Being a root also , Not able to install when ur builds are on NFS drive???

I logged in as root in Solaris 10 machine, my intention is to use the builds located on one of the NFS drive and finish my product installation.
I untared the build on my NFS drive itself.
Started the installation,it went fine for some time and stopped automatically.
There is no product specific failure messages in the logs.
I am surprised ...tried other ways of installing but no use.

When I moved the builds from NFS drive to local file system I was successful ...I wondered ..when analyzed the facts ...I came to know the following things

  • If the NFS server is set up correctly (by someone with a bit of security knowledge)      then it will "squash" root;that means that root gets demoted to the nobody account. We can call it as foreign root.
  • So if you have any files in the install archive which are readable only by root then   you have problems.
  • It translates root to a less privileged account so you can not peek at other peoples   files on the same server - basically over NFS root is not really root in fact in most   cases root becomes the least privileged account on the NFS server.
  • If you require your package to be installed by root over NFS then you need to ensure   that all installer files are publicly readable  (as chmod 777 will not be worked on   those files).
  • If you did relax security on the NFS server then it may work around your issue but a   customer with a decent NFS would have the problem.
  • The "chmod" would probably fail if you tried it as root - what you need to do is copy the installer locally, changed the permissions to be publicly readable and then copy the revised archive to the NFS drive.
  • So better avoid installing to and from NFS - there are many other issues aside from the squashed root one - even with non-root users.
             In most sites NFS is very slow compared to local disks 

Note : I faced this issue when i am using IBM Netcool Tivoli's Network Monitor(Proviso) which uses IBM installers and frame work

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