Hi Krishna, Mee Blog chalabagundii..nenu kuda DHEE3 kii pedha abhimaninii..naku RED ROOM ki voiceover echiina artist evvaroo telusukovalii annii undii. koncham cheppagalaraa..


  • Thanks Koushik. even I like that voice-over, but frankly don't know yar; if I get to know surely I will post it here.

  • hi this is deepa.
    This is only dance show which i love to watch.
    AS many of you said even I like what johnny master says, Specially yesterday Satya's contestant Vivek steps are exactly detto from the Chirutha movie.
    Only Johnny raised it and I did not like Rekha master supporting Satya.Atleasr she should say that.
    Also Harinath Reddy is the most talented person and definetly he is one like Aamir's character in 3 idiots who is going for excellence so definetly he would be successful person in life.
    Yeah i want an info.If there's D-4 are they planning to select contestants?
    If so please let me know.

  • Hi All,

    Johnny is the best dance master... He can speak 1000 words by his dance.. but when it comes to speaking some times he looses his temper which is perfectly alright as he is best at his work.... Now he has got a best dancer prathap with him to reach the final, if not win the final because of politics played by all others.... Another observation that I made is that he does not have a great group to work with.. whenever its individual performance his contestant is 100 times better than other... but when it comes to group he needs to improve by practicing more... just a suggestion to Mr. Jhaaaany.... All the best man... you rock

  • Hi all, frankly speaking abt dhee3 shows what im observing, always tRavi4m canada,
    hey creat one drama, according that rekha will walk out 4m show and again she will come to the show without any shame,Even SATYA, he is trying to get fame from this show, y bcz he have no movies on his hand, he will suit for only stage shows, even he also know about that, always he will creat nonsense in show, and dhee people is entraining him, finaly they are playing with audiens emotions. thats it.

  • Hi all, frankly speaking abt dhee3 shows what im observing, always tRavi4m canada,
    hey creat one drama, according that rekha will walk out 4m show and again she will come to the show without any shame,Even SATYA, he is trying to get fame from this show, y bcz he have no movies on his hand, he will suit for only stage shows, even he also know about that, always he will creat nonsense in show, and dhee people is entraining him, finaly they are playing with audiens emotions. thats it.

  • kapil master and satya master are showing their attitude much....and masters plz be frank in giving ur opinions...i think only sujatha mam,raghu master and jonny master are doing ther job perfectly and others are making the dhee3 show worst....

  • sir plz...i want raghu master contact number...not his personal no but just wanna speak to him...plz....

  • Hey Krishna...Your Blog Rockzzz man...About Dhee3 Show it is very nice show but i hope it is a "Winner" Fixed Show ...It seems Vivek will get Dhee3 title it was fixed in Dhee2 Show itself. Regarding masters i like raghu, jhony and rekha prakash maam remaining all are doing lot of politics....Juss politics....Satya who is acting like his own show (like producer)

  • Ravi from canada,
    Saame felling me to, there is no perfect jadgement, being an viewer of this show, we clearly know that harinathareddy didn't performed well, rekha tryed him to save many times, so no need to watch this show, andharui lite thesukondi, eetv programes chooste inak anthe life meedha virakathi puduthundi baboy, i think there is some understanding between satya and harinathreddy and the loose judge rekaha, che i hate that bledy lady, we can clearly know that she is playing politics, this johny wentout, he should not come back again, pedda dabba show nunchi yenni sarlu elimante chestaru, johny vaste inka thaniki siggu lenatte lekka, e rekaha, satya master, harinathreddy ne enjoy cheyyani show..............

  • hello iam new to this blog i know the winner of dhee-3. iam the fan of johnny master he has done more than 50 songs with all youth heros . he has worked for big movies like aarya, athidi,josh(iam bad boy),he works for all nitin movies,he has done many i have more details. satya master worked for namo venkatesa,josh e.t.c.Dhee3 is a arrangment show even D1 and D2 also.the finalists are chinna(sandeeps contest),vivek(sathya),satya(raghus).and the finals the guests are ALLUARJUN and RAVITEJA .and finally the winner is Raghu master.(My name is rajasekhar) and finally i must thank krishna.

  • ya its a good show , its would be great if this show had 2 final judges. Rekha is biased towards Satya master.

  • Our family is fan of janni if he is eliminated we wont see dhee3 at all pls rekha ji don show partiallity to harinath reddy

  • i need janni master contact number plssssss i like his attitude

  • i need janni masters numberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • we request dhee3 producer to bring tarun master backkkkkk rekha made is showing partiality to some old dancerrrrrrrrr plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • I do not what was Rekha thinking when she gave her judgement y'day... the decision should be taken based on 2 days performance, not on 1 day... I think she forgot what happened on wednesday and taken a decision only based on thursday... why I say this, 1) she gave a green on 1 day and red on 1 day to pratap which makes it 1 red:1 green 2) She gave 1 red and another 50 50 for Hari which makes it 1.5 red :.5 green. Based on her decision itself it should be Hari who has to be elimited and 5 masters have voted against Hari... What the hell does she mean by giving him another chance... also she commented on jonny saying everyone is thinking that he is cornoring Hari... where did the other master tell this... If its so, then why did they nominated Hari for elimination. Common Rekha ji, show some maturity... dont spent time just chewing PAAAN, use your brain....

    Another thing, when satya was talking against her decision, she didnt had the guts to explain him in proper way and just walked out... but when it comes to Jonny she has all the courage in the world... Go to hell

  • hi..
    as we all know dhee ist thi the utlimate dance show and is the best till now. As i have a small concept we are running d3. can we make a pograme which is best of the best as dhee champions. in this show top 3 same Masters with their contestants.
    ex:Dhee champions

    dhee1 qualified Masters&contestants
    Noble-Haranath reddy
    Satya- Monika

    dhee1 qualified Masters&contestants
    baba bhaskar-Vivek

    dhee qualified Masters&contestants

    3rd position
    i think this will make a pogramme a super hit pls think about this..

  • mr krishna i posted u one comment can u approve it may be good for everybody in the blog ok

  • Hey Gys This is ravi 4m canada!

    In this show many wrong things and decisions happing, everbody feels that they are producers and dons in this show aport from johny and sujatha. If u abserve this show u easly came to know there is under standing between HELL rekha and master satya and harinathreddy, actualy he dont want continue in dhee3, rekha only make him 2 continue forcely, we can know that clearly on show. The mallemala people should take care about all these things, they all ready decided to give cup to VIVEK, so no doubt about that,

    And one more thing all contestents are from outside, all candidates are idustry people, i mean dance master and assit dance masters, Uport 4m chinna, and prathap, One more harionath reddy going produce one movie for national award itseems, so funny, i just lough by seeing that show, we can c him smal screen only, how can we see him big screen, he has lot of over confidince. so this is the story of worst show dhee3..............

  • hi
    I thought that dhee is different from other nonsense no controversies..but now its quite opposite..we are not willing to see the program.its boring:(.I think rekha is not going to eliminate either vivek or harinath.Raghu's choreography is so stylish.He should be the finalist.I wish him all the very best for dhee3.

  • hi jhonny i hope u see this comment please improve ur creativity in dance and also improve ur style in dance i hope u win the dee3 title


  • Hi Krishna, I feel Rekha prakash mam's judgement is wrong this time.. even it is clear.. till now even though all choreographers judgement is different, she straight away said particular person is eliminated. But this time she said giving a chance to both of them.. But what I feel, she is giving a chance to Harinath reddy..

  • rekha madam was selfish about vivek and harinathreddy..its too bad...its clearly shown in few of episodes..satya is too cunning.and he discourages..all masters especially johnny.johnny is most talented than satya...johnny is too perfect..and more self confident..madam's judgement is write if raghu master & johnny master will be in the finals.....

  • krishna garu i am too sad about johnny master elimination...all viewers are disappointed..very much..i think from 2day onwards d3 viewers will be reduced to half..all johnny master fans...ika d3 chudaru...meeru emantaru deeni gurinchi

  • Hi madhu garu i need correct janni masters number pls i miss him in the dhee3 and now i stopped seeing dhee3 three we whole family stopped seeing it
    i like jannis attitude
    janni u are too perfect,energetic,passionate,confident and straight forward person
    hope u become best master as prabhu deva all d best

  • hi I like johnny master ..Coz of huis frankness and try to get some new movements in his every dance..and one mor thing is why should Vivek and Harinath reddy given a chance when they have already proved ...My choice to win is Raghu or Sudheer or talents..Satya master doesnt have guts so only he fought and took vivek so that he can go for finals......i would have been happy if johnny maste would have come and participated yesterday....Wats the use of elminating Harinath in Yesterday episode she could have done last episdode when most of the mater voted him.....

  • it is an excellent show . i like it very much plzzzz ask jani master to come back . i am big fan of his . also raghu master . u r wonderfull. u r just excellent . i always for u to dace master . i like ur dance . i am also a big fan of mj master. i hope sudheer masters contestent win the title . the main star of d 3 uday bhanu . she is an excellent anchor .

  • Hi All,
    D3 is on its way to final. But i was expecting Johnny to be in the final but, there would be one person how is happy while, Johnny was leaving its none other than satya. Satya is the only person who acts differently, while all the other masters are cool.
    There is an other thing i would like to discuss is why are they considering the participants or masters from the previous series.

  • hi .. i am fan of jaani and raghu master . according to the show rules i would like to say dat vivek should be elimanted becoz he has done many mistakes eariler like taking more time and stoppinng in the middle of song . its not fare for other masters . finally satya master doesnt know any thing about dance as he proven from this show ,. so i would adivce cine directors to think before for chooseing.... plzzzzzzz.zzzz.............zzzzzzzzzz....sir....

  • sanjay says

    without harinath reddy it is not much interested to see D3 . the genious and perfectionist who adds concept to al his songs along with dance. its really bad of eleminating him


  • hi all

  • hi alll

  • hi all
    i am from bangalore iam fan of d3 show statring it was intersting when johnny was there but now no interest to watch but still watching because o;f shudeer master any chinna too but all other master is already having trained dancers but shudeer is training him now and rockking to so i wish to win title to chinna

  • let chinna get title

  • all the viewers , i have told u on feb 11 that the winner is RAGHU master

  • That sounds gud, if raghu get a title, satya should not get the title anymore, he is one ego person, so that only he is not growing in industry.

  • oo now sudheermaster is not there let raghu master get title

  • Hii guys i agree with some of the comments of above viewers jhonny got talent ,they should not behave like this jhonny and raghu rocks
    Satya has great future ,chinna ki kuda edho prize isthe bagundu he is
    so poor

  • Hi all,

    I too agree with most of the people who has given their opinions about Raghu & Jonhy, Satya, Even i feel that Satya is having lot of Ego Problem... & Raghu master Really Rocks.. I like him very much....

    I want Raghu to win the Title.. But todays Episode.... Satya (Raghu's contestant) did not perform well till the ending... I just hope he will not repeat it and Make Raghu Sir Proud by Winning the Title.......

  • So far Satyanarayana is leading. I don't understand why judges are so pleased with his performances. He did lot of mistakes like he actually fell down in the song intruduction in the first finals round. That was cleary shown and still he got 30 marks. That's not fair at all. Even in the partners round his partner Prudhvi only performed good than him. I like Raghu master style but not Satyanarayana. Even I feel Lilavathi is better than him. I am so worried about Vivek. He is very good dancer and he looks so innocent. I am praying for Vivek to get Dhee3 title. Please god do some miracle to get Vivek win.

  • can u say where i cann get jaani master photos please mail me

  • naku d3 lo johny master chala istam tanu eliminate ina taruvatha nunchi d 3 ante istam ledu d 4 lo johny master ni malli patispate cheincandiiiiiiiiiiii
    meru chala big mistake chesaru johny master ni eliminate chesiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • raghu master gelavali please god gelipinchuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    anthe nenu cheppedi naku johny master kuda estam chala fank ga matladutharu ok byeeeeeeee

  • sowmya
    hi alll am a big fan of dhee3 and abig big fan of RAGHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU MASTER oo my god he is amaizing exilant body language i wish he would win the tittle
    would u please post his contact numder plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ssssssssssss i too wish raghu to win the title, y they are both from andhra, vivek should not win the title, he already participate in d2 and won some, let ohters win the title this time, Satya master is jealous person, just abserve the shows then only un came to know, VIVEK MIGHT ME TALENTED, MANY PERSONS ARE TYHERE MORE THAN THAT Ex. leelavathi, realy she is gud dancer than vivek, IF HE HAVE TALENT ASK HIM TO SHOW IN TAMILNAADU, MANAVALLAKI VALLADHE BAAGUNTUNDHI ANUKONDI...............

  • sowmya
    hai i too agree vith u satya mater is really jeolous about raghu master i want raghu master to win the title
    and more over in master contestant round satya and vivek dint perform well leela did much better than him
    and i dint like satya cuming in the middle and he just daced 2min do u agree vith me friends

  • iloveeeeee jhonny master he is superb superb superb

  • i lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee jhonny choreograohy suuuuuuuperrrrrrrrrrr

  • No way, 1st of all he dont know the dance, we can observe by his performance in final, vivek himself coreograph the like harinath reddy, there is no difference b/w harinath reddy and vivek, 1st of all i dnt want c that satya maste face on stage, such a big irritation, there understading between rekha and satya master, so that only he is in till final, otherwise he could have elimnate 3 r 4th round, he came twice r thrice on danger zone, even though he is final, so what is that mean, all politics yar, we are fools who watching and getting emotions on them very cheap tricks they are palying with audions, ANY HOW SOWMYS I WISH RAGHU TO GET THE TITLE THAT'S IT, this sis telugu show let telugu people get the title and i wish the alla best to raghu.

  • Hai dis is samata i am regular viewer of dee show d1 is nice..d2is extrodnory but by seeing the finals of dee3 i was shoked the judgement in absoluteltly digusting....who worked hard they didn't deserved the fruit ....vivek really worked hard and danced very well what ever i expected that result was f..@ing..... stupid judjement......i think they have shown reginol feeling because vivek is not from andhra and satyanarayana is from andhra they have played so many anouncing the judjement the last performence of vivek was awsome ...great case of satyanarayana it was not up to mark the same thing the judges also agreed with from now onwards i stop watching dee show again...the chanel hurted so many dance lovers with this judgement..

  • Hai dis is samata i am regular viewer of dee show d1 is nice..d2is extrodnory but by seeing the finals of dee3 i was shoked the judgement in absoluteltly digusting....who worked hard they didn't deserved the fruit ....vivek really worked hard and danced very well what ever i expected that result was f..@ing..... stupid judjement......i think they have shown reginol feeling because vivek is not from andhra and satyanarayana is from andhra they have played so many anouncing the judjement the last performence of vivek was awsome ...great case of satyanarayana it was not up to mark the same thing the judges also agreed with from now onwards i stop watching dee show again...the chanel hurted so many dance lovers with this judgement..








  • Hi Krishana,
    D3 Final judgment was very bad..................
    Vivek should get D3 title......I feel this is wrong judgement.
    Contestant Satya's costume was very bad compared vivek.
    Satya does have the style of dance which vivek has it.
    Satya is one waste dancer. There is no link between the movements change over.
    Vivek should have got the D3 title.
    Rekha cheated............Bad judgment

  • BAD BAD JUDGEMENT.... M not gonna watch D show frm now on if Rekha s there as a judge.... "VIVEK" u don worry u would have lost the title but u are in 100's of hearts...

  • Worrest Judgement Vivek D3 ultimate winner
    Ms Rekha Madam Judgement is worng and we were watching since begning this show if there is a regional feeling you should keep only AP people
    Vivek is ultimate dancer
    also Mr.Perfect also done this wrong

  • Worrest Judgement D3
    All the time Ultimate winner is Vivek and Satya Mater.

    This is Ultimate politics

  • Hi,
    D3 Final judgment was Stupid and Idiotic..................
    Vivek Danced so well and at the last everything was politics.I don't understand why all Judges have given such a bad decision is this because Raghu has choreographed for Arya2 Movie ( Allu Arjun).Even Raghu master was not fully happy, he never expected his contestant Sathya will win.It's OK Vivek don't get depress you will be one of the best Choreographer in coming days, You have gud style and expressions.I think now u came to know how politics and influence will play a role:-) in Cine Field.


  • D3 Final judgement was very bad,
    Vivek would have got the D3 Title winner.
    Vivek u are a Very Good Dancer you will become a very good choreographer in future.
    All the Best !!!!!

  • D3 Final Judgement is Too bad
    Vivek would have won the D3 Title winner,
    Vivek is a very Good dancer, I wish him all the best!!!!!!!

  • wats this???i really dnt knw can u help out me...

  • I strongly believe that ETV has now lost its fame by losing all the DHEE show fans with such an idiocratic display of partiality by the judges in the finale.
    Clearly the Dhee-3 final has been fixed before hand with Satya as the winner.
    I am absolutely disappointed and this is truly disgusting on the part of Judge Rekha Prakash.
    Vivek performed far better than Satya in the Finals... He deserves the title and is the TRUE CHAMPION.
    VIVEK.... You ROCKKKK MAN..... You are the best dancer.... You will definitely have a bright future.
    And finally... This is the last of dhee.... I will never ever watch that show again.
    Goodbye ETV.

  • I strongly believe that ETV has now lost its fame by losing all the DHEE show fans with such an idiocratic display of partiality by the judges in the finale.
    Clearly the Dhee-3 final has been fixed before hand with Satya as the winner.
    I am absolutely disappointed and this is truly disgusting on the part of Judge Rekha Prakash.
    Vivek performed far better than Satya in the Finals... He deserves the title and is the TRUE CHAMPION.
    VIVEK.... You ROCKKKK MAN..... You are the best dancer.... You will definitely have a bright future.
    And finally... This is the last of dhee.... I will never ever watch that show again.
    Goodbye ETV.

  • Even I think,D3 Final Judgement is Fixed.If rekha wants only telugu ppl to win, y the hell she has taken the contestants.
    Because of her stupid judgement, people has lost hopes on the show itself.
    I watched all the shows from begining. Rekha Prakash mam ,I think now you have to go & learn the dance & then come for judgement.
    Vivek performed far better than Satya in the Finals & Vivek is the Ultimate winner of the show.

    Vivek u are going to rock the world man.............

  • Hi Guys...Finally i got to write something about DHEE here!!Thanks to Krishna for this. Coming to the DHEE Program;it really ROCKKKKKKS!!!when compared to other Reality shows in other Channels!!I agree that it was annoying watching the Attitude and Ego between the masters. But yet as a human being you got to agree that you too will have some of that feeling when you are on that plate!!But i guess the show has gained its crazy fans back from the Semi-Finals & Finals as Brundha & Tarun were brought in.What do you say???

  • judgement iz absolutely ri8...bcoz jst compare the coreography nt the contestents....itz raghu master who always try sumthng new...n he takes care not 2 repeat the same see the satya masters coreography its the same 4m the 1st...vivek could hav been the winner if he iz not under satya master...bcoz its satya master who did not bring out viveks talent...raghu master coreography iz its not the same with satya master...who utlimately RAGHU MASTER IZ THE WINNER...

  • Both my wife and i watch dhee in USA ( we are fans of Vivek..i donot knoww why rekha prakash madam gave such stupid judgement but both felt depressed for a day after seeing the finals..Satya is good but vivek is the real many people felt that but stupidity that judge did not feel.I wish i had 10 lakhs to give vivek atleast to see his happy face...I am from rjy and please donot write regional feelings caused this as it make me more sad.
    we love vivek and only watch dhee if vivek participates again.

  • Hi Ram... I don't really think of the increased craze that the show might have got from semi-finals.
    But I definitely believe that the show has completely lost its fame and craze after the Finale.

  • sowmya
    hai am really very happy for raghu master and satya
    yes but i do agree that vivek is also a good dancer
    he would win if he was under raghu master coriography he over acted on that day when raghu master pressed the buzzer for him that he and satya had allready planed every thing

  • Akhil from bangalore
    hello friends i have read all yr emotions i mean messages. i am not getting yr point why all are telling the judgment is wrong only in finals wen jonny master got eliminated then only we have to know rekha mam dono anything about judgment..
    but i wont agree for all yr criticisms about sathya contestant he is superb dancer he was giving mind blowing performance in all the rounds . vivek also a good stylish dancer but he do stunts that is the reason he didnt win in final. . only because of Raghu master sathya has won . . if vivke was contestant for raghu master definetly he would have won ther is no doubt about it . . vivke chathilara chadupudunadu

  • There is nothing wrong in the judgement. There are no new steps from vivek, I agree that vivek is a good dancer but there is nothing new in the final dance. What vivek did in the last dance, he was doing before as well. However, Satya did two or three floor movement even tarun master appreciated. Allu arjun as well commented that he learned one movement from Satya. Allu arjun appreciated vivek only because he was doing the dance with bad health condition. Bad luck for vivek. If he was in good shape, may be he would have done couple of more new steps. But that is the fate. When it comes to raghu master he was less controversial from the beginning, that wins him heart from Rekha as well.


  • i like raghu master, He is a ultimate coriographer, He lives in his dance, He has a bright future.

    Fans join Raghu master community

  • hi it think judgement was right because there wasno change in vivek dance but the mistake is judement would have been explain very clearly wht was wrong in vivek and satya

  • haifirst isaid to jony master he was my favarate master

  • please give me avedio d2 baba basker sir laughifing dance(avari kosam) give me a e mail id

  • Watch Dhee 3 dance show videos online for free at

  • Can any one post dee1 , sivashankar mater dance on ramayanam.. it was awesome

  • johnny master i misssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuu ..... plz anyone give johnny masters no or id plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • johnny annaya ...... i really mis u ... e post kanaka chusthe plz naku reply ivava ...... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Raghu master is gr8, he has gifted style

  • Watch ETV Dhee show videos online for free at

  • hi
    am new to this blog to be frank am searching for sujatha masters phone number or her address for a long time may be more than a year suddenly i saw her on dhee3 but am not able to get her mobile number or address am living in UK
    any one help me please please

  • I enjoy it mostly i watch them in youtube cheers!



  • superb

  • enjoyed the this video

  • Thanks or This Video Uploaded

  • can i have vivek's email id or else contact number

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