Skandagiri - Trecking to the top of clouds

This was the first trekking in my life in moon light and I'm sure it is going to be memorable one through out my life.
This trekking was most awaited trip for my friends and me. Long back we saw a mail from one of my friends showing the beautiful photos above the clouds and multiple colored clouds having a small sun between them ... Those snaps were really awesome. After that it was just last week end we got a chance for this trekking. Every thing happened in minutes with the planning of Mr.Murali.
We were around 9 people Murali,Jaya,Kiran,Kishore,Surendra etc. and me. We started from koramangala by a cab around at 1:30 AM. The cab took the Hyderabad Highway from hebbal, and after around 60 kms, (and near Chikaballapur, a small town in Bangalore rural district) 
it took a left turn to Chikaballapur, a small town in bangalore rural district. After around 10 km of journey (via chikaballapur) through a tiny road we reached to Omkara Jyoti Ashrama / Papagni Mutt at kalawaraVillage which seems to be a very old though a small one.We reached there by 3:00 AM and we staretd trekking with a guide named lakshmayya(There we will get local people who acts as guide to reach the top of hill. But with out a guide it would be difficult as some of us missed the route when guide was bit ahead of us).

It was too cold & dark, we all are wearing thick jackets and fully covered our faces with woolen caps. Holding a Torch light moved ahead following guide one by one. Most of the route is in dark bushes and giant rocks; allows only one person to walk in the route. But it was full moon day that day and bit dry, so route is clear and route is not sticky soil. But it was a thrilling trekking as we started in the dark night. With 9 to 10 rest points we reached on top of the hill around at 5:20 AM. Still it was too dark and there the air speed is around 50 KM PH and it was spine chilling and we were not able to stand even properly.

The good thing I felt about this trek is it would have burned surely many calories which I cant even do it in a week time in a gym. And I was totally relaxed from all my routine office and personal life stuff.
Once we reached on top - I got a situational song in my mind which is "Dam are Dam..." as many people(females also included) are completely drunken and simply chilling and screaming. Before starting this trek many friends suggested us to carry some bread kind of stuff, chips and enough water as nothing will be available on the hill top; and we simply manged all the required things(thick jacket, food, water, good action shoes, woolen caps and torch light) to Cary. 
we relaxed for few minutes and had some snacks to get some heat in our toiled and cold bodies. As it was still dark we did not feel the mist and fog yet. When the time is ticking around 6 AM slowly darkness disappeared and then we started enjoying the climate with the deep fog and mist. All the plants are dew filled and rocks are wet. Simply it was awesome and nice feeling to enjoy the breeze. We had really a nice time on the hill in the mist. The only unlucky thing for us is the sun-rise. As the day is cloudy a day we were really disappointed about sunrise. Still it is memorable to see fearing sun slowly coming out from clouds. 

And while getting down from top of hill it is more treacherous. Please be careful while returning.
We reached our cab in the hill starting point around 9:30 AM. And proceeded to Nandi Hills.
As I have seen this already you can see my feelings about Nandi hills in the following link

I suggest all of you also to go for such a wonderful trekking and give your mind and soul a fresh breeze ; and experience a difference in coming days. the cost of the trekking is around 350 bucks and its worth going. Don't forget to follow the guide lines mentioned and carry the needy stuff.

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