Deepavali Vs Goddess of sleep

Deepavalii is the Hindu Festival of Lights, when Lakshmi - goddess of good fortune, is said to visit the homes of humans. And it is also a major festival for others who follow Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism too. In history it is having many stories - 
"According to Ramayana this is the day Lord Rama returned to ayodya after defeating (the evil demon) Ravana. All the ayodya people welcomed him by lighting lamps to show their happiness and joy." 
"Krishna & satyabhama killed evil called Narakasura in history - to celebrate this happy event also people used to light rows of lamps".
And there are many other stories related to other communities. 

Relics of departed era is totally different from the present – as the present Deepavali celebrations include many lights (electrical lights dominating oil lamps) in every home along with Lakshmi pooja and bursting crackers. This is how present Deepavali is being celebrated every where in India. In history there was a strong reason to celebrate this crazily. But I don’t know how far it is correct to celebrate this festival by bursting many crackers which is creating so much sound and air pollution. We are not following all the past things
  • Global Warming
  • Immense suffering to birds and animals along with humans.
  • Noise pollution
  • Increases Blood Pressure
  • Heart attacks
  • There are many adverse effects due to the chemicals used in these crackers.
I think it's the time to open our eyes to stop using fire crackers. I think we can have Deepavali bash with out fire crackers also with some other substitutes.

Apart from my social consciousness I have some feelings to share with you, which wandered in my mind all through the night. For me this Deppavali is something different from previous. I am alone all the day as my roomy is not having any holiday. After fresh up, I attended Lakshmi pooja in one of my well-wishers place. After pooja, had a typical Andhra meals with one of my friend and then proceeded back to room. Around at 6 PM my roomy returned with my continuous phone calls. I thought of getting crackers at least to have some fun. But for some reason we stopped and we stayed in room watching TV. I captured some photos of fireworks in the sky around my room for some time. Finished dinner and reached my bed. I was just trying to sleep. There is some agitation of mind, not able to sleep. Started thinking about sleep. May be today the Goddess of sleep is not coming to my home???

Why Goddess of sleep? Why can’t it be a God? Don’t know any answer to this. But since from my child hood people around me used to call it Goddess of sleep but not God. In many things we generally and strictly follow our elders as our mind has a strong belief that those are well practices. What ever the reasons be I want to consider it as Goddess of sleep only. 

Why Goddess of sleep is not coming to my home??? I was just thinking about it. Generally she comes daily when the climate is cold in a dark night, when every body are not interested to see any thing, when everybody are in Trans, when ever each mind stops thinking and starts dreaming that is the time she usually come to my street to reach my home. But today is totally different - the street is not at all dark, as every home is decorated with full of lights. Every body is very much interested to see their neighbors and their fireworks. These may be the reasons today Goddess of sleep did’t come to me.

Then my agitations entered a high-way to catch my past. Of course to catch the past it should travel in a back gear. Able to reach few stops at the ages 18, 14 and 10. It was really Nice Deepavali at all those ages. When it was 18; I was in my graduation it was with my new family members called brother-in-law. It was really good time I had, sharing my views in all things with new family members to have better understanding of the world. Getting full encouragement for all the proposals I propose. Then next stop was at 14 it was my end of schooling days – those days total celebration is in school only for the Deepavali that to total 10 days celebrations 5 days before and after festival day. We used to bunk classes to burst crackers. Spending all the money for crackers, some times bursting crackers unexpectedly in class it self. Teacher’s scolding about it and sending out from class. While Bursting crackers also; applying new ideas to improve sound/disturbance and creating full nuisance to dwellers of that area with out having sense . Dwellers complaints against us to our HM. etc. Ohhh!! god schooling it is a treasure of fun with our innocence.Then the next stop is at the age of 10; reminded me the acts we followed by listening to the stories of Deepavali from grand mother and others to prepare scarecrow of “Narakasura” and destroying it to light it at the endof day. When daddy delayed to get crackers to home, Crying for them. 
Those were busy days even though that was holidays time (to prepare crackers). No time even to eat. While playing with crackers, i burnt my hands. Due to wounds on fingers; I was unable to write school notes. Took friend's(ofcourse friend is girl here :)  )help to finish school notes is still fresh in my mind. What not each and every single moment is still in my mind. Really awesome to have such time with loved ones.

Yes there are lot of differences in each festival I celebrated, I think this is life. Life will be always different. After some time I don’t know when the goddess of sleep arrested me … But introspection is saved in mind to put in this post …

I think, this is the strength of dreaming and introspection. Deppavali is known for Goddess of Lakshmi, but I mapped it with Goddess of sleep( an un-known god). I know each of us has surely this kind of sweet feelings in unconscious mind. Sure at least one has been awakened with my post.

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