Review "Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better " - Durjoy Datta Maanvi Ahuja

"Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better " - Durjoy Datta Maanvi Ahuja
I think this was around more than 3 months back, I bought  this book in my regular visiting place "Landmark" - a regular place for brain food. That day I was just going through the racks for new arrivals, happened to see this book in the offers table, title "Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better "  fascinated me. Quickly saw the price, about author and one random page. Price is just 100 INR, authors are Indians and brief intro about authors was stunning; they were fresh graduates and don't know how I imagined that, the story might be about the authors and which I still believes. And the other main reason made me by this book was my reading of one random page in this book, which talks about the excitement of the author when he sees mutiple comments for his recent post in this blog. Being a blogger no other thought apart from buying it. 
As like many other books started reading this book only when I got into a train after one month of its purchase date. The ugliest truth is that I am able to finish the whole 232 pages is just today.

Coming to the story it is quite simple and well expected story from a guy who was just a fresh mechanical engineering graduate from a metropolitan city college in the year 2008. I felt it was a realistic story and quite acceptable to imagine that it would have happened from a guy like Deb, who is the hero of the story winking. Deb was a student from a Delhi arts college who was below average at studies but above average at finding or making merry. Deb always tries to find the best out of his girl friends and comes to a situation of saturation and finally finds his wanted love. Deb was a blogger during his college days where in which he express himself with out any fear which ultimately helps in building his own/final career for his life as well as finding the way for his most loved girl friend. 
I really enjoyed the last pages of this novel, especially Deb after coming out of his college and finding the real life with out any of his GFs. The twists before the climax were very simple and light kiss which any body can expect at any point of time as like this climax. Though the mix of romance(Narrating Debs adventures behind the tinted car glasses, just on the regular park benches and also in the old college buildings ) added flavor to the title the original portrait of Deb's character was never overlooked which we can understand and agree by reaching the climax of the book. We will find the Deb like guys frequently in us or at least just around us in terms of running behind the beautiful ladies, helping his close friends in making their love success and finally finsing the truth after practical learnings of life and love towards parents etc. May be I missed some kinda things like alcohol, movies, girl friends in deed sex during my graduation and hence I was not able to enjoy the first few chapters of the book.
Finally this is a book which contains at least one coinciding incident from any engineering graduate life starting from his college life to his final career life. Of course I am not an exception there were many coincidences with my life as well. Though the last line of the books says like-
Imagination seldom runs wild, but when it does, you have a book....wave
still I continue to believe that this is some thing which happened between  Durjoy Datta & Maanvi Ahuja. Any way author it self agreed that it is some how his story by mentioning ... "..all most all those who knew me, now knew me better. Nothing more".
Once again congrats and thanks to both of these great authors who shared their happiness with readers.
Imagination is the best way to full fill our dreams, so to enjoy this book don't forget to imagine yourself. But always day dreamingday dreaming is not good so be aware that it is just your imagination.thumbs up

15 comments to "Review "Of course I love You....Till I Find Someone Better " - Durjoy Datta Maanvi Ahuja"

  • though I didnt get the chance to read the Book..
    and i want to put here my experience here
    I Loved a person which i really never pay an attention almost 2 years..When we start talking each other its really some magic,I dont even know that i will say Yes to my soulmate till the time proposal time had come...

    Whatever it is ufffff, i can say Firt love and the person whom you Love is always memorable in the heart forver till your breath stops .. and Precious ..

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  • Hey.. yeah even i liked the book very much. I just completed it. I bought it yesterday ;)!!

    BTW i liked ur tag "veelaithe naalugu postulu.. kudirithe oka comment" inspired from bommarillu :D

  • @Poornima : Thanks for ur comment and yes its base is from Bommarillu :)

  • Welcome.
    you dint write reviews about his other books.. ??
    Or u dint go through them??

    Even they are good too..
    i think those who follow your blog will get to know about them kada ... unduke.. :)

  • @ Poornima : To be frank I did not get chance to read his other books. Thanks for letting me know that he published some more books. If you have your best choice among them let me know. I will try to read..Can't assure I will write review about them or not. But I have space for my readers write up ! So if you want to send ur review about his book send it to me I can publish the same on your name :).

  • yeah.. i read them..

    i started his third book yeaterday.. :)
    Its... "She Broke up, I didnt..."

  • yeah!! good book,rather realistic..i completed it today..the catchy title of the book -"ofcourse i love you ,till i find someone better" prompted me to read the book..firstly, i found it a soporific book,with just some random thoughts of the,i was reading at a very slow pace..but towards the middle,at the end,especially the climax reached its height..finally the Delhi guy(Bengali) could understand what true love is!! and respected it..finally,he not only found his lost love but also found friendship which completed his life..he was only responsible for his messy life and lastly everything took a U-turn everything was just all set..he valued everything that he lost,which is a very positive aspect..and yes! page 185 mentioned the name of a character Manisha(my name)which made me even more exhilarated..lastly,the last sentence of the book is well said-"Imagination seldom runs wild, but when it does, you have a book...."

  • hey dere........
    of course i love you had left wid me a great impact on me durjoy.....really man just hatts of to ur story..........

  • I just read the book few days back and it is really 'today's book'. But anyway I being an overimaginative person enjoyed reading 'anything for you ma'am' and 'I too had a love story' ( A must read' rather than this one.

  • I read this book two months back and I had finished reading this book in just one day. I could imagine each and every line of the narration. It is so near to real life and one could see him\herself in that story. The author has shaped it wonderfully.

  • I was intrigued by the title of the book, and subsequent ones for that matter, and wondered if the plot would involve some infidel and heart breaking drama. It, however, turned out as a title with a deeper meaning. "Ofcourse I love you...till I find someone better" is refreshing take on college romance and its effects. Author, or Authors as they are, takes the reader on a whirlwind of Journey. Dialogue are witty and humorous, even dark at times. Story revolves around Deb, a semi-fat semi-stud, who finds true love in Avantika. As for Avantika, she is a 'been there done that' girl and had her fair share of drugs & boyfriends before meeting with Deb and slowly realizing the truth of their relationship.

    Focus is entirely on story and a racy narrative. There is little done on developing the characters except a little for Deb, the hero. It would have been better if there was a little insight about other characters like Shrey. Avantika, the Heroine, is also treated similarly with little said about her past and for that matter current except her interactions with Deb.

    Story is good and thats about it to the Novel. If there is anything I despise more than a bad story or narrative, its bad editing. There are way to many grammatical mistakes and they are spred evenly thorugout the novel(All errors in last sentence are intentional). A major blunder that I just can't accept at any level is that there is a WHOLE PAGE missing. There is no page 138. The sequence blissfully goes like 137,128,139,140 and so on. I don't blame the Authors as much as I would blame The proofreader and Editor. Its almost like there was no one to proof read the book before it was sent to press.

    Verdict: Good story & Narrative. BAD BAD BAD Editing.

  • fucking shit this book is. waste of time and money. Writing is amature and drab. Story is a big let down. Characters unreal.

    The worst crap I ever read.

  • fucking shit this book is. waste of time and money. Writing is amature and drab. Story is a big let down. Characters unreal.

    The worst crap I ever read.

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