Joker!!!! why did you die?

JOKER, A haunting character in the “Dark knight” movie, it’s really a wonderful character created by the writer. Dark knight is a sequel of Batman. Hence before entering theater I had a feeling that it will be purely kid’s movie, who are always fond of superstitious characters like BAT MAN, SUPER MAN, and HE-MAN. But I too really enjoyed the movie with the presence of Joker character in the movie. Really the writer is such a creative guy, naming a Villain character by Joker. And his make up in the whole movie as joker was also well utilized. Actually I want to talk about his mannerism through out the movie, it is really fantabulous. He had some facial tics. His way of darting the tics on each side of his face make me stare close at him, to feel more fear. His laugh is simply creepy but I just mean to say He is “nuts” and it was awesome …
Batman’s car which becomes byk is one of the good scenes among action parts.
As a whole the story plot is good and sure, along with kids adults can also enjoy the movie.

My deep condolence to joker fans and this post is my tribute for joker.

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