Trip (Sashay) To Madhurai - Rameswaram - Kanyakumari

It is purely for my parent’s sake I planned this sashay, as this is the first time they are staying with me in Bangalore for some time with out any other intention like attending some function in other relative’s home or any. So I want their stay here a memorable one hence I planned a pure devotional place to cover with them which we haven’t seen yet. Before planning this when I asked my colegues and friends every body suggested Mysore and other near by places. But all of a sudden “Madhurai” is the one flashed in my mind.
I felt like instant ideas are best in many things and I finalized the place and started booking train tickets to Madhurai. When I started booking tickets for 13th June, no tickets were available. I got tickets only for 18th June night train from Bangalore to MDU(Madurai Junction).I immediately booked the tickets for my father and mother and me. It was really a magic and game of god – Actually I have my project deadline till june 20th 2008.But it wont take that much time, that’s the reason I think god gave me available tickets on 18th which means that I can finish my project by 18th and can take some breath getting out of the office for some time with parents.Once I booked the tickets to “Madhurai” I started enquiring more about the other places near this.So Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari were added to my sashay. So total trip is planned like this 18th(wed) night
Day 1 : start to Madhurai from Banaglore majestic station at 9:00 PM by train No (6732) TUTICORIN EXP and reaching Madhurai at mornig 8 AM.After visiting places there that eeving travel to Rameshwaram .
Day 2 : Madhurai to Ramshwaram by bus.In the morning.
Day 3 :Reaching Kanyakumari from Madhurai by bus.(Advance bus booking can be done in bangalore itself in majestic SETC counter).I booked my bus at 7:30 PM.which will be 8 to 9 hours bus journey.May be i will be reaching there around early hours 3 AM.So We can njoy the Sun rise.
Tamilnadu busr reservation details
The same day it self travelling from kanyakumari around at 3 PM to nagarcoil by road to catch my bus to Bangalore at 5 PM in Nagarcoil.(I booked the return ticket from Nagarcoil to Bangalore from ABT Travels(Madiwala office - bangalore).Compared to KPN travels ABT services are better i heard.And i felt it is economical too.I enquired price in both travels.
This is what I planned, Hope every thing goes fine…I will update the same post with more details once I am back from trip.
Trip to Madhurai-Rameswaram-Kanyakumari - 1
Trip to Madurai - Rameswaram - Kanyakumari - 2
Trip to Madurai - Rameswaram - Kanyakumari - 3

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