Trip to Madurai - Rameswaram - Kanyakumari - 2

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Second Day - Rameswarm

Second day We get refreshed in Madurai itself and started to Mattittavani bustand from periyar bus-stand(as we are staying just beside periyar bus stop).Mattidavni is 7 KM from periyar.Immediately we got bus to rameswaram and we started around 8:15 AM.It took almost 4 Hrs to reach Rameswaram.The route is good.once we are reaching sea shore area we feel fishy smell all the way.The only wonderful thing on the way is the rail bridge(Pamban bridge) built in Bow shape.Which is designed in such a way that it splits into two pieces when ships crossing it.Just beside this a road bridge will be there on which we will travel by bus.

So we can see this bridge very closely.But if we see when it is opened it will be definitely good.i missed it.After crossing this we will reach rameswaram temple with in 20 mins.After reaching rameswaram bus stop we will get buses to go to temple which will charge just 2 R/- it is 10 mins journey.Immly once we reached the temple some people surrounded us to help us in taking holy bath in the 22 wells.They charged around 70 R/- per head to finish the bath in all the wells.(including ticket charges for temple).The specialty of the 22 wells is we will taste 22 different tastes though they are just beside each other.After taking bath we have to wear dry clothes and visit the rama lingam(siva lingam).It was really awesome.This temple is also big and we can see very very big Nandi in premises. And the temple corridor is very big and beautiful.After Darshan we had tamil style meals near temple itself and we started visiting village.Actually all the Auto people are maintaing same rate 100 R/- to see places in village and 250 R/- to see Danshkoti along with the places in village. We booked auto to see all places in village.Among all Rama Padam in sree chakram, Doordarshan TV Tower, Floating rocks in anjaneya temple,Seeta Rama Temple etc are worth watching.
After seeing all these places we spent all the time in beach which is just .5 KM from temple and then we waited for bus for which we made already reservation to go to kanyakumari and the bus was too bad
and seats were worst and even the route itself is worst.My suggestion for readers and visitors is to go back to madurai same day itself and then go to kanyakumari from madurai.At last with so many hurdles we reached Kanyakumari next day morning exactly to see sunrise.

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  • baa rasav...ellage raste..tondrlo nuvvu writer vi avvachu...all the best ....avvunu keep writing annala leka keep rocking annala estam..

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