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This post is merely for the people who feels bad about the BSNL broadband connection. BSNL broadband connection comes with a land line also. So when ever there is a problem in the Broadband connection it is good to go with Dial up connection. As the the BSNL providers response is very slow to our issues Dial up will surely solves our problems in emergency.So now lets see how to create a Dial up connection using BSNL phone line.

The very first thing we need is our computer/lap top should be equipped with a modem.So now remove your telephone line from phone device and connect it to modem on laptop.
Creating a new dail up connection in XP:(1)
Process with images
  • Go to from Start menu- Control Panel
  • Go to Network Connections On the left side, click on Create a new connection A window will appear.
  • Click on the Next > button.
  • Select the option Connect to the Internet and click on the Next > button.
  • Select the option Set up my connection manually and click on the Next > button.
  • Select the option Connect using a dial-up modem and click on the Next > button.
  • Type in BSNL under the ISP Name and click on the Next > button.
  • Type in the phone number that you will be using to connect to BSNL and click on the Next > button.
  • Username: 8025717613(your telephone number without zero in the STDcode+yournumber - 80(080 is bangalore code- 25717613 is landline numeber)
  • Password: 25717613(password would be your phone number)(Password is case-sensitive and should be comprised of alphanumeric characters.)
  • Click on the option Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop if you want to create a shortcut on the desktop.
  •  Click on the Finish button. A new dialer is created in the Network Connections.
  • A connection shortcut icon will appear at the Windows desktop.
  •  You've successfully setup the BSNL Internet connection.
  • Now right click on short cut created on desk top with name BSNL and say connect you go ...It should work.
Note : It is a free service from BSNL , but you have to pay for the local call telephone charges for the duration of your Internet usage.
Problems in Dial up connection:Some times this process will not help to connect to the Internet so there are small things to be taken care while creating the connection, those are as follows.
  • Right click on your short-cut go to Properties. General Tab.
  • There is a drop down menu for selecting our country, Select India(91) .
  • Just below the drop down check the check box with name "use dialing rules"
    Now just beside check beside you find a button with name "Dialing Rules"
  • Click on Dialing RulesClick on new button and create a new location with ur are name and area code : ex : Bangalore 080After creating new location
  • Try editing it using Edit button. In the edit screen verify your country to be as India (which ever you gave already)
  • Make sure that the phone number to be dialed as should be shown as 172222
  • Select Radio button "Pulse"
  • Click ok in all the windows and now try connecting hope it should work this time.
Soem useful contact numbers for BSNL :
Customer care : 1800 
BSNL Koramangala (NGV branch) office numbers :
Telephone exchange :080-25701000
Broad band complaint : 25711855
Telephone complaints : 25712198
BSNL Web site : HERE

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  • Thanks a lot for the National Games Village, Koramangala extension number for registering broadband complaints.. truly helped :)

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