Ovi.com ...for Nokia Users

Nokia users ...we are now ready with a itunes(for apple products) kinda website on Internet..
Its name is ovi. Try it here...
Ovi in a nutshell "Bring your Nokia device and PC together as one. Organise and share your content effortlessly between them with Nokia Ovi Suite."
Just create your own log in ovi site on internet and try adding your phone in your account.
Every thing will be guided easily to add your phone.Just sign in to ovi...and give a try.
After adding your phone do a sync on phone which asks you whether its a ovi sync.
Note : To do ovi sync your phone needs to be Internet enabled one.
Once your sync process is completed on your phone which readily enabled with Internet you are all set to go.
you can backup your phonebook, calender etc on Internet safely and privately in your account to access globally at any time. And if you ever lose your device, all your data will be backed up on Ovi. Its simply like a Nokia PC suite on Internet with your personal account.You can store your important files like photos and music to be always accesible here, online free music store and games(using N-Gage)
You can also do many more ...
Note : Now ovi is Beeta ... :(

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Whoever writes Inappropriate/Vulgar comments to context, generally want to be anonymous …So I hope U r not the one like that?
For lazy logs, u can at least use Name/URL option which doesn’t even require any sign-in, The good thing is that it can accept your lovely nick name also and the URL is not mandatory too.
Thanks for your patience
~Krishna(I love "Transparency")

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