It was yesterday; when I was too busy involved in routine office work- I got a message request from my friend Vali asking Murali Krishna Varma’s phone number (Murali, Vali, Ramana and I are close friends and roommates in our Intermediate). As my phone got changed recently I did not expect the phone number in my phone book. But out of my curiosity I asked Vali the reason for his question. He told that it was Murali birthday that day. Immediately I came out of my work mood and started searching for his phone number to wish him at least that day, as it was a considerable gap between all of us after college. Actually around 9 months back we all planned to attend his marriage but not able to make a move. Hence I was curious to call him at least that day to wish him and make myself happy. I was lucky I think, I got his number and I did not even expected that the number is still active. But simply I tried reaching him, I was lucky again as, call connected and he is only using that number ...First I wished him and then he started telling about his life and his career... He told two good things, which made me happy - one is, He is going to become a proud father soon and another is, He started a software company named “PRAGAM”. Simply we chatted for some time discussing good and bad things happened till now in our lives. After the phone call simply my memories flew into college days ...I spent some time recollecting the fun we had in those days and almost all the incidents flashed in my mind ...College days are really happy days ...When I came out of that flashes I was in office sitting before my dumb Desky ..Then I agnized that we have grownup...
Immediately conveyed his phone number and his birthday details to other friends ...

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