Trip to Madurai - Rameswaram - Kanyakumari - 3

Trip (Sashay) To Madhurai - Rameswaram - Kanyakumari
Trip to Madhurai-Rameswaram-Kanyakumari - 1
Trip to Madurai - Rameswaram - Kanyakumari - 2

Third day - After a hectic journey we reached kanyakumari around at 6 AM , that was exactly sun rise time that day, we immediately kept luggage in one room and reached the sun rise spot. Though the sun rise reached almost end we njoyed the sunrise it is awesome, I cant express in my words, one should really feel that.Enjoying first cold breeze, first rain and its smell , first snow fall, are not expressible but one should not miss any of these. After that we get refreshed and started to Kanyakumari temple. Gents has to visit the temple with out wearing a shirt. The main entrance to the temple is through the northern gate though the deity is facing east. The eastern entrance is kept closed except on special occasions when the deity is taken out for ceremonial bath. Three corridors surround the sanctum. The outer corridor has no special shrines, but after a walk round it the devotees cross the 'Navarathiri mandapam' and a pathway leads to the second corridor encircling the shrine. There stands the flag mast or 'Kodisthambam'. From here you can have a clear view of the Goddess. A move further forward will take you in front of the sanctum. The Goddess stands with rosary in one hand as if in prayer. It is believed that Parasurama installed the Idol made of blue stone. After worshipping the Goddess, the devotees walk around the inner corridor where the shrines of Vinayagar and Thiagasundary can be seen. After this we moved to Triveni Sangamam. As Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of India which unites the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean & the Arabian Sea. The confluence of the seas is termed as "Triveni Sangamam".We can find different colors of sands in the beaches.we can see the difference of seas with the color of the sea water when mixed.When we see from the sky we can easily see difference between seas.Next we moved to Gandhi memorial.Gandhi Mandapam is near the Kumari Amman Temple where the ash of Mahatma Gandhi is preserved. The Mandapam is designed in such a manner that on every October 2nd, the rays of the sun fall on the spot where the ash is kept.Then we moved to Vivekanada rock.We have to go there by Lunch.They will charge 30 R/- per head.

This is just 400 metres away from the shores offerry serviceSwami Vivekananda mediated and this turned to be an important event in his life. Kanyakumari and we can reach this rock with the help of the available there. This is the place where One can have a wonderful experience here where the three seas mingle and the architecture of this memorial is appreciable. There is a Meditation Hall here. A Book Store containing the teachings & works of Swami Vivekananda is also available.

On the vivekanada rock I found this lotus.Though there are many flowers, lotus has always its special attraction.I really like this.

From this we can see tiruvalluru Statue.Which is very big.

Next we saw the remaining places church,light house and topview point we finished lunch and took rest in room for some time and at 3 :40 PM we started to Nagarcoil, from where I booked bus to bangalore.And exactly by 5 PM we reached Nagarcoil bustop.ABT travels bus is really good and i felt it almost like Kesineni's bus.

Thats how we finished our trip and reached bangalore at 8 AM.

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  • hey krishna your blog on Trip to Madurai - Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari is amazing.. Really worth reading it..

    Thanks a lot for posting this..

  • Have planned visit to Rameshwar, Kanyakumari.Madurai kodaikanal will reach madurai on 23dec night 11pm and departure dt 12 noon 29 dec pls make a tour plan for me to save time money and energy also my old aged parents and fmly willl be with me with economy hotel tarifs and fare etc at all the above places my e mail id

  • nice posting

    nice collection

    Best Hotel in Madurai

  • Very Good Description of all the places you have been to. Keep up the great work. I too plan to visit the above places and your narration has helped me a lot in planning my trip effectively. - Vinay.

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