Chiranjeevi's new Party name "PRAJAA RAJYAM"

Sri Padma Bhushan Dr. Megastar Chiranjeevi's new party name "PRAJAA RAJYAM" and its flag was announced by him in Tirupathi today. If media sources are true, more than 8 Lacs people has attended this meeting. The arrangements were done in Hi-Tec manner with a big screen arranged on the stage. His way of announcing the party name by counting numbers 5 to 1 is totally cinematic. Totally it’s like announcing his new movie name.

Parody: Movie name is ప్రజా రాజ్యం and tag line is ప్రేమే లక్ష్యం ... సేవే మార్గం”. The Movie theme song is also released on this Dias itself which came really wonderful. As told by Chiru we hope he is going to live in his debut into politics in his new movie sorry party.

The dialogues told by Chiru with so much emotion in the meeting to make peoples spirits high were well written. Some dialogues like " నాకు గంజి తెల్సు , బెంజ్ తెల్సు" and "తిరుపతి కొండ మీ అండ రెండు మెండు" and other were too good as like in his movies. Hope this film is a block buster at box office.

Late Sri.NTR and Sri chiranjeevi both are in arguably super stars in the Telugu film industry till now.As like Sri.NTR in 1983, Chiru has announced a new regional party after a long gap and so much hype created by his fans and media; the political conditions in 1983 were completely different from today, so people are eagerly waiting to see whether Chiru will become a Mega politician with his debut in politics, as like a Mega Star in the cinemas.

I don't know why? As like other politicians speech, even his speech is also just made peoples spirits high to expect more. Instead of explaining the strong solutions for the existing burning problems, he is having in his mind to immediately implement after coming to ruling; he just described what the problem is. To be frank I expected some Strong announcements like free education and Free Hospitals as like in abroad, but I am disappointed with his agenda related to this.

People are having diverse opinions that he can make the Government or at least he can break the Government. But we have to wait what is going to happen till the elections. I am glad about the analysis and research he has done so far to enter into politics, if this tempo continues in giving solace to people, he will surely become a mega politician and wins many hearts. His mission is to create a సంతోష ఆంధ్రప్రదేస్ is too good.
The people will grab nothing if he became a "MEGA POLITICIAN" as a State needs a "STATES MAN", but not a "MEGA POLITICIAN" for its growth and development.

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  • chiranjeevi's new party *****name***** "PRAJA RAJYUM"
    the value of name i.e the POWER of name comes out only when it delivers a fruitfull work.

    DEMOCRACY: BY THE PEOPLE ,TO THE PEOPLE ,FOR THE PEOPLE must play a role but all the these parties(meaning:fun) can do nothing to people....... but the short time god Sr.NTR had done some thing.
    and i dont want to comment any thing about chiranjeevi's speech b'coz there will not b any relation to his work and to that words........
    they do every thing 4 them self to withstand in power.
    But personally i have some expectations that he will do atleast 1% for people to increase their moral values.


  • Every person who enters the politics wil com up with same words ...but will forget the people once they get the chair of POWER.....nobody worked for our country with their ful potential.....Every body had an urge to develop thier own family or frens or communtity one bothers abt thier country....everyone thinks tht some body wil com and makes glorious INDIA , but thing is tht nobody will help for the progress of our country once they get POWER......let us giv a chance to him...lets c wht happens.....and hope for the best.... Babu ur blog is too good.....gud collection.keep it up :)

  • I dont think Chiranjeevi's party wil rule the state. He is very jealous person though he wil not exhibit outside. He is a good actor, I agree ti this, but not a good politician, if he wins some 40 or 50 plus seats out of 294, he must give support to either Congress or TDP, then atmost he can become some Minister but not CM

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  • If chiru reallly wants to help poor,he can do it without coming to politics...
    Movie Experience may help him to act in political life.
    Now the party name is Praja rajam if he becomes C.M then it will become mega rajyam(Dare to stop him).
    I think noone else can make the present politics into worst situation than it is now.
    Hope for the best and will give him a chance to rule.

  • What he told yesterday in Tirupathi is not convincing as a Politician, He was telling about his child hold and the struggels. People are not ready to listen all this stories.
    Though his party name is powerfull we ahve to waite and see how he does for the state.....We have to waite and see whether "PEOPLE WILL GIVE HIM THE POWER OR HE WILL TAKE THE POWER" as normal politicians by buying votes....

  • Well, Let us give a Chance & see if this New party is going to change the way Politics has been play all along.
    He does come with a lot of aspirations.
    Since He is a new entrant, If he is selected as the next Chief Minister, Probably, at least to make sure he would get another term, I expect that he would perform well & meet the peoples' expectations. Otherwise, his reign in the field of politics would be very short lived.
    So all I have got to say is... Why no? lets give him a Chance & see how he performs. We have given Chances to other people even when we were sure that not much difference would be mad, didn't we?

  • keep silence..

    keep waiting for more mega action..

    Jai Praja Rajyam..

    Jai Hind.

  • Hmmmm,

    A cool article by Babu..
    Smart comments too...!!

    Yeah, I donno much about Politics but I wanna share some few points.....

    As an Indian every wants India to grow Econamically, Technologically and what not. But no one cares. If somebody takes a step forward, people laugh!

    Late Sri NTR started a party and had shown the power of his attitude. He left remarkable pages in the history of Indian politics.

    In the same lines, Chiru is an actor and started his party. At this moment we cannot comment on his political life whether he will prove or fail.

    Who the hell is working as per their duties in politics? If we observe deeper, everybody has loop-holes.

    Chiru already came into news with his Blood bank, eyebank sort of social activities to serve the people.

    Lets give Chiru a chance to prove!

    All the best Praja Rajyam!

  • babu..
    nice article on ur blog..
    yup true true true.....
    the topic is totally debateable...
    s will the new party make a differnece...
    does the people really need a change of rulers?..
    was not totally moved by his speech..
    did not get the proper sort of connect towards his goals..
    but to be in a part of new emerging india definately we need to change lot of things around us.
    lets also join hands with him if truely he is going to serve for noble cause...

  • I have gone through the meeting of Chiranjeevi’s political party launch yesterday. Most of the time through out it he tried to connect to people emotionally rather than clearing the air over what the new policies he wanted to bring and their implementation (Same as a other political leaders). He doesn’t have good understanding of implications of each move he wanted to take if elected. This gives a very bad picture of his political understanding. I wanted to say a few opinions of mine on a few of the things he discussed

    1) He talked about women empowerment, that’s good, bad is he didn’t say a word on political representation to them.

    2) I felt negative when he spoke about allocation of government lands to industries is wrong, but with out bringing in industries and investment ‘How can one improve peoples standard of living?’, The differences between wealthy and poor can come down only when ‘Poor are educated and job opportunities are available to them, which is in turn possible only when factories and industries are established.

    3) He told some issues such as Telangana, Including of kapu’s in EBC’s, Ban on Liquor.

    a) Telangana: I too don’t have any opinion

    b) Including of KAPU’s in EBC’s: There are lot of kapu’s in Andhra approx 30%, of these a one-third of them are in BC’s already, including remaining means around 2 crore of andhraites will join BC’s, then what will be the situation of OC’,(Upper castes).One more thing to note here is %0% of Indian Population are under their 20’s(Which is around 1crore).Of these 1 crore at least 20 lakhs come under age group of (18-25),now these guys needed to be provided all the scholarships, everything from government BC Welfare ministry. I think it is better for OC’s in Andhra to leave it and live some where else in the world. Or you can take it the other way; he is going to bring upliftment of his own caste at the risk of other castes.

    c) Ban On Liquor : Will be good move If done. He has to adopt this from Gujarat (Mahatma’s state, am mentioning it here as chiru is chanting Mahatma a lot) which has liquor banned from around 1960’s, but tough to deal. One more thing he need to consider is it will be temporary as people wanted pleasures if they have money to afford it.

    With out Industries, Liquor, Agricultural surplus from where the money is going to come to STATE TREASURY.Wit out money in the state treasury how can he bring up the villages. (Is he thinking that every thing will be like in his movie RUDRAVEENA)? Even though an amount comes it will be used for BC (Here I take new BC’s i.e Kapu’s) Upliftment.

  • HI everyone...actually i am that good at politics. But recently getting updated. coming 2 current debate, I watched it in MAA TV from right from frist of word... actually i feel chiru done good start. He had good planning forthe day everything done with great film brains in his style and showed his 30 years industry experience.
    ->Every one says NTR done good for people in his first chance....but my self & I hope most of our generation never experienced and never hard his speech.
    ->Chiru in speech his cover all the scenarios in andhra and well prepared for the day.
    1. telangana
    2. kapu-BC reservation -> it really effects for OCs(bcaz total 25% of kapus in andhra)
    3. Ban on Liquor
    4. education
    5. Industries
    6. farmers etc etc....

    He said everything will take care, but how? in speech he is lack of answer for all the scenarios.
    I feel who came for the first time done good NTR,Babu( babu failed to impress 2nd time), YSR( He had good support from central this year recovering loans to farmers, ..etc and he himself trying to impress wiht small small benefits.. he newly start mobile hospitals sevice, scholorships etc)

    But chiru if he really come with solutions it would be very good.(Maybe he is still working on that get good approach) But we need to remember even who in chair also had no solutions...
    So Anyway he may be hav some good ideas as he is one who worked hard in life like NTR,(But as I know NTR havnt had any service organizations like chiru blood bank, eye bank etc before in to the politics .... ). So chiru is one step fwd than NTR in service to people as of now. A bit he proved himself before into the politics lets giv him chance... atleat i hope will do good for the first time.

  • Mr. Kishore what do u know abt NTR.
    If u dont abt him...just shut all urs come with 100 % knoledge abt him,...then we will discuss

  • Hi bloggers and commenters,

    I would like to ask u a question. "How many of you have voted for elections in Inida? Let it be Assembly, Parliamentary, Panchayat or Muncipal." If you have not voted till now, kindly don't comment on this topic.

    I really dont understand how people just say that Chiru has no experince to be a politician.

    Even most of us entered IT industry without any exp, and developing day by day. The same with Chiru as well. IF everybody sits like a dumb saying that , I am satisfied with what I have, even our beloved NTR would not have became a CM.

    And I would like to remind one more thing. The job of CM is not to serve only the poor. There are enough of charities to do that. The CM should be able to improve the infrastructure and agricultural requirements as per the fast moving generation.

    I would like to request all the commenters, to think in a broad way, unlike our age old senoir politicians whose politics are reserved to just a particular Caste.

    I request people to comment on this still.

  • You are simply talking like a child Mani ...just imagine if u became the CEO of big MNC immly after graduation ...are u sure that u can manage the company ???
    100 % not ...
    Our case in IT is different we are just a small emp but not in any management group we just techies ..

    But in case of Chiru he has really got good number of fans ..lets say with out having a good management skill do u think he can represent the whole state ??
    not at all !!!
    Ofcourse even u and me not voted him also he has good chances of grabbing many votes from his innocent FANS.
    But is he capable enough ???
    He has to represent aprox. 8 to 9 crores of Andhrites.
    So just revise your thought again !!!

  • Hi Anonymous,

    I really Pity your innocense. If you think techies can't be managers, its foolishness. With what management background did Bill Gates became a CEO? FYI., he discontinued his bacheolers at Harvard. With what management background did Dhirubhai Ambani became the CEO of Reliance Industries?

    OK. Lets come back to the topic. I said, "Chiru will develop day by day in politics" . If not the first time, he will win the second time.

    I would like to know, on which metric scale did you measure that Chiru cant represent Andhra pradesh. Do we need a qualification like a factionist or son in law of ex-cm, to become a cheif minister. What are the extra ordinary leadership skills you have observed in Raja Shekar Reddy or Babu and voted them as CM.

    Would you like to go with the same faction and caste politics which are prevailing now in the state?

    I would be looking for your opinion and answers

  • I did't say that "techies can't be managers". (as u took fresher as example i extended it to see fresher in a manager seat which we can't even think)Bill gates became mangers to a Software company,but not a leader to a State in a country.
    As he is not born for politics, similarly Ambani too, he is a business man but not a politician.
    Like that Chiru also; he is a Star. politics won't suit him.I am not against his winning, my opinion is that politics won't suits chiru. As he is good star.
    Raja sekhar reddy or CBN born and brought up in politics. They are leaders since from their college days as like chiru is a actor from his college days.
    I'm not here to support RR or CBN... and don't u think with ciru entrance in poitics will continue caste politcs.with which u got already frustrated. If u r ok, with his caste politics, it implies u r sticking and supporting one caste or community.(Chiru already announced a message supporting one caste in his public meeting - which implies he is going to continue caste politics for other caste)
    Do a caliber student need caste still !!!

  • I felt there in no fun apart from information ...
    I felt this is better funny article on this
    just njoy

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