My Natal day ...

This is my 24th birthday..
I am sure celebrations will continues for 10 more days. :)
but it went like this today ..
at 12:00 AM cake cutting ...arranged with magic candles.
Thanks to all my friends Surendra, Kishore, Chandu, Haranadh, Chaitu, Prasad, Pradeep kumar(PK), Subbu.
And Special thanks to S & S for comming all the way from Hyderabad.
And thanks for not giving Birthday bums with my request. As like last year there were
phone calls while cutting cake but felt so happy when I got the wishes from my friends.
In the early morning after head-bath visited my almighty Sai's Temple.
As planned already at 10 AM we have been to PVR to watch the film "Singh is King". Film added more fun to this celebrations. Overall it is comedy kinda movie. Movie is followed by Lunch at "Mushroom" to add strength to have more fun. Initially I have plan to visit "More than Parantas" but changed as we visited just yesterday on occasion of my dear suri birthday treat.All the day I did not get a chance to forget that, the day is my birthday. Its all due to many phone calls from my close ones, some of them are even form abroad . which made me feel more happy... Felt happy that they still remember my Bday.
Hmm after long phone calls with loved ones and dinner with my roomie completed this day .
And actually The fun came to an end when I published this post....around 12 PM.
Dreaming about more fun planned this month on account of this birthday ...Dreams never end...
Thanks to My Parents and all my friends.

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