Youth protest against Telangana separation - Candle light rally in Bangalore

Hi Friends 
Please spread the message and invite our brothers and sisters.
 If you are really interested for united andhra pradesh please join you hadns with me, I am attending this .Contact me for further information.
We are going to conduct 
"Samaikhyandhra Aaathmagowrava Pradarshana" (సమైఖ్యాంధ్ర ఆత్మగౌరవ ప్రదర్శన )with candles In bangalore near MG Road on Saturday in support of "United Andhra Pradesh".(సమైఖ్యాంధ్ర )

We know with how much pain we got our Andhra Pradesh in 1956....Its not just a state ..its the life of 12 crore andhrites.....

Is it ok if 3-4 people sitting in Delhi and take decision with out understanding the emotions & Feelings of 12 croore andhrites?????......... Dont we think that this is just to fulfill the political gains of some unethical people....

Do we allow the comparision of a cheap Politician to our National Father "Mahathma Gandhiji" by some political beggers...Cont we stop all these political draamas and save the future of 12 croroe andhrites.......

Irrespective Region,religion and politics we all  should come forward and show our strength for United Andhra Pradesh....Its the Right time to our "YUVA SATTA" for our future

If u R looking forward for the betterment of ANDHRA PRADESH and really care about the future of 12 croore andhrites come forward and join with us in "Samaikhyandhra Aaathmagowrava Pradarshana"

దేశ భాష లందు తెలుగు లెస్స !!! తేనే కన్నా తీయనిది తెలుగు భాష..!! తెలుగు వాడిగా గర్వించి సమైక్యంగా జీవిద్దాం !!! తెలుగు జాతి కీర్తిని కాపాడుదాం!!
జై తెలుగు తల్లి !! జై తెలుగు నాడు !!

Looking forward for your active participation in this Candle Light Rally.........

Meeting Point & Time

 MahathmaGandhi Statue @ MahathmaGandhi Park in MG road
Time: 5Pm,Saturday,12th December

Note:Please forward to all telugu people in Bangalore 
If U wanna take active Participation & Fur further details please contact :

Sivaram Kurapati: 9986082054
MV Rao:  9886769762
Madhu Daparthi:  9731341999

మేలుకో యువత --------కాపాడుకో రాష్ట్ర భవిత
Route Map: MG Road, Mahathma Gandhi Park @ 5PM on Saturday (12 Dec 2009)

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