Trip to GOA..go go GOAAAA......

Go go GOAAAAAAA......
This trip satisfied the yearning of my soul and there is no limit for the joy we had in Goa. The most coveted place to rock for many of the youth.As like every trip this is another most awaiting trip for us, (We all are very busy for making artificial intelligence :( to lead natural life.) As planned earlier we started on 23rd Dec 2009 by train(6589/Rani Chenamma) from Bangalore to reach Londa. As expected train started bit late around at 9:20 PM. Actually to be there at 24th mid night we started on 23 rd night from Bangalore, to really sense the unbounded joy of Merry Christmas.

By morning 7 AM we reached Londa station which is a very rural village with the mixed culture of Karnataka and Maharashtra. We were sleeping completely so not knowing the station in between from Bangalore to Londa. There is poor transportation from Londa to Goa which is around 120 KMs far. After so much waiting we decided to take one cab,by paying around 1200 Rupees. We are five people by joining with another 5 more people we started our journey to-wards Goa. The people joined with us are very familiar to Goa, as they said it was 32nd visit to Goa. So they shared their tips to follow in Goa like where to stay? what to see ? etc etc. It was good time with those people. On the way we had breakfast at one village and proceeded to Goa. Around at 11 we reached Mapusa. One of my friend's friend Mario has gave shelter there in his flat to stay for 4 days. Really a big thanks to Mario other wise we would have end up in paying more than 3K per day in Goa hotels.

After quick fresh-up we went to Mapusa which is famous for its market, it was considerably big one and it has every thing starting from apples to alcohols. This market has many whole-sale shops including liquors. The liquor prices are almost 40 % less compared to other states in India. Glasses, caps and eatables are main things in our shopping then moved to Calangute Beach. The lovely Calangute beach, also known as the 'Queen of Beaches' is simply super.International tourists visit this beach in hordes.I am sure this beach is crowded with both international and domestic tourists in any day during seasons. Here only we spent most of our evenings playing in beach and enjoying water sports. We played different rides like bumper ride, banana ride , para sailing etc. Among all Banana ride became thrilling one as one of us made it fall in between the ride, that was my first experience wearing life jacket and floating in the sea that to un-expectedly falling in between the ride ...ohhh it is damn good not enough to say simply with words.

I might have seen many beaches in the world but the joy and liveliness displayed by everything around you in Calangute beach cannot be found anywhere else.
Though it is sun you will definitely feel the fun in the sparkling sand and splashing beach tides. This is the real holiday for me as this is first time I felt in my life that a beach can also be a bustling place when you are with your friends in that place. It will be the perfect celebration with gusto in your holiday if you are in Goa.
For someone who would like to relax in a quiet and secluded beach, there are some beaches like the Betul beach, the Palolem beach or even the Bambolim beach. So no matter what, Goa has something for everyone to enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

After a gusto play in water we spent time in eating and drinking under a beach umbrella and bed,parllely we played snookers in the moon light on the bays of beach. I never imagined of playing pool in the beach side. It was really splendid and memorable game. All the beaches are really the prefect gateways for a tired travelers. The hours passed like seconds we are on dance floor continuously rocking to sync with shacking asses on the floor. It was 12 PM ..."Merry Christmas" cheers ...snuggles,cuddles Hugs ...Sky is not dark that time it was illuminating with all the best possible colors in the world. It went on for almost till 3 AM there is no limit and bounds...
This is a new place may be a heaven for us for few hours we are the kings and emperors served by many angels. This heaven has streets filled with gorgeous women.... OMG you made this nature the striking one by just creating beautiful women.

These are the beaches with palm trees I saw for the first in my life, with crowded people who are only searching for merry in the sparkling sands. It is just one hour to see aurora, we reached our flat and went to bed around at 5:45 AM. All of us missed our mobile alarms to execute next day plans not once but more than thrice. At last we finished the daily routines and reached again Calangute via Mapusa to grab "pilots"(two wheeler motor cycles). We payed around 400 bucks for one day rent of each bike(Honda Activa). We quickly moved to Anjuna Beach after having lunch at Star light restaurant near the beach. The Anjuna Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa. Also known as the 'freak capital' of the world, this beach was the favorite haunt of the hippies or the 'flower generation' in the sixties. Its popularity has still not waned going by the thousands of people who visit it everyday. However the main attractions of this beach apart from its picturesque settings are its full moon parties that go on through the whole night and the weekly flea market where you can pick up everything from clothes to old bikes. In fact if you are good at bargaining, you can walk away with some very great deals.

Then we just want to have the same feel what yesterday we had hence we moved to Calangute beach from Baga beach, basically it is an extension of the Calangute beach; and tried repeating what ever we have done the other day but the dance floors were stopped bit early this day and with no other options in hand we started returning to Mapusa from Baaga. We were just staring at all the crowd and their postures simply sitting near Tito's beach, on our work we found a beautiful lady we were recollecting the beauty she resembles some thing like Charmi Telugu film actress, with in no second we noticed a guy who seems to be Devi sri prasad, famous music director in south film industry, in no time we confirmed our eyes and mind and rushed to wards them, they were little shocked by our eagerness to meet them. They felt little embracing as there is already a big talk in the industry about their friendship. Ultimately with devis request we had only a snap with him but not with Charmi. By the way Devi's younger brother Vidya Sagar (singer and Mandolin player) is also present along with them.No doubt this is the best night life and party time I had till in my life.

The next day reminded us that our trip is coming to an end and we were in tremble mood and started our bike riding to cover the rest of best spots in the Goa, after having the breakfast in Ashoka Udipi hotel near Mapusa market we moved to wards Aguada.The Aguada beach,(also called sinquerim) located on the Aguada Bay in North Goa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. Taj spa is just beside this beach.The imposing Aguada Fort is located near the beach with its fortifications almost kissing the seashore. A part of it has now been converted into a prison while a luxurious beach resort has come up on the remnants of this old fort.Most of know the famous song from Maniratnam's "Bombay"  movie "Urike Telugu" was shot here it self. After some time seeing dolphins here we moved further to visit Aguada fort.A spring within the fort provided water supply to the ships that called there, giving it the name "Aguada" (meaning 'water' in Portuguese). On the northern side, it provides a harbour for local shipping. The fort, at present, houses the central jail. A 19th century built lighthouse is situated inside the fortress.

Then moved toward panji to visit Miramar Beach, on the way we got a chance visit the beautiful roads of this panji city which are not only ultra posh but also cool and clean.Miramar Beach is situated 1 kilometer ahead of the confluence of Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea. It is situated on the way to wards Dona Paula, about 3 kilometers from Panjim, the capital city of Goa. Miramar Beach of Goa is also known as 'Gasper Dias'; but don't the reasons ...The Miramar Beach in Goa begins at the gulf and then culminates in the Emerald Coast Parkway. It is a golden beach fringed with palm trees. The soft sands of the beach makes it the best site for evening walks. Moreover, 'miramar' in Portuguese implies 'viewing the sea'. Tourists can get a glimpse of the majesty of the Arabian Sea from the Miramar Beach at Goa. There are many costly hotels to put up for the international tourists coming to Goa near this beach.

From miramar we moved to Dona Paula beach which is just less than 5 KM from there. The name "Dona Paula"  is reportedly  derived from the name of  the daughter of  one of Goa's Portuguese Viceroys,  who threw herself off the cliff  after she was refused permission to marry a local fisherman with whom she fell in love.By the ferry jetty, there is a whitewashed statue  sculpted by Baroness Von Leister; aptly named "Image of India". It depicts a couple both facing opposite directions, the man to wards the nations past and the woman to wards the future. For more info refer this link.

By this time my friends are too hungry and everybody are eagerly waiting to have lunch, spent too much time ot find a fine restaurant and finally did that in "Deewar" and then spent some time in window shopping latter on we went to River cruise in SANTA MONICA. This is the best cruise with family but due to nice music and show we also enjoyed a lot on river mandovi. Only thing is , it is too crowded.Its a one hour trip that costs Rs 150 per person. Cultural entertainment programme include troupes performing the Dekni Temple Dance, the Fugdi Dance and the Corredinho Dance (Portuguese peasant dance). A bit of sightseeing during the cruise is also on offer and you come across Reis Magos Church the Reis Magos Fort, the Aguada Fort and the Cabo Raj Bhavan to name a few.

We were totally jaded that day due to too heavy travel and heavy walk, but we have already booked tickets for 3-idiots movie in Panji - inox 10:15 PM show. Unfortunately the show was delayed for around 25 mins, though it got delayed and we are too tired we are really happy after seeing such a good movie. After a cold breeze drive we reached our flat in Mupsa from panji around at 3 AM in the night.

The next started very quickly due to early wake up, we have agreement with bike shop owner to return the bikes by 10 AM in the morning and we were able to do it exactly and sharply by that time. On the way most of us did some gifts shopping for their loved ones. So that is our departure day from Goa, its was really painful after sucah wonderful time there we got to depart from that place, we started from Calangute to VASCO DA GAMA by cab. Then after having lunch in Vasco da gama we moved to railway station and started our return journey by Train(02779/VSG SBC LINK EXP). When we saw our reservation status it was just RAC, all of us were down due too much body pains and tiredness but by god grace we got berths quickly in less than 2 hrs after start of that journey.

wait wait ..don't close the browser the fun is not over; there is some thing still left ... I strongly suggest any body to travel at least once in between Vasco da gama and Bangalore due to its best scenic views. Forest with deep valley, waterfalls, completely with lushly trees and tunnels ....oh my god you are the creator of beauty. Especially when we see the train after crossing the tunnel was like an amazing feel ...Hope you will definitely squeeze some time from your routine life and plan your holidays in Goa for a memorable experiences after reading my ramblings on my Goa Trip...

Go Go Go Go GOAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....Relish your time ..Cherish Your memories
P.S : Actually due to lack of time and proper plan we missed to cover many churches and forts, but I'm sure we had what we ought to have.

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