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Old is Bold New is Italic

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Always in confusion to accept new . I saw many people who are reluctant to accept new. People love to stay where they are (It doesn’t mean that we are not progressing). People won't accept new things that easily. They always love to stick to old system. The friction we feel to make new move is always high I think. Instead of this friction many are emerging in our lives un-noticeably.

Old this word looks fatty but attractive and eye catchy too, as if it is rigid and strong. Old (bold) is fear less and daring as it is proved. Bold is clear, distinct and steep. Comes to New- it is slim, sexy and slanted to upward and right. Showing I’m moving ahead. It's indo-Europian style. It looks proud as if it is different. There are these many differences in these two words. We are going to see how these impacts us.

I don't know why all new things are too weak compared to old ...say like our Hyderabad fly overs. History of Charminar may be in the year 1590's but it is still strong compared to all these constructions. I afraid of purchasing new things some times, as I have seen practically many times the quality reduces down the line always. Best case is my pulsar bike, I can't compare 2004 pulsar with 2008 pulsar. Not only incase of goods, it happens in many things -  I visited one newly opened restaurant ( I remember the same day when it is opened I visited. There is no grand opening ceremony.) Around 1 year back in Bangalore as it is newly opened I don't have much expectations. Like a typical Andhrite I ordered Chicken Biryani (Restaurant name is also some thing like Hyderabad Biryani ...). The biryani taste was amazing, it is spicy - it is delicious - it is appetizing - it is flavorful and as a whole it is toothsome. It got good reputation in no time with good mouth publicity. When I observed the present taste I felt like it is not like that its quality has changed but prices has increased.  Let's forget about all these examples - let us consider the life span of our elders and our generation; there is so much difference. In other case my father has his own interest devotional and general tips books from one publisher since my child hood. One day I felt like due to years of usage books became too old. With my parents approval I tried for the same book, but I am totally disappointed when I found the same book from same publisher with lot of changes compared to old. The changes are not even good but worse. I didn't found what I want in that. Its quality totally changed in terms of content and other things. So my simple conclusion is present market products still reduces their quality in future.

But can we stop new things/changes??? Do we need to stop this?? No. My intention is not to stop some thing but to start a valuable and quality thing in every thing what we do. I heard many times "Old is gold" yes it is true. Old music is good, old people are good, Old India is gold ; everything which ever becomes old it will become gold. Do you think ; sadly we are in new?? , No we are here to make the gold for our next generation. Being in italic, thinking of making a BOLD is not that easy so in each thing we do each step we follow - "Old is Bold - new is italic" should be conned. It will give us energy to make good things at least for our next generation. May be slowly but surely our attitudes need change to deliver the best.

P.S: It is our duty to protect all our ancient things. These are inspirations to our soul. These can make change in our lives. We should realize the importance of museums and kinda things to help best to protect our culture.
"Old friends and old wine are best"

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  • The line "old is bold new is italic" is some thing sounds like "old is gold". you presented it in in your view ,,,though proverb "old is gold" is reused in new manner ur feel to protect museums is too nice. keep writing some thing extension to it.

  • avvunu u r right ...i feel the same with krishna babu...Is he the same which i used to saw in TPG college....with a ring for one ear....
    I did't dream that he got this huge talent.....

    but in this case new is gud..... and different......

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