Is your blog listed under unauthorized Web pages with out your permission ?

I was informed about my blog being listed under website by the Administrator of Thanks Subash!
He clearly explained the disadvantages of this type of listing, under unauthorized websites that to with out any prior permission from original author/ Administrator of the blog.
I added his mail content straightly here at the end of post to give more idea .. And please read his article about this fraud in his blog too.
Actually when I saw his mail I thought of getting my blog removed from list.
But there may be n - number of Web users who may behave like, so I thought of finding a simple and handy solution for this ...
I just added a small HTML/Java Script code in my blog HTML content with the help of my friend(Thanks Surendra for giving me this nice idea), which overrides the frames kind of display of my blog in unauthorized web pages and masking of my blog URL to prevent direct hits for my blog in search engines.
All we need to do use just copy and paste the following code in between body tags.
You are now ready to escape from the kind of websites ..No need to request any body ..We have now our own security way to prevent this kind of information stealing.
Code looks like below
/*=========Code content ============
<script> /* If my site is loaded as part of a frame in any other sites, this code will make my site as main page or url in the window. */ if(parent.frames && parent.frames.length > 1) { parent.location.href = ""; } </script>

Hope this helps bloggers !! If any doubts you can shoot me a mail.

Mail to me from Subash :

I noticed that your blog is listed in the directory Has it been listed after they had sought your permission, or did add it without informing you? If they did so without informing you, then I think you might be surprised to know that posts from your blog are finding its way into search engine results under's URL and may be shown in those results even before your own blog. If a searcher clicks on that oneindia link, he will be brought to your blog, but the address in the browser's address bar will continue to This is because, that link is accompanied by tool bar that redirects the page through oneindia's URL and masks the actual URL of your blog.
Oneindia has got a Google pagerank of 5, which is higher than your own. So any search which lists both your blog and oneindia is likely to have the oneindia link higher than yours. So visitor will come to your blog through the oneindia link, but will never know your sites actual link. Not only this, Google will view these two sites as having duplicate content and since you are a relatively new blogger with a lower pagerank than oneindia, it may decide to penalize your blog by pushing your results even lower or in the worst case totally ban your site from being listed in their results.
Since Oneindia is making use of your site's feed to update its directory, any new post you make on your blog will immediately be shown on oneindia and will be indexed by Google before it indexes your own [higher page ranked sites are crawled and indexed faster]. So search engines will always consider oneindia to be the source of your content.
Effects of this fraud
The genuine bloggers will be penalized because the search engine will assume oneindia to be the original source
Genuine bloggers might also get totally banned for copying content from oneindi
3. will continue to gain pagerank due to the hard work put in by the loggers listed in its directory
I recently fought with oneindia management to get my blog removed from their directory as it was showing up in search engine results before my own blog's URL. They finally complied.I suggest that you to get in touch with them to get your blog de-listed else your blog's ranking will suffer.The person to contact is Mr. B.G Mahesh. He owns that portal. His email ids are
He kept replying from different email ids. So it would be better if you send a copy of your email to all these ids for a better chance of getting a reply from him.
I had blogged about my fight with him.
If you need some help, then feel free to get in touch with me. I would be glad to help you in any way possible.
Your blog is listed within the first two page of the Technology category.

3 comments to "Is your blog listed under unauthorized Web pages with out your permission ?"

  • Krishna,

    I read your post about our content being plagarised by oneindia. Couple of months ago I had called them up in Bangalore with regards to this. The team at oneindia patiently explained to me the concept and when I checked the referres in my blog stats I realised that was sending me about 15-20 new visitors every day . Ofcourse I blog about more general topics like recipes etc so that could be the reason for the traffic.

    Infact they suggested that I should use a new feature called bookmarks on their site and I have tried it a few times with some additional traffic trickling in.

    I am not a techie so I dont understand the nitty gritty of all that you or subhas have written but what i know is that I have earned a few dollars more everyday because of the traffic that is coming in.

    Please let me know if I should be worried about the bar that they put on top of the my page when somebody comes thru their site.


    Vandana K

  • Thanks vandana ... really i too don't know how much harm it is ...but I just don't want to give a chance to others. Any way let me analyze how it is effecting.
    BTW give me ur blog url ...

  • Hi Krishna,

    can you plase tell me where exactly should i insert your code. I am unable to find the body /body tag in the template?

    Please help


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