Sekhar Kammula - A Soothing director

Sekhar Kammula- A Soothing director
Sekhar Kammula C/O Simple and Kool movies

The day I saw Sekhar kammula in my life for the first time was on TV, that day I never forget for sure.I think that was for a success interview for his debut movie "Anand". During his interview one line told by him was the only reason for my admiration for his movies.The line he told was "I was born and brought up in a good family with just good thoughts for around 25 years, I don't think I can make bad out of it".I struck dumb for a movement;  our elders say "The way you brought up in childhood makes your next years in life".  During the close shots in that interview I observed Sekhar's erected ears; it immediately reminded me our Mahatma Gandhi. So my expectations and admiration has meaning; sure he will stand for good movies and good cause.That was the  movement I started believing Sekhar as one of the best directors we are going to see. And Yes; now we are the luckiest people to see his Simple and Kool movies from an adept director like Sekhar Kammula.

The admiration for his movies has became almost like a free medicine for me, When I ever I see his movies I feel some kinda solace; may be it soothes the disturbances in mind/heart. He is not just a revolutionary director for Telugu Film industry (Tollywood) but he created a new era for all simple and cool movies. He has become a brand ambassador for feel good movies. People started calling those feel good movies as Sekhar kammula brand movies. What else is required for his efforts ? The way of picturising the scenes with decency and politeness is the unique formula which he knows and which he implements, for which we applaud. He has proved that the movie success rate do not just depend only on commercial values of the film at box office for each of his ventures including his first trial "Dollar Dreams". Nevertheless he changed the whole perspective of Telugu audience.

When first time I heard that he was a Engineering graduate who has finished his MS from US and also a little stint in IT , I realized his passion for movies. I heard many times from my friends who closely move in Telugu film industry about the honesty, simplicity and the way how he leads his life. His commitment and passion is just for making movies not for making money. Many times Sekhar refuses or ready to cut his remuneration when ever the movie budget increases; are you stupefied ? but it is fact that his passion for movies is infinite. He feels happy in making a good movie nothing else.

Sekhar made us think about society, he gave us confidence that we can still expect movies with fine comedy and romance without sleaze, emotions without bloodshed, simple and soothing music without high number of high beats, messages which are not too long but are possible to implement and change the way they are. What else you are expecting in a good movie ?  At least once you might have imagine your behavior in any of Sekhar's movies/characters. Isn't it ? It is just because, he is keen in picturising the real life characters and situations in his movies and hence you will definitely see yourself in those characters.
"Purity with clarity and decency with complacency is nothing but a Sekhar Kammula movie, These are simply console for souls "
I think I need not say much more about Sekhar at this point ..I want to confess one thing here that I have all these kammula movies on my laptop and I regularly see them.
Let me talk some thing about these fabulous movies
2000     Dollar Dreams     - Director, writer and Producer     - National Award – Best First film Director
2004     Anand             - Director, writer and Producer        - Nandi Awards – 6
2006     Godavari         - Director and writer               - Nandi Awards – 5
2007     Happy Days      - Director, writer and Producer        - Nandi Awards - 4,
                                                                                             - Film-fare Awards South - 6
                                                                                             - Dasari Best Film Director Award2007
2010     Leader          - Director and writer                 - Yet to announce
All of them are really deserving honors for Sekhar.
Finally I have a Big wish to request all this article readers; "I would like to meet Sekhar Kammula in person at least once in life", So please help me to fulfill my dream. Don't know when my dream comes true.
Cont ... PART - 2 More about his movies and the feelings

Sekhar Kammula known for his magic to extract tenderness in his movies ...

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