Difference between Jython and python

Difference between Jython and python

  1. Python actually means CPython, as it is written in C. where as Jython is for the python scripts to be run on JVM.
  2. The main advantage of Jython over Cpython is that Jython can call any of the JAVA objects and vice versa. Any jython code compiled into pure java code.
  3. Due to the high ease of integration and also with huge library base available, jython is a favorite for java programmers.
  4. How ever jython is lesly being used when compared with Cpython usage due to CPython strength in terms of using OS specific features.
  5. Jython is one of the main scripting language being used in IBM Websphere and hence it has become such a famous.
  6. Portability wise Cpython is better than as Jython runs on JVM which brings down its portability.
  7. Lot more differences were well explained in the following references. Go through this for better understanding.
References : [1] [2] [3]

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