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Best Pocket PC Applications
Most of the time Pocket PC users end up in spending all their time in finding the relevant software for their need. 
Here I would like to list out all the useful software I use on my Windows 6.1 mobile which will help other Pocket PC/PDA or smart phone. Usually most of the Windows 6.1 supports JAVA so any of the jar or jad files can be installed on to Pocket PCs, how ever with my experience in using these tools in the especially moderate Internet speed countries like India, cab based installed software work better than JAR or JAD tools...
So here the list of Applications we can use for Pocket PC goes ... 
  • Snaptu :Type of Installer is Only Jar. But this is an amazing application which can help to connect to multiple tools/Websites like BBC, Face book, AccuWhether, Cric Info, Twitter,Picasa, Blog reader, etc. Download Snaptu from here. I feel very comfortable using this only when connected through Wifi in India, compared to GPRS connection. 
  • Pocketwit : This is one of the best smallest twitter client for your windows mobile which comes as cab installer. Very fast and bug free software for mobile tweeple. It really makes tweeting happy and easy when you are on a journey. 

  • Oxford 6.1 : As you guess, yes it is English dictionary. It is the light weight best dictionary available as cab installer for Windows mobiles. Cute one it is.
  • Clear Temp : This is another most wanted tool for Windows users, it is a mandatory task for any Windows users to manually clean all the temp files which eats all the system memory resources. The best part of this tool is it has built-in tools like Soft rest of phone and MRU cleaner.It helps you in cleaning the recent used application shortcuts from the Start menu as well.By the way this as well comes as cab installer for fast access.
  • Lookout mobile security : One of the cool Anti-virus cum backup maintenance tool for Pocket PCs. Very effective tool for Mobile security. Helps you in locating your lost phone as well. Available as cab installer for Free.
  • Facebook : Nothing much to say about this, Yes it is also available as FREE cab installer for Pocket PCs. And it is simply superb with its cute GUI navigations.
  • Fring : One stop solution for all the IRC chat applications like Gtalk, Skype, AIM, Yahoo, MSN etc. Once you install this application on your smart phone, you are good to go with any of your chat application usage. Isn't it a smart application when available as Free cab type installer ?
  • Google Mobile App: This is again one stop solution for all the google based tools like Maps, search tool, calender, Documents etc. Free Cab installer available for this as well. 
  • PcketMusic : This is one of the best Mobile music player I have found till now with various features like muti plug-in support and hardware level boost for the best sound quality boost adjuster, CD to mobile riping facility etc etc..what not every thing what ever you can do with a music player in your PC is just available with this one. Free to use as cab installer.
  • You tube: Nothing much to explain about this, yes You tube client is also available as cab installer and free to Download-install-use for all smart phones, for your loved videos streaming.
  • Sim manager: Every one of the mobile users when first time they started using it definitely they might have felt like annoyed if the PPC vendor did not provide any sim management tools along with hand set. No worries even if your vendor did not provide any such now your are ready to download - install - use your favourite handy tools for your pocket PC.
  • NG Pay: One stop solution for all payment gateways. Basically it is a secure payment gateway application available as jar supported by many companies starting from flowers and Piza orders you can book your flight tickets as well using this.
  • PhonePad : Last but not the least, it is the best application and a must for any smart phones I feel. This helps in simulating a big key pad as like old traditional key pads in other phones for your touch screen mobile.With T9 Editor.
These are few of my handy tools in my pocket pc, I thought it is worth sharing with you guys...Hope this helps. I am eager to see your comments with more tools in this line...continues ...

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